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By: abbey.j.sanders.1
Heavenly Pets
Today was the very first time I have taken my fur-baby "Ollie" to a groomer. Ollie is my Scottish-fold kitty that found me 3 yrs ago. He was a lost baby. When I took him for his first vet visit I had never heard of a Scottish-fold, just knew he was a beautiful, blue-eyed love able kitty. Needless to say I got very attached, me being a cat lover! He has always been very skittish around other people which is why I chose to groom him myself for 3 yrs, which is a TASK! My mother & I were shopping today & she mentioned to me that I should take Ollie to Heavenly Pets & have him groomed. Worried at first bc of his personality around strangers, I took him anyways to give it a shot. When we arrived the ladies were VERY sincere & immediately made my worries go away! Then I felt comfortable leaving Ollie. Little did I know just how sincere & kind these ladies were until I went to pick Ollie up. The owner Melissa greeted me with a smiling face! We began talking about Ollie in how rare & beautiful he is & so on. As we were talking I honestly could not get over how precious she was & how sincere & compassionate she is in what she does for a living. She spoke to me like she had known me for years! & to top it off, I had accidentally left some groceries in my mothers car, she called me & told me Melissa said it was ok if she left them with her & I could get them when I went to get Ollie. Melissa took it upon herself, me not even asking, to carry my groceries to my car for me so I could carry my fur-baby! Melissa & the other ladies are GREAT! They went beyond meeting my expectations! Ollie was so calm & relaxed when I got him, which I did not expect & Melissa informed me that he was great, he didn't put up a fight....thank goodness! You can always tell a lot about someone in how animals react toward them. Ollie LOVED it! He felt so much better after his professional grooming! I am VERY pleased with my first visit to Heavenly Pets & will be returning again soon! I recommend everybody to take your fur-babies to them!
By: kssassy
Heavenly Pets
The Ladies here are so kind and caring with my dogs, all 3 of them get so excited about going to the groomer. My 4yr old 140# neapolitan Mastiff, Kenzi is a special needs baby she was attacked when young and mentally stresses over everthing, i've never been able to leave her anywhere till I found them. When we take her here she walks right in and they love all over her. She is so relaxed! That's important! My 2yr old 100# German Shepherd is so excitable but just calms right down when he goes in. He feels so at home. Just recently I brought my 2yr old 140# Cane Corso Male I just got who had been very emotionally neglected to them for his first time to a groomer. They were so good, he was so comfortable that when I came to get him he sat quietly waiting while I visited. He has not relaxed like that away from home since I got him. Thank you ladies for a wonderful experience for our babies! Your love of animals shows in how they respond to your touch:). Not only do they look beautiful coming out they are very relaxed & happy!!
By: jwaid08
Heavenly Pets
This is the first visit to the groomer my pup has had in a while. I took him to a local chain store last year and it was a nightmare! Not only was my dog, Peanut, uncomfortable in the environment, they were pretty pricey and didn't do near the services that he had done today. They were nowhere near as nice and caring as these ladies are. I can honestly say these ladies at Heavenly Pets did a wonderful job! He wasn't nervous upon arrival which made me feel better about leaving him there. He looks great and I can tell he feels a lot better. The owner, Melissa, was very sweet and sincere. She gave me some good advice about caring for Peanuts skin irritations. You can tell that her heart is in her work and that's not something you will find at a larger pet salon. I highly recommend Heavenly Pets to anyone looking for a caring, affordable pet groomer in the Jasper area.
By: janie.manasco
Heavenly Pets
I have taken my Katie to a chain store groomer a few years ago and it was a big mistake; my daughter was visiting the pet chain store for items for her pet and saw my baby being mistreated by making her stand up with a harness while they ate! She has a hip problem and this hurt her. Never again! Then I started going to this salon/spa when Melissa's mother was running it and my Katie was boarded there when I went out of state for a week. They were wonderful to her! I have taken Katie to this same place ever since; even after Melissa's mother passed. Now Melissa runs the place and it is every bit as good as it was. I will not take Katie anywhere else. When Katie and I drive up; she jumps up and down to get in there. If you want a good job done and your baby to be happy and reasonable price and very knowledgable, there is no other choice. Enough said.
By: spaniel_lover
Heavenly Pets
I have been very happy with Heavenly Pets, they are a kind & caring grooming salon & take special care of your doggies. I was also a past customer when this was Pet Resort, & they always did a wonderful job on my dog Murphy. Sadly tho, my Murphy went to doggie heaven this past February, due to old age (16), but he always liked to go get his bath & grooming. Now I have 2 new puppies, & they have been to Heavenly Pets a few times now, & they look & smell so pretty when I pick them up. I would recommend this grooming salon to anyone because they always do a nice job & the staff are always nice & courteous.
By: cathytittleeast
Heavenly Pets
Big Dog went for his yearly summer cut...husband says,"saw a new grooming place advertised"...I said no, I'm taking him where he's gone the last 4 years...because they know him, and because they do an excellent job.Just picked him up - he looks & smells wonderful - I appreciate the service I get from Heavenly Pets. Melissa is good at what she does - I'm sticking with her. Thank you!!! Cathy East & Big Dog
By: lisaprestleylyons
Heavenly Pets
My family and I LOVE Heavenly Pets and our extended family there and appreciate so much the love and care she gives our Lucy. She and her family take such good care of her and she always smells SO good when ee pick her up! I enjoy the peace of mind I have, knowing that she's in good hands when we leave her with Melissa, James and the rest of the gang there! Thank you, Melissa, for all you do for our Lucy! We love you!
By: Denna B.
Heavenly Pets
we first used Heavenly Pets last month when we decided to take a last min trip out of town. I called Melissa and she was more than happy to take my sweet Daisy for a few days. She smelled soooo good when we picked her up and even painted her nails when she heard my girls say they wished her nails were painted. we will only be using Heavenly Pets from now on. five star!!!
By: wchilders1
Heavenly Pets
Heavenly Pets is the BEST grooming service anywhere! My husband and I live in Tuscaloosa and we drive to Jasper to get our Yorkie-Poo groomed because they are so great with her! She always looks so cute when she leaves and they are the only place I trust enough to take care of our precious baby! I would recommend them to anyone because they do such an awesome job! :)
By: deannaehallman
Heavenly Pets
Sambo loves Heavenly Pets. He runs to the car to go for grooming and runs in their door. They have always taken very good care of him and I trust their experience. Sambo is a gentle old soul and he doesn't just run into places...he only runs when he's excited and he's always excited to go to for grooming or boarding at Heavenly Pets. They make my life so much easier.

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