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By: Rebecca B.
I am a seasoned Information Technology consultant, working primarily on long term projects in the healthcare and financial services industries. I reached a point in my career where my experience and skills allow me to secure more lucrative, higher visibility projects. Unfortunately, my resume was stale and ineffective in representing my talents and experience. I solicited advice from multiple HR consultants and was routinely referred to Robb Johnson with CareerFlorida for coaching and resume re-tooling. Robb spent 3+ hours interviewing me about my experience, career goals and search activities. What I received was a fresh prospective on my experience, as well as, a new resume and search plan created for me! There are many resume writing “services” which reword/reformat an existing resume or provide a boilerplate resume. Robb is a true consultant providing personalized service and practical tools...not just for a job search but for career navigation! My search for a new project has been energized, increased interest from recruiters and I am entertaining offers from multiple Fortune 500 companies, as well as, a large government entity. Robb has my unqualified recommendation. His fees are more than reasonable and worth every penny. Without any exaggeration, working with Robb is the most valuable career investment I’ve made in my 20+ years experience.
By: mrrsjaxson
I originally met Mr. Johnson fall of 2010 one month before I completed my degree. I called him seeking assistance and I am glad I did. He was so nice, inviting and knowledgeable about various career backgrounds and as a writer. He did a fantastic job on my resume and included words and information that I probably would have never thought to include. I began posting my resume online with various companies and websites. Call, after call, after call. All because of my resume. I even received a job offer and didn't post for the position just because of my resume. People thought I was crazy to pay $225 for a resume and cover letter. Guess what??? $225 well worth it. I have never had any problems receiving calls from any potential employers since 2010. Fast forward to 2014 and Mr. Johnson is still in business and he has recently made updates to my resume three years later. Still inviting, knowledgeable and super nice. He provided assistance with writing my resume which helped with receiving phone calls, it was my job to win the position. Invest in my Mr. Johnson you will definitely receive those funds back with a better position, benefits and salary.
By: Richard R.
After 20 years of highly successful corporate sales experience, I reached a point where I was no longer motivated to sell my product line. I was bored and wanted a change. I'd become interested in developing Internet-based marketing programs for companies, but I was at a loss as to how to make contact with potential employers, since it had been over 20 years since I job hunted. I knew I needed a powerful, cutting-edge résumé to market myself and make the career transition. I heard about Robb Johnson at CareerFlorida, and my problems were over! Robb and I brainstormed together and developed a search-engine-optimized résumé designed to get the attention of prospective employers and motivate them to call me. Voila! In less than 24 hours after I broadcast my availability, I received my first call and landed an invitation to a job interview. The first thing they mentioned was how impressive my resume' was! Thanks, Robb! You're the best.
By: jax451
Career Florida is The BEST!!! I still can’t believe the amount of time Robb spend interviewing me. We spent over two hours reviewing my work history, my skill sets and brainstorming career options. He also provided me with job hunting resources to find companies that were hiring and gave me insights into job interviewing tactics. Robb listened to me and he really got me and what I needed. He created a terrific resume that worked!! Robb also created a cover letter that got the attention of recruiters. Despite the tough job market, I got multiple job interviews and landed a great job. And the fee I was charged was half the going rate! Career Florida will definitely get you to where you’re going
By: Andrew G.
I had just graduated from college and wasn't receiving any callbacks on the resume that I built myself. A friends uncle recommended that I use a resume service to help make a professional looking resume because they have more knowledge of what employers are looking for in a resume. I searched around for a while trying to find a legitimate service when I came across Career Florida. He is very professional and will write you a personalized resume after he interviews you in person. After putting out his resume on the market I started to get calls almost immediately and I landed the exact job I wanted.
By: Heather K.
Had the pleasure of working with Robb @ Career Florida in early March 2014. I was extremely pleased with the final result, and the entire process was easy, streamlined and very efficient. I thought that Robb was professional and able to describe effectively why hiring a professional resume writer was so much more beneficial than trying to write it yourself. I had been finding that I wasn't getting call backs on jobs that I was more than qualified for and have total faith that going forward, that won't be an issue any longer with my new resume. Highly recommend.
By: lrf728
Rob is very thorough, takes the time to get to know you ,and develops a great résumé for your specific needs. I would not hesitate to send a friend his way!

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