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By: Shannon G.
Dr. Higginbotham
The Exterior of the establishment was incredible, very professional, clean and very well kept. Interior was immaculate, comfortable seating, very relaxing atmosphere. One thing that I found odd was that in the waiting room was a coffee machine with all the fixings available to the patients I have never seen a coffee pot ever in a dentist's office. Normally Dentist discourage such things as coffee because it is not good for your teeth. I had an assumption based on just the appearance of the establishment that it was going to be very expensive services, and I was right. This company is only after your wallet. I want a Dentist that is there for me an my well being an the overall general welfare of my family and I.Don't get me wrong the staff was impeccably friendly,speedy, they offered numerous services (at additional charges) On one particular visit they informed me that I had gum disease, and basically informed me until I brought back two hundred dollars which isn't alot to some people who have an endless supply of the green stuff. To me that was alot, I work hard for every dime I make so I went to another dentist to get a second opinion, I have been seeing this Dentist for years, it is a two hour drive for me since I have moved but I know him and I trust him and I know he is there for the patient not their wallet, so it was worth it.After Looking me over my dentist Laughed hysterically and asked me are you telling me that Higginbotham told you that you had gum disease? I assured him give me such a diagnosis. He told me that I had nothing of the sort. I was both relieved and infuriated because I was worried sick over nothing. So I will never ever be returning to Higginbothams establishment and I HIGHLY do not recommend that you go here their staff needs to go back to school and be retrained.If by some chance you do go here, do yourself a favor and, get a second opinion or it will dearly cost you financially. Save you some money for a nice cruise and go to another Dentist. Don't let all the fancy smancy decorations fool. you
By: tiny43
Darling Bryan DDS MD Pa2
Hs staff is super cooperative and professional. His office is nice but not extravagant and very clean His nurses are very competent, thorough, courteous and strive to put you at ease. He has a great bedside manner informing you of the procedure including advising you of the risks but setting you at ease at the same time. I did not feel rushed at all. I was very uneasy prior to arriving at his office and this was easily my best dental experience ever. I had two wisdom teeth removed and honestly the dread was completely unwarranted. He and his staff were very thorough with the post op instructions and he even called later that evening to check on my progress at home and again allayed my concerns. I just cannot say enough good things here about his practice Thank you so much for everything you did for me.
By: arstate12
Parkey & Davis
At first I really enjoyed going to the dentist here, I need to go every 6mo. Well after about 3 or 4 visits they started to pressure me into crowning my teeth a $6,000 procedure after insurance, never have me any other options. I kept telling them I could t afford it and they kept giving me dental credit information.
By: huffdvm
Shannon, Dental Care
Dr Shannon has taken care of my teeth for over 20 years. He and his staff treat everyone, not just me, like they are family. He is gentle, technically advanced, and has an artist's eye when it comes to cosmetic dentistry.
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By: Misty M.
Gairhan Dental Care
Dr. Gairhan and her staff are super friendly and great at what they do. They make you feel comfortable and at ease whether you are getting your teeth cleaned, dental procedures or cosmetic options.
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By: Jay A.
Anthony Bartels, DDS
My experience with Dr. Bartels and his staff were the best! My only complaint is that I can't give him more than 5 stars. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a painless dentist.
By: missap
Malcolm Family Dentistry
Friendly staff, great dental hygienist Kathryn, big windows with beautiful scenery in every room, funny and honest dentist. I would recommend this dentist to my own family!
By: Jennifer B.
Gray, Andrew A DDS
I have gone to Dr. Gray for many years. The staff is always nice and they always take great care of my teeth. Always recommend him to people needing a good dentist.
By: shawnred
Scott, Allen T, DDS
The office staff here is fantastic. They're all so friendly and they know how to keep everything running on time. I wouldn't trust anyone else.
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By: Frank K.
Parkey & Davis
These guys are the best dentists in town and have a really friendly staff so call them today if you're searching for a dentist.
Tips & Advices
The most common dental problems in children are:
  • Cavities
  • Bad breath
  • Gum disease
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Grinding
  • Canker sores
  • Missing teeth
  • Extra teeth
  • Bite and alignment issues
Thumb sucking is not specifically a dental problem, but it can cause a malocclusion, a condition where the top and bottom teeth don't line up correctly.
To clean a baby's teeth, use a small, soft-bristled toothbrush designed specifically for infants. Apply a tiny amount of non-fluoride toothpaste - about the size of a grain of rice - and gently brush all sides of the teeth and the tongue. Before the baby's first teeth emerge, use gauze or a wet washcloth wrapped around the finger to wipe the gums. This motion doesn't necessarily reduce bacteria, but it does help the infant to get used to the sensation of having his or her teeth cleaned.
Children should visit their pediatric dentist every six months. This recommended frequency does not change throughout a person's lifetime.
No, wisdom teeth do not need to be removed unless they cause pain, lead to dental issues, or are aligned incorrectly.
Yes, dental sealants prevent cavities by filling in deep grooves in the teeth. Without them, bacteria can collect in these areas and cause tooth decay, which can happen with children.

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