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By: Danielle T.
Alethia Nathan Alterations Plus
Ms. Alethia came highly recommended to me via the reputable Bridal Shop i purchased my bridal gown from. I wanted the train removed from the lace overlay and a new dress constructed to go under the lace, with bra cups. The overlay is beautiful, and in the seamless replacing of the lace you can't tell the dress was originally designed with a train. She also raised the neckline on the dress with the extra lace pieces from the train. Flawless.However. This dress was in two pieces, and I hired her to make the underpart of the dress, from the pattern of the old dress, in a color other than Ivory. The first time it was made it was way, way too small, and didn't even have straps so she had to pin makeshift straps on so that I was able to try it on. As the fitting went on she (Ms. Alethia) realized that the fabrics different, one woven and one knit, so the second fabric should have been cut significantly larger to accommodate the lack of stretch in the fabric. The second fitting went better, there were still pins in the dress, she adjusted the hemline. The third fitting was about the same, still a few pins, some adjustments were made on the fit, and there were still no bra cups in the dress. The lace was done at this time and was just beautiful.(Give or take) Three months later the final fitting, still no bra cups. When i commented about this, she insisted she did put the cups in. There was nothing in there. She pulled and adjusted the dress, made everything lay fairly straight, though the dress still bunched around my waist, when the overlay was on the lace hid this, and i also had plans to drop a few pounds before the wedding, and i figured it would fall correctly when those corrections were made. So we took it home. A few weeks after i came home with it i tried it on again. Before I even got the dress on, the strap popped. I zipped the dress and noticed that the zipper wouldn't lay flat no matter how i tugged or smoothed. Upon further inspection I discovered that the zipper was also crooked. My mother had to rip free about 7" of lining to get the zipper to lay flat. The dress also still bunched around the waist, even after slimming down. It was clearly not made for an hourglass figure. We were also looking at the seems when the stitching started to come out. Not the work I expected from a professional woman. I really wish at this point (one month and three weeks before my wedding) that my mother had taken on this task. As we are doing the majority of the work ourselves, we thought we could trust a highly recommended professional to deliver a quality product.
By: cbrook
Tailor Shop
Daniel “Danny” Motorca is, in my mind, the best tailor in the world—bar none!There are many quote-unquote tailors who make proclamations but can never really back them up. Next thing you know, you’ve spent a whole bunch of money but have nothing to show for it. Believe me; I have tried a number of them and wasted literally thousands of dollars but now have nothing to show for it.The exact opposite has consistently been my experience with Danny:I started out allowing him to make me six custom shirts back in 2004, and our relationship has only grown from there. Today I own around 60; and, remarkably, my first shirts still look and fit as though they are practically new—not to mention the fact that I have gained some 50 pounds during that time.I have also had the privilege of having Danny make me seven pairs of pants and five vests since 2004. They all look and feel practically the same; and if you were to see me wearing any of my custom tailored clothing from the Tailor Shop, I would willingly challenge you to tell me whether they are now or not. My latest purchase from Danny has been a black suit (a first from the Tailor Shop), which turned out so nice that I am already dreaming about my next, …and my next, and …(you get the point!).To make a long story short, most of us only pray that we get what we pay for. But, realizing that quality costs—and it should—Danny has ALWAYS EXCEEDED MY EXPECTATIONS. Not only that, quality lasts, as has everything I have ever purchased from the Tailor Shop. I would offer anyone who may be reading this review and trying to decide on a tailor this one challenge: Just let Danny make you a shirt, and it won’t be terribly long before you have ten.…and one other thing: His integrity and loyalty to his craft are second to none. I personally have witnessed his dealings with customers, some of whom will, no doubt, become his long-time friends.So, if you want honesty, quality, friendly service, and a lasting relationship with a TRUE PROFESSIONAL, Danny is your man.Again, he is the VERY BEST TAILOR in the world, or at least it seems that way. I will him (and you) every success!!Cb.
By: truth777777
Tailor Shop
I work for a big corporation and Daniel has made suits for me and altered a lot of my clothes. He has done work for many people that I work with too. He is the BEST tailor in the U.S.!!! I don't appreciate when people try to bad-mouth someone, especially Daniel because he will do whatever it takes to make it right!!! To vgrigorios: You obviously have never had your clothes tailored before. If you did, you would realize that Daniel's work and prices are very reasonable. Actually, he undercharges compared with other tailor shops. To samjames: If you had a $2,300 jacket ruined, I think you would be a little more upset. By your comment, it doesn't seem as though that happened. You left no commet but "ruined my $2,300 jacket." What kind of jacket was that, a no label jacket? Daniel would do whatever he could to fix it and if he couldn't, he would replace it or make your a better one than you had to begin with!To rosiebetrue: Nothing in his shop is fake. He makes and sells high-end clothing, like Loro Piana and Dormeuil, which have been around since the 1800s. Loro Piana and Dormeuil only work with a handful of master tailors that are highly-qualified. These negative reviews upset me because I have known Daniel and his staff since he opened his doors and they are very honest and love what they do. Negative and worthless comments should be kept to yourself, especially when they are NOT true!I would highly recommend him to anyone!!! I drive almost an hour just to have him work on my clothes. THE BEST TAILOR EVER!
By: Leighanna V.
