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By: Trisha B.
Horton's Pizza Plus
Yes, Horton's does have tasty pizza. In my opinion it is better than Pizza Hut. Wit that said I am sorry to say I will no longer be giving them my business. I normally would order from them at least twice a month (3 Large). My last order was a 1 supreme, 1 pepperoni and a Beef with onion. After returning home with my pizza I noticed they had not put the pepperoni on my pizza. I called and stated I did not want to return to the store I was just informing them of the mistake that was made. The employee on the phone said she had made the pizza and knew she had put pepperoni on it. I did tell her she probably had gave that pizza to another customer. She gave the phone to a male employee. He proceeded to tell me he was standing next to her wile she had made the pizza and I was wrong and the pepperoni was under the cheese. So, I picked up the cheese on my pizza and took a look, No pepperoni. I told him this and he replied he was not going to argue with me. I was mot looking to argue, I just wanted to let them know they had made a mistake. I did decide to take the pizza back to the store since the were so insistent that I did not know what pepperoni pizza looks like. I did not have them remake it and I did not have them refund the cost of the pepperoni. I simply took my CHEESE pizza home. They did not even apologize. I will give my business to Casey's from now on. What ever happened to customer service?
By: Rick M.
Gusano's Chicago Style Pizza
The first time every thing was great the waitress was about 28-30 so 30 days later went back not so good the waitress was way younger and if they are going to mount the tv on the walls don't put your people against the walls we will go back because the pizza is great it reminded me of a pizza place in Noel Mo Shams pizza closed a long time ago this is the closest thing to it.
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By: Michelle F.
Papa John's Pizza
Love everything on time food was great a week in Joplin due to my Truck was broke down at the Volvo shop I stayed at Days Inn and Papa John took care of me Thank you Thank you there is NO other like PaPa John
By: Vince M.
Domino's Pizza
Good Pizza, fast service, this store and its staff are very presentable and they avoided the Noid! I would reccomend this to anyone.
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By: Richard A.
Cheezies Pizza
Really good pizza for not a lot of money. Really good service. Definitely going to be a regular customer.
By: Jake F.
Gusano's Chicago Style Pizza
Joplin's best pizza. By a very wide margin!

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