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By: marymargaret.meess
Earth Works
I would really like to give Earthworks an exemplary rating as I like the products offered at this local business. It is a tradition for me to plant a Xmas garden every year and I came to your business for specifically-colored annuals and butterfly plants. Your business was the only one who carried the white snap dragons and blue pansies I desired. However, pursuant to comparative shopping all over town (both local nurseries & the big names), your cashier on Friday tried to charge me $2.00 a plant per flat. There were no prices listed on the plants. These were starter plants. When I questioned the young lady she reduced the price to $1.39 per plant, which is still $.20 higher per plant than your local competitor Plant Ranch. I spent $82 on two flats of annuals, a milkweed, and six starter herbs. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to shop at your store anymore due to prices. Too bad because I truly try to support local businesses. Respectfully, Mary Margaret Meess
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By: Chris L.
Gore's Nursery
Been there several times and NEVER had a problem with customer service. I'm not a local, but now travel here because it has a great selection and good prices. Their plants are healthy and lush. Buy my Datil peper plants every year and can never eat them all. People with good reviews will not take the time to go on the Internet for comments, but a disgruntled person might. There are plenty of choices for plants. I know he small business owners always need support from the big superstores.
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By: inessa7
Jones & Hall Nurseries
An actual straight shooting gardener owns and works the register! I've seen old ladies bring in branch clippings for him to diagnose and he does in the old southern no bs manner of an old marine :) came in for cucumber plants after my chickens got ahold of my seedlings and he gave me a pack for free Bc it was late in the season! Support your mom and pop places
By: Martin B.
Mark's Power Mowers
Honest, reliable work! This is old school for your small engine repairs. They are usually booked in advance, but when your small engine is repaired, it is done right! I trust them with all my small engine work!!! A+++
By: Carol W.
Pulaski Road Nursery
I have been VERY pleased with the quality and prices at Pulaski Nursery. The advice I received about planting and maintaining my purchases was very good. Folks are friendly.
By: cheryl.smithlane
Earth Works
Jason is GREAT. So helpful even when you are building your pond yourself. He is your go-to-guy for everything Koi pond.
Tips & Advices
Yes, many nurseries ship plants and trees, but inter-state shipping regulations are complex and strict, and nurseries must be in compliance regardless of whether that disallows a customer order. Also, even if items are allowed to ship, they might not survive if outside the proper USDA growing zones--in which case a nursery might try to discourage the customer from placing the order.
The ease of caring for fruit trees varies according to where you live, but lemon trees and apple trees are widely considered easy to grow. Pear trees are fast-growing but need to be planted alongside another pear variety to bear fruit. Stone fruit trees, especially cherries and plums, are popular in regions with defined seasons and cool winters.  In hot/humid regions, banana trees (producing small varieties of banana) and mango trees are known as “fast fruiters” that require little care.
Plant Hardiness Zones are the government-researched standard geographical breakdown of broad climate regions across the United States. The USDA has created a map of the United States, which includes 11 planting zones. This map helps gardeners determine what to plant when, based on accumulated weather data. Factors like soil quality and microclimates are not accounted for in the USDA Plant Hardiness Zones, and should certainly be taken into consideration as well.
Perennial plants and trees grow anew each spring, and are dormant in the winter. Annuals have a lifespan of only one growing season, and need to be replanted each year.
Evergreen is a term for plants and trees that keep some green foliage year-round. While the term “evergreen” is closely associated with pine trees, many other types of trees are also evergreen, including live oak, blue spruce, eucalypts, and most of the coniferous cousins of pine.

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