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By: Talisa B.
Gypsy Rose Tattoo Studio
So, I've been going to this tattoo shop since 2010, and after reading everyone's comments on here, I think there's some confusion. The owners name is Jamee,, not Charlie (close, but still inaccurate) you can even find that info on their official website. She is an amazing artist, so to the person who wished to give "negative" stars, and came on here just to write a bad review, sounds like you either had a bad experience because you were probably a difficult client, that or you were never a client at all, and you're just talking crap, might possibly be competition for you. There's a reason why she's always booked months out in advance, the girl is talented! And that's not all gypsy rose has to offer their whole staff is amazing artists as well, including David, and Bree, (I'm not too familiar with the other artists names, but if they are working at this shop, odds are they are extremely talented as well) all in all, this is the best tattoo shop here in jacksonville, and in my opinion (and the opinions of many others) the best tattoo shop here on the North Carolina coast. And with me being a local, born and raised here, that is an honest statement. 5 stars, hands down. Keep up the great work everyone! There's three places I'm afraid to see leave this crummy town, and that's the local organic market, lowes food, and gypsy rose, and all of their artists (:
By: Alden B.
Bombs Away Tattoo
I would like to retort to the comment left by Dawn. I am the piercer you left a review about. I ordered you the jewelry you requested, we spoke when it came in and I said you can come on in to get pierced whenever you'd like to. You never showed after I had ordered the specific piece of jewelry that I had taken the time to custom order for you. We spoke once regardless of how many times you claim to have tried to contact me" I'm at the shop over 40 hours a week so it mustn't had been much of an attempt to reach me". I held amd actually still have the jewelry here at the shop. I have the largest selection of jewelry in the area and offer custom orders from companies such as Neometal, Industrial Strength, LeRoi and other high end industry leading jewelry supply companies. You needn't go and slander my business as I not only offered but ordered you the jewelry in the size you wanted with forward facing balls as requested made in implant grade titanium. Not sure where your wires got crossed because the review you left is completely ubsurd. If your going to leave a negative review you should at least have a valid reason to do so. I met your request and was polite while doing so, I truly don't know why you never came in for the piercing after we spoke nor do I understand why you would leave the slander that you have.
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By: Rebecca S.
Unique Ink
I just want to say that Mark is the bomb diggity. � I went in feeling spontaneous (which I never do), had no idea what I wanted, and he took a base idea of mine and made it amazing. He is such a cool dude to talk with and he has such a light hand, there were times it tickled. I am absolutely in love with my new tattoo and I'm so happy I went into unique ink. The shop is also very clean and everyone is really cool. I will be returning for me next tattoos. :)
By: Ronald D.
Lucky Tiger Tattoo
Lucky Tiger Tattoo shop does awesome ink! I will recommend Lucky Tiger Tattoo to everyone who is interested in getting a tattoo! The shop is very clean and the artist/owner, Thanh Duffey, is very talented! She knows what she is doing!
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By: Tom B.
Unique Ink
This is one of the cleanest and nicest shops you will find in Jacksonville. The artist are very talented and will work with you to be sure. THe prices are hard to beat as well. I wouldn't recommend going anywhere but here
By: Kj B.
Unique Ink
Got my first tattoo in NC with Mark guiding me through the design and creation. (I had a couple others done in Ohio.) Shop was clean, everyone friendly, and I love my tattoo. Totally will return.
By: clarkgable76
Lejeune Ink
lejeune ink tattoo studio is the best and the nicest tattoo studio in jacksonville nc and around the camp lejeune area. they have the best tattoo artists and body piercers
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By: Forever Y.
Jacksonville Tattoo Company
I love my tattoo I got from this place! They were fair priced and the artist was fun to get tattooed by. I definitely recommend this place.

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