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By: Brett R.
Gateway Rifle & Pistol Club
I joined Gateway 6+ yrs. I was much surprised at the low ratings, but they were not recent experiences. I have introduced several friends as guests who joined and renewed. The facility is well-maintained. The office sells ammo as a courtesy, not as a profit base. The range officers constantly monitor. They are polite, and essentially return courtesy with courtesy. Yes, the 1st time you watch a 20 minute safety video. Typically, the other shooters who enforce the safety rules. The rules are simple, nonnegotiable, and everyone goes home at the end of the day without leaks. The club continues to make improvements as funds allow, particularly the pistol ranges for members and guests. This is and outdoor gun range, not a country club. Members are polite, helpful, but focus on their shooting, not yours. There are organized events if you are so inclined. The rifle range is only 200 yards. I would prefer longer. 500 to 1000 would be nice. B. Rhoden
By: nasocjaxp3ops
Cecil Field Tactical Weapons Training Center
I have been a Federal Firearms Instructor for 16 years. Our unit has utilized the Cecil Field range for the last 7 years. We tried numerous other ranges in the area and only Cecil provided the scheduling flexibility, accomodating staff and multi-use facility that we require for qualification and tactical training. The range is well maintained with a turning target system that allows us to properly administer our qualification course of fire. Plenty of space and barricades are available to set up tactical excercises. An excellent small arms facility that allows us to train securely and in private.
By: paragonpm
Cecil Field Tactical Weapons Training Center
This is definitely the best training facility I have used in the State of Florida. I have trained Protective Security Officers in Tampa, Orlando, Tallahassee, Pensacola and various places in-between. The facility at Cecil Field is maintained very well and meets al my training needs. The staff is very helpful and is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure my training is conducted in the best possible way. I recommend this facility to any entity, Federal, State or private contractor looking for a place for small caliber weapons training.
By: alzola007
Cecil Field Tactical Weapons Training Center
One of the most professional training sites I have had the opportunity to work with. A former US Military and Florida Highway Patrol training range, it is designed to cater to Federal, State, and Local agencies. It is superbly managed by a courteous, knowledgeable, and professional staff. It provides each entity complete privacy for specialized training at very affordable prices. It truly renders an outstanding experience for firearms professionals.
By: Fred H.
Gateway Rifle & Pistol Club
I have used the few ranges available for day shooters for more than a year, and have found them adequate. Most of the ranges are members only so I cannot speak to them. The people in the office and the range safety officers have always been very professional and helpful. I an retired so I go out during the week which is less hectic than the weekends. I would consider membership but the application fee of $112 is outrageous.
By: jaxport
Cecil Field Tactical Weapons Training Center
Head and shoulders above other ranges due to its strict adherence to safety protocols, range maintenance and professional assistance offered by its staff members. This range like no other in the city is completely secured during use. This prevents untrained or unwelcome persons interrupting classes. I recommend this facility highly to anyone interested in a professional training site.
By: Chris M.
Gateway Rifle & Pistol Club
This is a great outdoor range. The Range Officers are friendly and very helpful especially with new shooters learning how and what to do in order to be a good shooter. It is more than just point and pull the trigger. But new shooters need to ask for the help there are so many shooters that at times you can tell who is new, and sometimes you can't.
By: aufan1
Gateway Rifle & Pistol Club
2/08/13 I went to the range today to shoot my AR because this was the only range that would allow me to fire it. After reading the other reviews, I was expecting the worse since I was not a member. I found the complete opposite. On both the pistol range and the rifle range, the safety officers were knowledgeable and extremely helpful.
By: overwatchsecurity
Cecil Field Tactical Weapons Training Center
This range is by-far the best range in the North Florida region. It is a former Navy range and is designed for firearms training. We conduct training for security officers, retired law enforcement, tactical training and basic handgun instruction. The staff at the range are very easy to work with and accommodating.
By: fdagators
Cecil Field Tactical Weapons Training Center
Cecil Field Tactical Weapons Training Center is definitely one of the best weapons ranges I have ever used. MR. Pilgrim is running an excellent operation, his professionalism and customer service is second to none.

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