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By: Mary G.
Baymeadows Healthcare
After reading the reviews below I can only come to the conclusion that the people that rated this office poorly was probably because they didn't get the controlled medications that they wanted. I have seen patients throw tantrums in the front office for not getting pain medicine prescribed to them. They are very strict about prescribing controlled medications as any doctors office should be. They do prescribe controlled medications however they do require a monthly drug test which I think is completely fair. So I believe the people that gave the office a bad review was because they were upset that they didn't get what they wanted and more than likely failed the drug test. I've had nothing but an amazing experience at this doctors office. I have been going there 6 years. Every single staff member, physician, nurse, etc. are nothing but extremely nice and professional with exceptional knowledge of practicing medicine. I highly recommend them.
By: Jim F.
Immediate Medical Care
My husband slipped and fell at the golf course hurting his lower back. We had heard good things about Immediate Medical Care, so even though it was a little far from home we went there. Service was very prompt and the staff was very friendly and the physician was quite attentive to my husband’s discomfort. We were in and out in a reasonable time. Appropriate meds prescribed. I would highly recommend this facility. In addition to the quality care received, it was nice that our co-pay was much less than if we had visited an Emergency Room. I would definitely go back if needed.
By: Jared L.
Immediate Medical Care
I have been a patient at Immediate Medical care for over 3 years. I am very pleased with the medical care I receive. I am a self-pay patient and I think it is really great that the office has a very clear and precise list of prices posted in the waiting room. The prices are very reasonable to other Urgent Care Facilities. The doctors are excellent, the staff is great and the office is very clean, organized and professional. I will continue to be a patient for years to come and recommend this place highly.
By: stephanie8486
Mayo Clinic
I have never experienced a better hospital then the Mayo Clinic. I have been to many hospitals for different procedures such as pregnancy, knee surgery, Aplastic Anemia, etc. I felt well taken care of from the services of the nurses, techs, and doctors to their food. They were so kind and caring toward me. Everyone who took care of me seemed to go above and beyond. They would even scold me for leaving my room. It was for my best but, I am grateful for them. My nurses and techs were always sweet to me.
By: Betsy W.
We have worked with Don Dickens of Amerilife for 5 years. I recommend them to everyone who is "coming of age for Medicare". They are absolutely hands-down the BEST. Don carefully checks all of the plans available and matches every detail to fit your needs, medications and budget. We never worry about what plan we need. We can meet with Don at Ameilife and know emphatically we are covered completely. It is a wonderful feeling. THANK YOU DON AND AMERILIFE.
By: Teri C.
Crucial Care
I came into crucial care because I was having a miscarriage. I can't express how much I appreciate the compassion I received from every person I interacted with. Losing my child has been the hardest thing I've ever gone through. I'm so grateful that I chose crucial care. Their staff and doctors have made a difficult time in my family's life bearable. I truly felt like my doctors cared for me as a person. I cannot thank you enough.
By: Jodi L.
Immediate Medical Care
Dr. Moosavi gets straight to the point and does not beat around the bush. Some people view this approach as rude but he has never been rude in the past 10+ years that we have been using his services. He simply speaks the truth. If you are looking for wholesale disability and pain pills, please skip this doctor, he will make you regret you come to see him. Highly recommend Dr. Moosavi, he is caring and empathetic physician.
By: David C.
Immediate Medical Care
My son fracture his ankle while playing soccer. We visited Immediate Medical Care and the service was excellent, as soon as we entered the front desk make sure my son was comfortable while waiting. Staff even followed with treatment and referral. I definitely recommend Immediate Medical Care for your medical needs. Dr. Moosavi was caring, knowledgeable and his staff was friendly and efficient.
By: serias
Florida Mens Medical Clinic
The initial consultation fee is $200, or $150 if you drive over 50 miles to get there. But the cost for the actual medication can be over $1000. It depends on how much of it you want really. I got 50 doses and my final cost was around $1200 I believe. And honestly I couldn't be happier. It was worth every penny and I'll be back for a refill once my 50 doses are gone.
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By: rgregcrews
Blissful Wellness Medical Weight Loss Centers
My friend has been trying to lose weight for years, all to no avail. She went here, to Dr. B., went through the full, comprehensive FREE consultation. Dr. B. recommended the Turbo-Trim diet, and she has lost over 60 lbs. IN THREE MONTHS! She's not hungry, has plenty of energy, and the weight keeps coming off. Thanks Blissful Wellness & Dr. B., you saved her life!

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