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By: incognito4u
Coumba African Hair Braiding
Well first let me say that I've been getting my hair braided professionally for about 15 years. I'm new to Jacksonville and needed to find a braider. I called Coumba's and was qouted $160 to $180 for Micros. The day of the appointment, the owner and her staff were a half an hour late. Once I sat down in the chair, the owner Coumba, attempted to charge me $200 instead of the agreed upon price. I told the ladies exactly how I wanted my hair, "full, with no part in the front". I also stated that I ordered Brazilian hair directly from the manufacturer. Well let me first say that thee only part of my hair that is full is the front. However there is a part directly in the center of my head. Secondly, the braids in the back are extremely uneven. Thirdly, and the worst part of all is too much of my hair ended up on the floor. They also ripped a lot of the hair as they seperated it by combing too harshly and then tried to blame it on the manufacturer. What started out being 22 inches, ended up being about 12, rendering it unusable. In the end, I hate my hair and the only style I can actually wear it in is a bun. This is very unfortunate... Oh and by the way, when I asked one of the girls to not use thick Bergamont hair grease in my hair, she immediately got an attitude. I guess that's why my beautiful Brazilian hair ended up ripped and on the floor. Lesson learned. I will never ever never go to this establishment again.
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By: Shawntell J.
Eloquent African Hair Braiding
The first time I went there to get my hair braided it was nice because she took me as a walk-in and three people did my single braids but when I called back to price having my edges redone she was rude. She placed me on hold in the middle of the conversation and to answer another phone and I was patient due to her being a business woman but she had a full conversation.There was major miscommunication due to her thick accentand background noise.I thought she said $40 for the front then $40 for the back on just the edges.I said that's too much then she yelled how much do u want to pay I said not $80 just for the edges.Then she said no $40 for 2rows in the front and one in the back. After I had to stress to hear I didn't hear her say that I asked for available times she said next Thursday at 4pm I stated that wouldn't be a good time because I work during the afternoon she okay and h/u. Now the first time to get the big money she broke her neck, it was raining and all, she called me back when I rescheduled, missed church etc. I'm done with thid shop. Sad that my experience wasn't as great as the others.
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By: Ashley T.
Eloquent African Hair Braiding
I got my hair braided by these ladies in December 2014. It is February 2015 and i'm still rocking my braids. The style I got was suppose to be Micros but my middle was done in the size of medium box braids even though $200 dollars is suppose to pay for extra small box braids. The beginning of my experience was tense because the lady who was braiding my hair kept complaining. (I have 4c hair which shrivals after it's been wet.) My hair was about 3 inches long at the time of install. The reason I chose to get my hair done at the African Braid shop is because short hair is suppose to be their specialty. I felt extremely embarrassed because a young lady who I assumed was the shops owner said to me "if I had saw how short your hair was I would've told you to stay home and let your hair grow". The girl who braided my hair then used a hard brittle brush to detangle my natural hair and a blow drier with no type of moisture, only heat and brush.Overall though the braids have lasted for over two months. I've washed my hair wearing these braids and all. I'll give them four stars.
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By: David H.
Without question the best waxing service I've ever received. The facility is like a Swiss clinic in both its style and cleanliness. The owner is on-site and obviously oversees every detail and trains her staff to be just as attentive. My reception and appointment booking was handled in a hospitality-level manner by a very professional young woman neatly dressed in surgical scrubs. A nice touch.The service itself was performed with great professionalism and unusual attention to detail by the owner herself. She clearly has perfected her technique - though I opted out of the free numbing cream which was offered, the hair removal session was the least painful in my experience.I really cannot say enough how impressed I was by the efforts of this new studio, and hope others discover WaxLab as well. While selfishly I'd like to keep them a secret so that I'll always be able to get in any time, I understand they need new clients to grow and prosper. Anyone in need of their services should not hesitate to make an appointment. You will not be disappointed!
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By: Cheri M.
