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By: Ron R.
Key Tax Group
I owed the IRS over $326,000 and was in a bad way. My wife passed away from Cancer and my world had fallen apart. I was living off of a 10th of what I had earned in previous years. Needless to say life was hard. The last part of this sad chapter was the IRS. I had not heard from them in over 4 years and assumed they knew this horse was dead. Boy was I wrong. I received 3 letters within 90 days of each other demanding that I pay all of this. I was in a panick and had no diea how I was going to take care of this. I called Key tax and Spoke with Tim Smith who calmed me down and ran me through whathe called a financial interview. He reassured me that he would be able to help me based on the information I had given him. They were able to have me placed in a non collectible status and I also found out my debt is going to expire in less than 2 years! What a relief and I could not have done this without Key tax Group! Thank you key tax Group!
By: Howard T.
Key Tax Group
Thank you Key Tax Group for helping me. I had surgery and was unable to make my payments to the IRS. The IRS decided to levy my bank account and almost left me homeless. I was referred to Key tax Group by another company who was singing their praises. I found this to be very impressive in that a competitor held them in such high regard and stated that Key tax Group was better suited to handle this type of tax issue. I called and spoke to Tim Smith who BTW was very empathetic to my situation and understood how scared I was. He was very thorough with the resolution process and managed my expectations the whole time. The first thing they were able to do was get my bank levy released so I could pay my bills. The second thing they were able to do was re establish my payment plan and even lowered my payment by $75/mo!!! Thank you Key Tax and I recommend you to everyone!
By: Charles H.
Key Tax Group
what can I say? I filed and owed $26,000 to the IRS from a 401K disbursement and was shocked with the amount I owed. I was scared and knew I didn't have $26K to pay. I also called the IRS and they wanted me to pay $1500 per month! thats more than my house payment are they for real??? I am married with two kids and there was no way I could afford a large payment like that. I was referred by a friend who said to call key Tax. They raved about them and had a great experience. I called and spoke with Nick who was a no nonsense guy and told me like it is. I really appreciated that because I didn't want a sales pitch. This was not. I hired Key Tax and within 5 weeks they had resolved my case and now my payment is a 5th of what the IRS was asking for. Now that was a breath of fresh air. Key Tax you are awesome! I highly recommend them to anyone who has a tax debt!
By: Caleb M.
Key Tax Group
Thank you Key Tax Group! I own a small BBQ restaurant in Bridgeview Il and found myself owing over $48,000 for unpaid sales tax. I had an employee who was embezzling huge amounts of money and not knowing that te taxes were being paid. Needless to say the state showed up with a revenue officer ready to shut me down. I was horrified. I had never been so scared in my life. They gave me 20 days to to come up with the money. I called around and three companies told me that they do not work this type of tax issue but they all three gave me the Info to key Tax Group. I called and spoke to *** ***** who did an amazing job of explaining what they could and could not do. After all was said and done i was able to be placed on a payment plan that allowed me to keep my doors open and stay in business. Thank you Key Tax Group! Your team is amazing!
By: Terry M.
Key Tax Group
I hired Key Tax Group to help me with an Mass State Tax debt and spoke with Tim. Tim was amazing. Initially all I wanted was to re establish my payment plan but Tim completely shocked me and told me that the State was able to remove the penalties and cut my debt down from $29,467 down to $4,365 AND the best part was they broke it up over 36 months. Thank you Key Tax Group. Your team is amazing!
By: Christina L.
Key Tax Group
Awesome team and awesome work! I had a very difficult audit that I needed help with and Key Tax did an amazing job to assist me. My audit went well and I didnt owe as much as they originally stated I owed and Key Tax set up a very affordable payment plan with the balance I did owe. Thank you Key Tax!
By: Kim L.
Key Tax Group
Key Tax Group did an awesome job with my payroll tax and KS state sales tax. I owed a lot of money and had no idea how to get out of this mess. Key Tax Group was able to help me organize my finances and resolve my issue with the fed and the state. Thank you Key Tax you are a life saver!
By: Blake F.
Key Tax Group
Key Tax Group help me be able to claim my children for EIC after my ex wife kept claiming them. I have sole custody of my children and Key tax helped me get back my $7,000 refund that was owed to me.
By: Michael W.
Key Tax Group
All I can say is Thanks Key Tax! Tim Smith was great and is smart as a whip! They helped me with an estate tax debt and prevented my bank account from being levied. Great work and great company!
By: Waylon P.
Key Tax Group
Key Tax Group saved my business from being closed! They did an amazing job! Thank you Key Tax! I owed $56,000 in back payroll taxes and Key Tax was able to prevent my business from being closed!
Tips & Advices
Yes. Communicating with the IRS can become complicated, especially for the layperson who isn't well-versed in the field of tax law. A tax attorney can help ensure an individual is taking the right approach and is staying within the law.
  • What do you specialize in?
  • Do you have references?
  • What credentials do you have? Are you licensed to practice in this state?
  • What is your hourly rate, and what is the cost of an initial consultation?
Yes. Tax attorneys must first earn a law degree. Then, they must pass the state bar exam specific to the state in which they practice. Some may choose to further their education by obtaining a master's degree in taxation law or taking the CPA exam.
Though both are experts in matters related to taxes and taxation law, there are some key differences between certified public accountants and tax attorneys. Tax attorneys focus more on the legal side of tax law. They have a law degree and have passed the bar exam. CPAs focus more on the financial side of tax law. They have passed the CPA exam. To take this exam, individuals must have 150 or more college credits, and typically some work experience.
Yes. Tax attorneys can help clients with back taxes.

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