By: ms.mary.danielle
Paul Mitchell the School-Jacksonville
I discovered Paul Mitchell School about a year ago. I have been going every 4-6 weeks ever since. I have naturally curly hair and the fact that I can get it washed, cut and blown straight for $15 is a steal. I’m not real adventurous, I usually just get a trim with my square long layers, since my hair curls it’s difficult to mess that up, not sure I would trust a student if I wanted a drastic change but I feel like my trim is good practice for them and a deal for me, the major bonus for me is getting my hair blown straight! They are always super friendly. I warn you to prepare for a long day, especially of you are getting color! I don't mind this at all. However, if you are in a hurry and looking for a 15 minute cut or have a high strung personality you should go elsewhere, these are students. Realistically expect 2.5 hours for cut/style and 5 hours for cut/color/style. I feel the experience is pampering, I look at it as me time. The students are brimming with knowledge so they always talk about your hair/products/habits extensively before proceeding. Then they discuss with the learning leader (Cameron is amazing). Throughout the haircut and dry the teacher will stop by to check and often help. Many times I have had two people working on me at the same time and it just makes me feel even more pampered. I feel like it is a great value for the money and it is a great experience. NOT recommended for impatient or type “A ”personality people but if you have a few hours to kill and have patience I definitely recommend Paul Mitchell School.
By: Leighanna V.
Nails So Happy
On mothers day me my mother two sister in laws and my sister in laws mother came into the shop to get our nails done. Also my eye brows. All of us had a great experience and our nails were beautiful.....All exept....One of my sister in laws set next to me. The technician who was doing her nails was already very rude and combative with the women before my sister in law and when my sister in law was in her chair next she was the same with her. I understand it is mothers day and that they were very busy but that is no reason to be nasty with your customers. By the end of it my sister in law was nearly in tears and apologizing over and over because she was confused a little on what to get. After the lady was still very nasty with her she finally told the woman look I never treat myself I am a mother of 3 and I came here to pamper myself and you are ruining my day. My sister was not loud or causing a scene she just bluntly told the woman how she was making her feel. She laughed slightly and never said another word. I paid and elected to not even get my eyebrows done. At that point I was ready to go. Everyone else had amazing service exept my sister in law and she deserved much better than she received. I do not know the woman's name but she was the first woman to the left doing nails. She should really work on her customer service.
By: lisavivirito
Brittany's Spa Salon
I don't know if I got the usual service or if they were holding back because I bought a "deal of the day" certificate. The haircut was good. Basically just a trim. Service was good and the girl who cut my hair was very nice. The mani/pedi left a lot to be desired though. The girl who did the mani/pedi (Katie maybe?) was very sweet, and easy to talk to...but the pedicure chair was broken...and couldn't be operated with the remote. The massage feature hurt to the point that I had to ask her to turn it off.The mani/pedi just wasn't the same as I've had at other salons. I'm used to getting a decent leg/foot massage with the pedicure, and more than a 30 second hand/arm massage with the manicure. What would normally take over an hour at my regular salon took all of about 25 minutes at Brittany's.While it didn't suck...I wouldn't pay more than what I spent on the "deal of the day" certificate: $39.
By: Aida H.
Royal Essence Spa & Nails
I'm really not sure why this place has such a low rating...I'm a Jacksonville native and have been to almost every nail salon in town. This one, by far is the best one in Jax! Their pedicures are amazing, especially for the price. They give you a hot stone massage & a paraffin wax for 28 bucks. That's unheard of! They are also so accommodating and lets be honest free cookies and slushie, they've got me hooked! I moved to DC and refused to go anywhere else. I would come home once every two months and the first thing I would do is get a pedicure at royal essence. Now that I live in Japan...my toes only get done once every 6 months. Yup you guessed it, only at royal essence! I seriously love this place and anyone that has given it less than 5 stars is unrealistic! This place will forever have my Business!Thanks royal essence for always giving me fantastic toes!
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By: Delia O.
Chisam Dominican Salon
Chimena is the realist hair care stylist I have known, I have been going to her for over 10+ yrs....when I came to her she not only help my hair grow long & strong but she showed me how to care for it @ home... My hair was brittle, damaged & falling out... she told me to stop doing what ever I was doing( dieting) go natural & eat more fruits / veggies & take some vitamins she recommended.... your hair is what u eat & the body will strip the non vital organs ( hair, nails & skin) of nutrients... I now have a head full of healthy hair & I let no 1 cut relax or treat my hair but Chimena... Chimena is a hair care specialist that has many years of experience & she loves what she do... That is priceless & today u can't find hair stylist that know & love there craft..
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By: Ana R.
San Juan Hair Studio
It was my first time as a customer here and it wasn't the greatest experience. I arrived early and when my stylist came and took me in. She did wash my hair but then she had me wait on the chair with wet hair while taking care of a previous client. It took about 30 minutes of my appt time. That wasn't so bad and she did give me a haircut but she didn't dry it even though she dried my bangs and I thought that she would do the rest but she didn't. I told her I would like it dried and she said she would have to take care of he next client before doing me. I don't know if I made a mistake with my request or what, but it didn't feel right to me that she used some of my appt time for another client. I don't know if I'll come back again. :( I was really disappointed.
By: Sinh T.
Serenity Nail Spa Inc.
Serenity Nail Spa is located in Saint Johns Town Center. Southside area, south east of Jacksonville city, Florida. Serenity Nail Spa Inc. established since 2007. Located in the upscale Town center the biggest shopping center in Jacksonville, FL. We are proudly serving our community with pride. If there should be any problem, we would honestly take responsible and fix it until you are happy. Satisfaction guaranteed is our policy since 2007.Don't hesitate to contact manager Raymond Tong at 904-625-1197 (cell) or serenitynailspa@gmail.comWe want you to be happy. I believe every woman are beautiful when they smile. Keep the beautiful smile on your face! Shalom!Faith - Hope - Love & Beautywww.serenitynailspajacksonville.com
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By: Debbie J.
Compliments By Sherry & Co
I am new to the area and wanted a great place to call home for my hair needs. I asked the few people I knew of any places local to where I live and they referred me to here. I found a groupon special and took the leap. I ended up with Betty and she was terrific I was making a big change to my hair due to medical reasons and Betty was just awesome! This place has the nicest people and at home atmosphere I ended up very happy indeed with my results and Booked my next appt with Betty already. I have to add that this place was also fun! Yes fun the conversations between the stylists and customers left me laughing and smiling. I now have a place to call home. Thank you Betty!Debbie J.
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By: Kristen C.
Rio Hair Studio
I had my hair cut and colored by Sami and haven't had a hair experience this good in as long as I can remember. I felt completely cared for and left with my dream hair. She even took the time to test the color on my hair and go back and touch up things to make it just right. After having less than ideal hair experiences in the past, Sami's attention to detail was refreshing and reassuring. The salon itself didn't leave a huge impression on me, but I believe that was simply because I was so enamored with the rest of the process. The atmosphere was cheerful and relaxing. Cost was on the higher side, but I felt it was worth it for what I received.
By: angelina.walker.52
Bio Salon & Spa
Was serviced here by three different independent stylist and received the upmost professional service and treated with mutual respect as a client. Im not your typical client as I myself am a stylist and own a salon and after reading some of the reviews on here Im concerned as to the communication of both the stylist and client. An experience or service can only be as good as the attitudes of the people serving or receiving. I can only speak on my own experience and what directions I gave were followed, what concerns I had were addressed, and the end result was what I expected. From start to finish as a client I was very satisfied.

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