Lina African Hair Braiding
Excellent Customer Service!!! This is my 4th visit to this Salon and have yet to be disappointed with the quality of work. I called yesterday to make an Appt with Lina to come in today and she rearranged her schedule to meet my needs. Today, I had a sew-in done and styled into a short bob cut. The final product was wonderful and I was impressed at how she created this style to fit the description of how I wanted my hair done. The salon may seem to be only a braiding shop, but Lina can do a "mean" sew-in of any of your desired hairstyles. Lina is extremely experienced and multi-talented as she can do all types of braids, in addition to stylish sew-ins. The shop is clean and the stylists are ALWAYS very pleasant. It took me a while to find a good salon during my relocation to Jacksonville, but I have now found my home Salon. are truly skilled in your craft and I would not hesitate to recommend this shop to my friends and family. I will definitely be back again. Thanks for making me look beautiful!
By: Mary R.
Eloquent African Hair Braiding
I love my hair and got it done at eloquent African hair braiding. I Have lived in Jacksonville all my life and I have gone to several braiding shop and still not satisfied. I decided to go natural in 2009 and stayed away from chemicals. So then I saw a friend of mine with braids and I love it. She referred me to this ladies and they are very professional and so was the owner. The owner did my front portion of my braids and the other ladies did the back. I have a natural hair and no complaints over here, my hair was blown out and then it was easy and manageable to be braided. So on my end I'll give them two thumbs up and a high five because the braids were not extremely tight and they were very gentle. I got my braids done in January and I'll be keeping them until March/April. I Have gone for touch up around the edges and the braids were tighten. So far I love my hair and I'll be going back. All my natural hair ladies should go to them because they care for natural hair. And I love love my hair
By: Aliya W.
Natural Strands
I have never had my hair done in a salon before I always did it myself. I wanted to get sister locks but that style is very costly, I found Natural Strands through a Google search and I am so glad I did!!! First off setting the appointment was easy and the young lady I spoke with was very kind and professional. When I arrived for my appointment I was greeted right away and in about five minutes I was in a chair receiving my services. The owner did my hair and was so kind, honest and professional, I told her of my concerns about my dry scalp and the advice she gave me works great, I am starting to love my hair all over again. That day I received a permanent hair color which I love and I got small locks started. I love this place and I will continue to go here to get my locks tightened and watch my hair grow. I don't trust many people to do my hair, but I love this place and I recommend my whole family and all my friends to come here.
By: Kandy R.
Eloquent African Hair Braiding
I am super excited and always satisfied when I come to get my hair done here at this shop. I am a returning and a permanent client. I love my bbraids and the ladies always do an excellent job on my hair and they have such a good and welcoming atmosphere there. The owner is very nice and she makes sure that whenever I get to shop I am in and out and dont have to sit for a long time. I usually keep my hair in for 2months and then get a touch up in between my braids and whenever I come, I get satisfied. I have gotten Senegalese Twist, cornrows, boxbraids and micro braids and all those hairstyles cameout good. They are fast and they are very professional. I am always a returning customer and will always return because of the service I receive. Best braiding spot here in Jacksonville, FL.
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By: Marie N.
Lina African Hair Braiding
Scheduled simultaneous appointments for my 2 daughters. She didn't have the staff to accommodate my request, and didn't let me know. Had to sit thru 4 hours with only one child being braided. Couldn't wait another 4 hours for the second child because that defeated the purpose of the appt. Besides that, the hair was braided too tight. Then she charged me more than the agreed price but I didn't argue because I was already upset and had an hour's drive home. Mission unaccomplished. My time is valuable and I'm sure hers is too but I cannot give my hard earned money to a business that doesn't respect clients time. Needless to say, I will not return and will not recommend to my friends.
By: Mrs. G.
Eloquent African Hair Braiding
Hauwa was understanding and accommodating. The same day I called she squeezed me in and I didn't have to wait needlessly once I arrived at the shop. She was very clear about what braid size I'd get for the cost she quoted me.She and her staff were consummate professionals - quite attentive to my needs (tender headed) and even offered to take down some of the twists that were causing me problems (just genuinely nice people). Oh, and they braid like machines - I can't believe how quickly they got me out of there!I can't say enough good things about the service I received and will certainly return for my future braiding and twisting needs.

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