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By: denise.conte.90
Martini Furniture
I want to share the diamond in the rough I have found. It all started on Saturday when I told my husband who is out of town that I found the bed for us online.He told me that I should shop around but for me I had already done so online. He suggested I go to the Flea Market on Beach Blvd and I thought he was joking.He said he had seen some nice things there, but I was weary. Well, I decided to go and I discovered Martini Furniture. I was very impressed and now I am expectingto have my new bed delivered in just 2 days and it is gorgeous. If you have good taste but want to budget then Martini Furniture is the place for you. I was so happy with the style, the quality and the customer service. I didn't have to ask for help, even though it was busy and that matters to me. I like attention and good customer service.I told the owner that I would leave her a nice review online and her face lit up. Once I looked online I noticed that they don't have much of an online presence but they do have a website. So I have decided to leave a few reviews here and there for good measure. For one I get to support a business that I believe deserves a lot more recognition that it has and two I get to share the good thing that I have found. I rely on trustworthy reviews for certain items and love when someone shares a good deal with me, so here is my chance to pay it forward. Enjoy! I hope you find something that makes me as happy as my purchase has made me.I came here to post and saw the previous review. Now I am not sure if they sell used things because I didn't see anything that looked used. I did notice a little dark spot on the white footboard and pointed it out but I was assure that I would get mine's straight out of the box.I am keeping my own mattress and box springsI didn't think to check for bedbugs and that is a scarey concept.I am going to stop by Home Depot and get some Diatomaceous Earth just to be on the safe side. An ounce of prevention is better than the cure, so an 8oz bottle it is going to be. I don't think it is true but i don't want to take any chances. Now that I think about it, I will always do that when bringing home anything I purchase furniture wise.I am going to dust everything with DE and keep one eye open. But still I find it hard to believe something like that is possible. Oh and wait a minute, wait a minute, I just remembered the catalogs they had as well. I was able to look through it to see if there was something else that I liked besides what I saw on the floor. In fact, now I remember there were other people looking through the catalogs too. How would they show us catalogs to shop from if the furniture was all used? Who would have owned such nice furniture first? ha ha A foreclosed mansion or estate sale is the only place that could have housed the bed I chose. It is that beautiful and if that is the case I don't mind. I would love to be able to shop for previously owned Mansion/Estate furniture for an everyday price. I guess that was a disgruntled customer or something.Oh and I also just remembered that I told her I wanted the delivery people to take my old set. As not to be charged extra, I told her she could sell it as used but she never agreed. She gave me a strange look when I said that and there was a slight shaking of the head. At that moment I kinda wished I had never suggested it. I was embarrassed just a little but I told her it would be a good idea. Mainly because there is no way I am going to be able to carry my heavy frame out to the garbage by myself.I really would hate to have it sit here until my husband gets home. Plus the bed frame and headboard I have now is way nice, too nice to be in the garbage.
By: Mona L.
Fantastic Furniture
My husband and I were looking for a stylish & comfortable futon our home office. We went into two major furniture chain stores and they did not even try to find something for us by possibly pulling out a catalog - so we could search for something we liked & then order it. Our third stop was Fantastic Furniture on Atlantic Blvd. and they were FABULOUS! They worked with us and we picked out something in their Coaster catalog. We wanted something extra comfortable for our grandsons when they sleep overnight. The futon is the most comfortable, gorgeous futon (klik-klak) in light grey fabric. They requested "extra padding" which was added to the back and seat both! You just sink into this futon and don't want to sit on anything else. Also, when the factory had delayed the furniture delivery somewhat to the store, we were given FREE DELIVERY by these incredible owners / staff that run this family owned business. These guys are the best and we will always have them as our #1 place for furniture. The other furniture stores here in Jacksonville must not need our business, apparently!
By: Carolyn L.
Publix Super Markets
On February 16, 2014 around 6:30pm my husband went to Publix to purchase a Rotisserie Lemon Pepper Chicken for dinner. When he got home I opened it up and to my surprise, the chicken was severally overcooked. I was so surprised and disappointed that he had traveled at least 5 miles round trip to purchase the chicken for our dinner and for lunch the following day. I even questioned that the chicken came from Publix. So I called Publix and spoke with the manager James Mallory. I explained my disappointment to him, and to my surprise, he offered to have another Rotisserie chicken delivered to our home by the Customer Service Manager. This is definitely going above and beyond to make sure the customer is satisfied!. If my husband had told me the chicken came from Walmart, I would have believed it, and there is no way Walmart or Winn Dixie would have done this!. It is always a pleasure shopping at Publix!!!.
