Directv Locations & Hours Near Jonesboro, AR -
By: Steven P.
Ever since KJNB has taken over the contract for supplying local station CBS on both Direct TV AND Dish network, we have had LOUSY CBS service. The screen goes dark every few minutes, sometimes we still get sound, sometimes we don't. Sometimes the screen freezes, with sound....Masters Golf Tournament, Madame Secretary, NCIS, ALL morning and daytime shows, does not matter. Too bad they keep coming on thanking themselves for providing service to our area, because every time I see their "commercial", I just want to shut it off. When they first started, we figured it was glitches in the system, after all, they were "new".....well it is lousy service. Frankly CBS should be ashamed of this carrier. All other stations are just fine, or we would shut off the Direct TV, and just get CBS app and watch our favorites there. Get it together KJNB....get it together !!

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