Nails So Happy
On mothers day me my mother two sister in laws and my sister in laws mother came into the shop to get our nails done. Also my eye brows. All of us had a great experience and our nails were beautiful.....All exept....One of my sister in laws set next to me. The technician who was doing her nails was already very rude and combative with the women before my sister in law and when my sister in law was in her chair next she was the same with her. I understand it is mothers day and that they were very busy but that is no reason to be nasty with your customers. By the end of it my sister in law was nearly in tears and apologizing over and over because she was confused a little on what to get. After the lady was still very nasty with her she finally told the woman look I never treat myself I am a mother of 3 and I came here to pamper myself and you are ruining my day. My sister was not loud or causing a scene she just bluntly told the woman how she was making her feel. She laughed slightly and never said another word. I paid and elected to not even get my eyebrows done. At that point I was ready to go. Everyone else had amazing service exept my sister in law and she deserved much better than she received. I do not know the woman's name but she was the first woman to the left doing nails. She should really work on her customer service.
By: lisavivirito
Brittany's Spa Salon
I don't know if I got the usual service or if they were holding back because I bought a "deal of the day" certificate. The haircut was good. Basically just a trim. Service was good and the girl who cut my hair was very nice. The mani/pedi left a lot to be desired though. The girl who did the mani/pedi (Katie maybe?) was very sweet, and easy to talk to...but the pedicure chair was broken...and couldn't be operated with the remote. The massage feature hurt to the point that I had to ask her to turn it off.The mani/pedi just wasn't the same as I've had at other salons. I'm used to getting a decent leg/foot massage with the pedicure, and more than a 30 second hand/arm massage with the manicure. What would normally take over an hour at my regular salon took all of about 25 minutes at Brittany's.While it didn't suck...I wouldn't pay more than what I spent on the "deal of the day" certificate: $39.
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By: Elisabeth C.
McCormick's Painting and Waterproofing
I contacted McCormacks Painting back in June of this year and they responded immediately. The gentleman that came out was the owner, I believe. He was courteous very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. He promptly gave me a estimate and it was the least expensive but the job was excellent. From day one this was a positive experience from initial contact through the installation. The owner took a hands on approach and generally seemed to care about making sure I was satisfied which I must say is rare in my experience these days while dealing with a small business. I generally don't tAke the time to even comment on these sort of things but my experience was so positive that I wanted to write this review. I can honestly say that if you deal with this company I believe that you will be extremely happy and I will use them again if ever needed. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.
By: Aida H.
Royal Essence Spa & Nails
I'm really not sure why this place has such a low rating...I'm a Jacksonville native and have been to almost every nail salon in town. This one, by far is the best one in Jax! Their pedicures are amazing, especially for the price. They give you a hot stone massage & a paraffin wax for 28 bucks. That's unheard of! They are also so accommodating and lets be honest free cookies and slushie, they've got me hooked! I moved to DC and refused to go anywhere else. I would come home once every two months and the first thing I would do is get a pedicure at royal essence. Now that I live in toes only get done once every 6 months. Yup you guessed it, only at royal essence! I seriously love this place and anyone that has given it less than 5 stars is unrealistic! This place will forever have my Business!Thanks royal essence for always giving me fantastic toes!
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By: jdstraw
T W Moody Painting Inc
Nothing but the very best service is provided by this family business, a gentleman and his gentlemanly sons. They are the best, are friendly, competent, efficient, and they don't waste any time in getting the job done, and done RIGHT! Also, when they come in, they do the job right, the FIRST time, never leave a mess, and when they are done, they are done! Never is there a need to call them back to do a do-over because the job is always done right the FIRST time! God bless this business and the gentleman who own the business. Thank you Mr. Moody & sons, for your old-fashioned way of doing business with the integrity that is VERY rare to find in this day and age. And I am OLD ENOUGH to remember when people took GREAT pride in their work ("back when!" as us older folks will say, or we'll say, "back in the day").Added with much pleasure today, Friday, July 7, 2017
By: jp_tha_phoenix09
Tailor Shop
This guy is truly a great man. I was told about this place by a friend, and I was FAR from disappointed. I was actually amazed. I had some pants I hadn't worn in years because of the condition they were in and the work he did on them made me REALLY happy and confident in wearing them again. He's a guy with an eye for creating a professional look and is up front with the possibilities of the requests you make with him (something I find to be rare among businesses). Not to mention generous. I got two suits from him, both no less than a $500 value for $100 each (both in great condition). The man even fitted them for me. Unfortunately I had to move to Orlando, so I haven't been back in a while but if you're ever in the area you HAVE to give this man a chance.
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By: Delia O.
Chisam Dominican Hair Salon
Chimena is the realist hair care stylist I have known, I have been going to her for over 10+ yrs....when I came to her she not only help my hair grow long & strong but she showed me how to care for it @ home... My hair was brittle, damaged & falling out... she told me to stop doing what ever I was doing( dieting) go natural & eat more fruits / veggies & take some vitamins she recommended.... your hair is what u eat & the body will strip the non vital organs ( hair, nails & skin) of nutrients... I now have a head full of healthy hair & I let no 1 cut relax or treat my hair but Chimena... Chimena is a hair care specialist that has many years of experience & she loves what she do... That is priceless & today u can't find hair stylist that know & love there craft..
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