By: kpisan68
Larry's Giant Subs
Today the "Party of 4"+1 didn't even leave the office without serious discussion as to which Larry's Giant Subs we were going to entertain. There were concerns to those establishments closest to us as the Health Violations were in the double digits. So instead of a bias opinion and venturing out to the 0 health violations on 1330 Blanding, we decided on this one. We were informed that although they had 10 health violations in February, they are under new management. There were a variety of sandwiches ordered, and 5 orders were too many for them to get all correct. So 4 out of 5 isn't too bad even if we were the only ones there with a clear drive thru. Ordering a Reuben Sub, when asked white, wheat or rye - turns out they were are all not sub rolls. So the Reuben took hits for not being toasted and on rye bread no bigger than regular sandwich bread. All sandwiches weighed a pound a piece in the "to go bags" they came in, except the Reuben (1/2 lb.) . The sandwiches listed as hot, come wrapped differently. 4 of the hot sandwiches were wrapped in paper and the 5th in foil keeping it warm. When ordering oil ask for it light, one sandwich was soaked. Price was comparable to other sub shops, however the quality wasn't there. Our average analysis was a 6.6 out of a possible 10. Dining 7/2/08.
By: Deborah C.
Wing Depot
Wanted a nice dinner while watching the Superbowl. So we decided on Wing Depot for our meal of choice. I ordered 20 Breaded Wings,Fried Okra and Coconut Pie. When I arrived to pick up my order they were very busy of course with the Superbowl starting within that hour. As I waited I noticed the manager shouting at his drivers to get a move on to deliver the orders to homes. As my order was presented to me I proceeded to check it. At that point the owner stopped me and stated "You don't need to check your order, this isn't a Burger King lady"!!!! So I said OK and went home. Well guess what.....I should have checked my order!!!!! The wings were extremely greasy and there were ONLY 19 WINGS!!! If I am paying a dollar a wind I expect the cooks to know how to count!!!! After all 20 is NOT a high number!!!!! The fried Okra was good but at the bottom was a pool of grease!! I ate most of it. The Coconut Cream Pie was very good.I think if the owner was not so cocky and arrogant, this place would be nice. Also if I didn't have to travel 8 miles back for my wing, I would have just to show him he is not always right!!! Probably won't be going back because of him. Sad but don't like to be treated like a second class citizen!!! Debbie Cole
By: vickie p.
Mr Snappers Fish and Chicken
Check your order at the drive thru, before you go, you might not get what you ordered. Never use a credit card at this restaurant. Mine was hacked (I highly suspect) after I did. Luckily Visa caught it and the transaction did not go through. Great Seafood, but you get TOO many fries, and only about 2 tablespoons of coleslaw. There is something really creepy about this place...maybe its just one of those hole-in-the-wall places. I wouldn't be caught dead on the inside/or I might get dead if I did go inside. But I would say its the best seafood on the Westside if you want it Hot and Fried/taken out. Great wings, too...that was the order they got wrong...but glad they did...I enjoyed them very much! 5 stars for takeout seafood and wings. 1 star for sides. A creepy 0 for just a general unsettling feeling being around the place, never mind going inside.
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By: quality-over-quanity
Tunis Chicken and Seafood
Tunis..... mmmmmmm, where do I start?? I like to go to dine in restaurants because I know that the food in cooked fresh. However, I want the convenience of going through a drive thru. When Tunis opened my dilemma was solved. Pros: Everything is cooked to order. It makes me feel less guilty about eating french fries. Fresh produce on Salads, you can even smell the cucumbers and lettuce on your salad.Great food ,great serviceCons: My only advice is that if you are going on the weekend call your order in. It is extra busy on the weekends but I can't be mad at the customers because it's that good. I don't mind waiting 5-10 minutes for freshness and great quality. They don't open 24 hours. I think they close at 10 I was sad when I went up there at 10:30 but the owner Zee turned the gyro machine back on for me ;-).............
By: Margaret C.
Linda's Wooden Spoon
My son was visiting from out of town and always likes to go to different restaurants. I had heard through the "grapevine" about this new restaurant and we came from west side of Jacksonville just to eat there. A couple of times in past I had been to same location when it was a seafood restaurant and decorated with fish etc. Was surprised how nice it looked with fresh paint and decorations. Linda was there and welcomed us. I had traditional breakfast and my son had scotch eggs with grits etc. His eggs were a surprize to him. Hard boiled eggs inside saurage shaped like an egg. Surprize when you cut into it. He said it was delicious. Wonderful biscuits. I loved my breakfast and he loved his too. Generous portions and prices very reasonable. I will be back to enjoy again.
By: bornandraisedfla
Farah's Pita Stop Cafe
This is by far the best Mediterranean food i have had in Jacksonville. I have just been introduced to this culture of food about 6 years ago but i must say that Mrs. Ida has the best Falafel i have ever had. My favorite it the Chicken Shawarma that i get as the plate and then at times i ask them to place it into the pita for me. I always get it served with Mrs. Ida's pasta salad, with her own special dressing, it is to die for. My wife's favorite is the Greek salad again because of the dressing. We go atleast once a week or if the kids are with us 2-3 times. They do have the best customer service and they make everyone feel like family. Lastly the always have fresh Cherry-lime-aid..I suggest to everyone to go and try out this place.
By: Porsha W.
The Weekend Cafe
After hearing good things about this restaurant from a relative, I decided to give it a try. First let me say that this restaurant opens only on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays (hence the name The Weekend Cafe) I went in last Sunday, and I ordered a $10 plate which included; rice and gravy, macaroni and cheese, collard greens, potato salad, corn bread, and your choice of meat (they have oxtails, smothered/fried porkchops, baked/fried chicken,ribs, and chitterlings, but I opted for smothered porkchops) Everything was delicious, and the pork chops were very tender. To top all of that off, I ordered a slice of red velvet cake (it costs $2), and it was by far, the best I've tasted. Needless to say, I'll be back.
By: thecheryl
Beach Road Chicken Dinners
Every time I go to Beach Road Chicken Dinners, I am taken back to 1964, when I moved here as a little girl. The food reminds me of my grandmother's cooking and the atmosphere reminds me of her home. Whenever I get the craving for fried chicken or just really good home-style food, my husband and I make the drive from Julington Creek to Beach Road, because no where else seems to quite satisfy. The food, service, atmosphere, and memories all deserve far more than five stars.
By: amber.marie.10048379
Which Wich
This is the best sandwhich shop I Have ever been too.. The staff are very friendly and helpful.. The food is wonderful!! The place is a very clean..They have so much too choose from and you can get your sandwhich made anyway you want!!! The milkshakes are the best i ever had!! Kid friendly place too MY KIDS LOVE IT!!! I would recommend this sandwhich shop to anybody looking for a great meal.. LOVE IT!!!!!!!
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By: Kathy B.
Fisherman's Dock
Love this store and their staff. Very personal service. I had no idea you had a website, but glad to find it. I've been a loyal customer for over 5 years. Many of your staff know I love Sea Bass most of all, but purchase a good variety of fresh seafood from you!! I work for a local Credit Union and refer members to your store when I know they enjoy great seafood a well as friends and neighbors!!

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