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By: Amber M.
Salon 529 and Day Spa
I booked an appointment with Drew at this salon on Saturday 11.18.17 at 3:45 pm. My navigation took me to a different location so I ended up running 5 minutes late and she immediately tried to rebook me at a different time because she "wouldn't have enough time now". Because of this I was already weary that she would be rushing, but she seemed nice and like she knew what she was doing so I went with it. I decided that I was going to be going red with my hair, an all over color. Drew was either in a huge hurry, didn't let my color sit long enough, or didn't use enough of the actual color because there were huge parts of my hair that weren't even dyed. On top of that it was also really uneven, there were parts that were really dark, parts that were really light, parts that looked pink, parts that looked orange, parts that looked copper/red. It was so terrible that I had to cancel my plans for the weekend and go in for an emergency color ON A SUNDAY 5 hours from where I was staying. Not only did I have to do this but my roots are now broken and my hair was not like this before. I have little baby hairs sticking straight up, this can't be blamed on heat because I haven't touched my hair with a blow-dryer, curler, or straightener in almost a year. I have attempted to call the salon 3 different times and have gotten no response!! They won't return my calls which means no refund! You might be asking why I even paid for it in the first place....well, their building is under construction right now and their lighting is SO TERRIBLE that you can't see what the color even looks like in the salon. I even made this comment to Drew because I couldn't tell what it looked like. So I paid and I left and as soon as I got home I saw the damage that was done. DO NOT GO TO THIS SALON AS THEY DON'T EVEN HAVE THE DECENCY TO CALL BACK WHEN ONE OF THEIR STYLISTS EFF UP YOUR HAIR. THEY CAN'T OWN UP AND BE RESPONCIBLE FOR PUTTING HER BEHIND A CHAIR WHEN SHE OBVIOUSLY SHOULDN'T BE.
By: Kris B.
Stines Designs
Talked more than answered my hair concerns, which ended up being a negative experience for us both. Her- that I won't return, and I - that I now look like Alfalfa.
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By: Debbie A.
The Lion's Den
Went in to Lions Den for a high light (light), after having the same girl cut my hair. At the sink she said she wanted to apply a toner. I said" NO, I never do a toner". She said, "It will give it a finished look. I said, I do not want a color"! Against my own judgement I let her, got home and I had yellow tint. Called the manager, said "You need to fix this". The girl who did this hadmoved on the next day so they gave me someone who tried to fade it with shampoo, didn't work. Went back to a 3rd stylist, astrong-willed woman who after I said," I want an ash toner put on", said to me "THIS IS WHAT I AM GOING TO DO, PULL MORE HAIR THRU THE CAP". I thought, I came in here for a light hi light, she is now going to make me blonde! Got home I was totally blonde, so very, very angry. I should have demanded my $70 plus the two tips I left back. I was in the middle of packing and moving and let it go. Couldn't stand the full head of canary I bought a box of permanent ash color, couldn't find a toner. My hair was ashish for a while but soon faded to yellow, like straw and it will take months and months for it to grow out until I can find a professional to do a good high light.There are more unhappy customers just read on other sites.In total I spent at least $80.
By: Jerrie M.
Salon 529 and Day Spa
Nice ambiance and even expensive decor! Horrible service!To pamper myself I went for a body perm with large curls. I felt shabily treated. The lady didn't have the cotton roller to wrap around the head to protect my face from dripping acids; instead she gave me a rag to clean myself. The liquid almost got into my eyes. The towel around my shoulders and neck wasn't secured, so the stinging/stenchy liquid went down my back and soaked my blouse which changed color and after many washes could not be saved from the trash. I had to ask for a clip to keep the neck towel in place. At wash time, I was asked to lean on a filthy silicone (with dry hair color on it) attached to the first washing chair, which made the water go down further on my back, so my blouse ended up soaked. At the beginning, the operator didn't have the thicker rollers for a body perm, so she put some cold-wave lilac thin rods, so my hair ended up crinkled like a stretched old brillo-pad. I had to tell her how to hold the rods in shorter hair with the perm paper, which worked, kinda... I kindly told her my concerns, yet, despite the shabby service, I was charged full price. I felt sorry and even gave her a tip. The atmosphere could've been great but there was only one operator and I was the only client. So much for my self-pampering day!!! Uggh
By: Katie K.
Salon Brands
Very knowledgable and helpful staff!!! Great specials and selection of products!! I will be back!!!
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By: Amber J.
Salon 707
I never liked my hair until Ashley became my stylist. I started at salon 707 last March and have not gone anywhere since. Now I love my hair and get compliments all the time. Ashley Buckmaster does the best vibrant color with the freshest style in Joplin.
By: Kate K.
Oasis Salon & Day Spa
I always receive a top of the line mani and pedi. Brandi is very nice and does a very professional job.
By: Luna N.
Oasis Salon & Day Spa
Love my trips to Oasis. I can get my hair done and look photo-ready by the time I walk out the door.
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By: kasi.wademallatt
Enlightened Day Salon
Very profesional talented ladies! I HIGHLY recommend!
By: Brandi A.
Worst hair cut ever. Totally botched my hair. Had to spend more money having another salon fix it and now stuck with hair way shorter than originally wanted.

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