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By: Heather J.
Medical Care Walk-In Clinic
In my case these people are life savers! I deal with chronic pain due to a compression fracture in 2006. I was told I would be on medication for the rest of my life but a few years ago I was told the Percocet I had been taking had destroyed my liver and kidneys. I was then told I needed OxyContin! I was barely 30 years old at that time and have small children. After 3 days of taking the smallest dose on the market (had to go to 8 different pharmacies to find it!), I had don't nothing but sleep and be sick from the OxyContin. I could not take it at all! I had heard of Suboxone but thought it was only for heroin addiction. Boy, was I wrong!!! This medication, in combination with another medication makes all the difference in the world! Does it work as well as opioids? No. BUT, if you need or want off of them and are not looking for a high, this is the difference between living and dying! (IMO!) It makes my pain manageable without making me sick or sleep all the time and I can be the mom my kids deserve for the first time since my wreck! If your coming for the right reasons, this is the way to go. If not, stay away so you don't mess it up for the rest of us that do need it! Hope this helps and you find your way as I have found mine! Good luck and God Bless!
By: Essej N.
Medical Care Walk-In Clinic
The above poster is rightfully agitated. This is the standard practice for such a clinic. I called today 6-2-14. It is appointment only no matter what the name says! They only have 2wk and 1mo. Appointments @ $175/325. This is still cheaper than most. This is a Mircle and Double Edged drug. It will get you off pain pills and you will not want or need the. Even if you have pain issues this helps greatly. The worst part is detixing is a pia, way worse then heroine. I went 2wks and was still suffering detox. This includes sweating/freezing, extreme mood swings (violent to crying), anxiety, restless legs, food aversion and finally insomnia. I wish you all good luck.
By: stanleylove
Medical Care Walk-In Clinic
SHOULD BE ILLEGAL!!! This place advertises on television claiming to help you get your life back after having a drug addiction. That could not be any further from the truth. Let me explain how this place works so that all of you guys and girls out there will understand exactly what you are getting into...... After having a drug addiction for over 10 years i decided i wanted my life back. I went into this office and was absolutely astonished to find out what was going on. They asked me to fill out a new patient application. It took me about 5 minutes. I went up to turn it in and i was not asked any questions at all they said a doctor would see me. Then they asked me how long i would be coming for?????? I asked what they meant and the lady said "1 week, 2 weeks, or 1 month" ........ Now i was extremely confused as i have been going to doctors for a very long time and i asked why it wasn't the standard one month and i was not given a good answer. NOW HERE IS WHERE IT GETS REALLY GOOD........ 1 week costs $100 , 2 weeks costs $175, and one month COSTS $325........... I HAVE HEARD OF GETTING RIPPED OFF BUT I DON'T SEE HOW THIS IS LEGAL......A doctor is now turning into a licensed drug dealer?????? So i figured this all up and by the time i paid the $325 doctors visit and this is not counting fees they charge for signing you up..... Then they prescribe you 3 pills of a medication called Suboxone that you have to take everyday. Now the pills at a pharmacy are between $10 and $11 dollars EACH!!!!!!! SO going to a "DOCTOR" and i say that really loosely. COSTS ME AS MUCH AS A DRUG DEALER ON THE STREET?????? I think that the state and federal should get ahold of this and fine these people. Evidently they have a lot of patients everyday and they should all get their money back. THIS IS A CLASSIC EXAMPLE OF A DOCTOR TAKING ADVANTAGE OF A PATIENT THAT HAS A BIG PROBLEM. If they had charged $100 to $150 a visit maybe i could have seen it. But at more than 2 times higher than the best doctors in the city i can't see it........ YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES AND YOU CALL YOURSELVES DOCTORS........... THE TELEVISION COMMERCIAL IS A JOKE AND THESE PEOPLE ARE NOTHING BUT LEGAL DRUG DEALERS!!!!!

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