By: suziequeh
Circle K Furniture
Great customer service. We were very excited about the new couch we ordered. The designer was so helpful in picking out fabric and colors that would work with the rest of our room. I couldn't have done it without her. When it arrived, they called us to let us know that it had been damaged in shipping and that they were getting a replacement immediately. They also remembered that we were having guests soon, so they asked us if we wanted to have a substitute couch while we were waiting. They even let us choose from several styles in colors that go with our color scheme. They got the replacement couch very quickly and all is well. Despite the shipping damage, which was not their fault, our experience was very positive. It felt like they really cared about us and wanted to make sure we were taken care of and happy. I would highly recommend Circle K and intend to go back there again.
By: Scharlene F.
Apple Store
I brought a $100 battery for cruise 7/20/16. It was purchased for new iPhone that has 1/2 day charge. The battery was nonfunctional, which was discovered on cruise. I had leg injury around that cruise/trip which immobilized me for 2 months. So could not return item.On 10/14/16 I attempted to get $$$ back. The representative and manager said the purchase was beyond 14 days purchase: Thus I could not be reimbursed.I have had iPhones for several years. I have had charging issues with each one. I would not recommend an iPhone. I would not recommend purchases at the Town Center in Jacksonville.Comparing businesses...REI returned $$$ same day for digital purchase for that time of traveling for me WITHOUT ANY HESITATION. We need to find a more customer-oriented outlet for our lives that are controlled by digital age.
By: tcbabadi
Circle K Furniture
I've was and have been extremely satified with circle K. I bought my furniture a few years ago from their main location out on jones road. They have furniture you cant find anywhere else. They also have alot of furniture you can customize straight from the manufacturer. I've even had a few problems with the furniture which I think is more on the part of me being a very large person more so than the furniture itself. And they have sent somebody out to fix it at no charge to me. It can be hard to get ahold of somebody at times at their location. If you go to it you'll see why its very big and people are often helping customers on the floor and not sitting at the main desk waiting for a phone call. Go out to the main store and take a look for yourself. It's worth it.
By: karlandavis
Tech Knowledge
The first and most important reason why I give this a 5 star rating is because of the Excellent Customer Service that is provided. Add to that the knowledge and professionalism that he provided and you just cannot get any better service! He took the time to answer all of my questions and fully explain things in terms that would be simple for me to understand. Never once acting as if he was in a hurry or bothered by me. I really appreciated that! I can say now that I actually understand my television and how it works with voltage and watts. Would recommend Tech Knowledge over Marvin's or any other electronic repair company any day!! And most importantly I will be recommending this company, better yet Anatoly himself, to ALL of my friends and family.
By: msc1027
Circle K Furniture
Great experience! I just purchased a new living room set from Circle K. The moment I walked in the doors I felt at home. Everyone was so helpful! They really cared about my wants and needs and made me feel like I was part of the family. They didn't stalk me around the store like other furniture stores, but they were always there when I needed them. Their design suggestions were right on point with what I was looking for. And, they really gave me a great price. I didn't know there were any furniture stores like this one around anymore! They had my furniture in stock and I had it delivered within a week. The delivery guys were so helpful in putting the furniture right where I wanted it. I will definitely be back to buy my new dining set soon!
By: maggie27889
Apple Store
I had the pleasure of going to this location twice in the week and half I was visiting FL. I was so impressed w/the willingness of associates to help customers as they walk in the door! First time was to help set up of my iPad ~ I had listed all my questions and left ample space to write response. The second time was for a transaction and was so surprised I was in and out of the store with a completed transaction within six minutes or less! Talked w/assistant mgr, made a decision and finished the transaction.The staff cares about each user and their ability to use their products! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this location for service or purchasing any of their products!
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By: Maria Y.
Ashley HomeStore
When I walked in the Ashley Furniture at St. John's town center store, I was so impressed with the choices right away. Mike Paterno immediately assisted me with no hassles he was very helpful and extremely knowledgeable with their products. I needed lots of help and he took his time with me, was very patient, and worked diligently to make sure that I choose furniture that what I would love over the years. He was supposed to go home early but ended up staying another hour to make the transaction easier for me. He has so much dedication with his clients! You have to go see Mike. Thank you so much Mike ur the best! Keep up the good work :)

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