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By: monopolized_customer
Time Warner Cable
In many areas of Jacksonville, NC the cable/internet providers have monopolies and your choices are negated. That being said, we've had TWC internet for years now (no other choice for us). Generally speaking this is how your internet will work... you will pay roughly 40-50 dollars a month for 10-20mbs speed internet. For the first few weeks you will have spectacular internet speed. For the next few months you will have moderate speeds. Then you will have nothing or nearly nothing until you call and ask them if there is a problem. They will say, "I don't see any internet outages" and go through the whole, "did you turn it off and then turn it back on?" "tech support" garbage and if you have a wireless router on your system, they will ask you for access to your router so they can, "check the settings". They will blame it on your setup or some obscure "your computer is too far from the wireless router" bits before blaming it on you.... here is the catch... after you hang up and they have "rebooted" your modem, your speed goes through the roof again and you go back into the same ridiculous cycle... they will at some point in a month or so downgrade your speed and then do it again a month or so later until you're angry enough to call back and start the "stupid loop" again.Generally, if they didn't intentionally downgrade your access, TWC would be great. If you have a windows machine on their system, you can almost always count on your passwords being hacked and access to your network gained by anyone nearby - even if you're using WPA2 encryption... irrelevant if the other guys have your passwords. If you live in a rural area or are surrounded by folks who don't know how to use their computers very well, you're probably safe from that one. If you use a mac you're also 'probably' safe. If you have issues with your speed, always check your connection speed... well anywhere but on TWC website (which always inflates your connection speed).If you have an option, use someone else. If you don't - set a reminder on your phone or something to call them every month or so to complain that your internet doesn't work (even if it does). They will up your speed. If you wait until you don't have any internet or have a deadline on work or school, you'll regret the hell out of it.Good luck and stay informed.

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