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By: John S.
Wings On Wheat
your food is alwsys fresh an hot i have had every favor you offer an no one can beat your 10$ deal thats 20 wing an fries.but there is only one problem your wing look great but not enough favor maybe go up a little on price an get a higher end seasoning outside of that keep up the great work.
By: keke.shryse
Wizh Bonez Fried Chicken
I was surprised by how fast my food came out after I ordered it. I expected to wait at least 10 minutes. What that told me the food was not made to order. I didn't like that. But I really did enjoy my turkey burger and fried chicken. The chicken had a great flavor and my burger was juicy!
By: Rebecca C.
Wings On Wheat
This place has the best fried wings and tilapia. There prices are very reasonable and the service is beyond great.....if u are looking for good reasonably priced food and great customer service you definitely gotta try this spot.....o yeah and they make awesome beignets......
By: Kenneth M.
Wings On Wheat
Their wings are beginning to tast like the grease is not being changed enough, they started out doing good I love their 20 special but the quality of the chicken and the seasoning is not good, lemon and pepper wings no little to no lemon and pepper springles
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By: T L.
Brothers Chicken
I was so glad to see that Atlanta has finally brought a Brothers Chicken to Atlanta. I am a New Orleans native and I have to say, Brothers has the best chicken yet!! Yes Laawd, Thank You Lord for putting that Brothers, Right Bye my House!! Amen
By: Sheyla R.
La Casa
I visited this place last week I can honestly say I am very satisfied with my visit to this place the service was amazing the food was amazing and not to mention great environment.. Great food great prices can't go bad with that
By: Cam N.
Wizh Bonez Fried Chicken
The turkey burgers are delicious! The muddy water and the brownies are so good!! The customer service is second to none! I will be a regular customer and I will tell everyone I know that this is the place to eat!C. Neely
By: zion.branche
the food was superior but I had fish and they did not give me enough rice I am outraged and feel they should be shut down as I write
By: Derry W.
Wizh Bonez Fried Chicken
Mr. Varsity What Ya Have, Erby is the owners Father. The Turkey Burgers are great and the chicken is southern fried good
By: Corey C.
Backyard BBQ
Awesome awesome home cooked food.. macaroni and cheese is the freaking bomb...And that's all I have to say about that

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