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By: Ziva D.
St Vincent De Paul
THRIFT SHOP REVIEW: This is a nice little thrift store, and bargains can often be found. I've shopped here for years. In the recent past, there has been an uptick in prices: some things are priced almost at retail, leading me to believe there is someone new in charge. Will it bring them higher revenue? I have my doubts. In this venue turnover is key, donations are free, so moving stock puts money in the pocket. Overpricing items leaves them sitting on the shelves. Still, I spent $60 on my recent visit, so there is good stuff to be found. The only criticism I have, and it's minor since these are volunteers, is the help. They seem harried and a bit on edge. Sometimes hard to find friendliness, and don't expect ANY help by phone... they'll tell you there's no time. Except for that I'd give it 4 stars.

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