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By: innovativepersonnal
My World Phone
super duper fast service, A+ quality product. They are amazing, 4th purchase and they satisfy me every time. This time got a blackberry 9900. The metal band encircling the Bold 9900 also helps give it a premium feel as well as highlighting the various buttons and connections. It is certainly smarter than the previous Bold family which now look very plasticy by comparison. The screen lock button sits on the top, slightly recessed, so as not to be unlocked when you slip it into your pocket; the volume controls sit on the right-hand side, with a shortcut “convenience” key moving from the middle towards the bottom.On the opposing side you’ll find the Micro-USB and 3.5mm headphone connections towards the top, both conveniently out of the way so you can charge the device, listen to music and still get to the keyboard with your left hand. The same can’t be said for the “convenience” key on the right-hand side. Set to launch the camera by default, we can’t count the number of times we’ve launched the camera whilst gripping the device. It’s awkwardly placed at best, and doubly frustrating as the camera sometimes seems frustratingly slow to launch.
By: maria.auguste.52
My World Phone
At first I thought it might not be a good idea to purchase from a company that has so many bad reviews, but when I was looking for a phone (unlocked), I couldn’t pass up the chance a this company’s good deals. I went to keepontalking for a rebate and ordered from this place. Good company.
Unlocked phones are hard to come by so when I heard that myworldphone had some good ones LG in particular, I scooped one up. Shipping was quick I think they ship from ny and I only had a little trouble with ups shipping. Got wait a extra day for ups truck delay.
Didn’t have a problem with this reseller because I knew enough to checkl that the phone was in stock when I ordered it. That is the key to success at this website. If you don’t check for that first then you might be stuck.
Excellent delivery and shipment on my three phones. Didn’t have any problems and I am glad with my purchase."
By: ryanna.phillpino
My World Phone
Actually, I have never been inside their store, but I used to buy regularly from them online when I was with my old company.There is NOTHING that this place does not have when it comes to cellular phones and accessories. Practically any European / Asian model GSM phone can be purchased through them. Yes . . . you will certainly pay a premium, but when you absolutely MUST HAVE that hot slider or Nokia unit that you can only find in Europe -- no matter how new it is -- this is cheaper than hopping on an airplane and going overseas to get it.I found their customer service to be very helpful and their return policy, as I recall, was pretty good, but I think they did have a restocking fee.
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By: intimecatering
My World Phone
this is my 4th purchase from myworldphone.com and on all occasion they have done a satisfying job delivering the product on time and at very good rate..last week i bought a samsung galaxy n7000 note, at first i called the number 718 526 0004 and the rep i spoke was very knowledgeable, after about 20 minute of conversation she knew what i was looking for and recommended me the galaxy note n7000, i put the order through and got the phone in less then 48 hours (paid $16.44 for shipping via ups), this phone is more then what i was expected, user friendly, super fast, signal strength is strong and the camera is superb.. so all together my experience was a A+.
By: r.i.sayem
My World Phone
Hey... Frndz feeling at least relief...its about a month i purchased a SONY Xperia Sola MT27i phone from Myworldphonethey sent me the package in exact time and its great to using that phone... but i had a problem with the firmware with SONY's Latest update.. i couldn't detect that why it happend so i called Myworldphone and then they took the responsibility and told me i can return they will send me a new one but when i read many blogs then i realize that its SONY's fault not Myworldphone's now i update the latest firmware again and now my phone is working perfectly ...... thanks to them for good service...... :)
By: Alice G.
My World Phone
The Mobile Phones of “My World Phone” really have a High Quality, Looking Pretty smooth With its crisp display. The Performance of their mobile phones is decent, figure Print censorship working very well , overall has excellent precision. The quality of their camera are also good , it doesn’t become stabilized while taking video. The UI is also different having some addition features which the other phone doesn’t have and their processor is not too much power consuming. One another thing is that they get charged very Quickly and I didn’t face any problem for playing heavy games.
By: sayem1
My World Phone
i needed a phone for my travel to Guam, I needed have a short time that i wanted to use in Guam then i ordered from Myworldphone and then i chosen the next day air for urgent delivery because i needed for hurry because i was about to leave.then they sent and i got it within 1 day so ups delivered me and then i opened the box it totally Brand New.So, i took the phone and i left NY so i directly put the sim card in Guam it was fully works but i had to select the network manually.it was perfect i gave them 8/10 because there are no such 100% satisfaction in
By: sabrina.imteaz
My World Phone
great place and had good experience. I was actually going with the roaming fees with tmobile while i am travelling but then i realize if i buy an unlocked phone, then i will be paying the cheap rates when i am abroad, i called myworldphone and picked up a samsung c3050 which costed me about $69 including ups shipping cost, it took about two days for it to come from new york to CT, i used the phone at rome, berlin and at london and still using the phone as a 2nd backup phone in CT now..so 10/10
By: russell2205
My World Phone
hi, on my vacation over NY, i needed a phone for temporary use. Then i came to know about myworldphone.com . when i called them, i found out they sell unlocked GSM cellular phones, which i was looking for.. when i called them to get a phone they asked me to come by to their shop and get it from there paying cash. then i went there to get the phone and i waws very happy with their customer care and the order dept. i'm very happy with the purchase.. thank you myworldphone..
By: fanaticaallyture
My World Phone
myworldphone always has great prices on items I need for my and my family phone needs, and the prices competitive prices. Shipping is fast, everything is very straightforward. The one time I had a problem (UPS smashed the package to smithereens) they were completely responsive and arranged for a replacement item to be sent via 2-day air. Definitely a website I have on bookmark!

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