By: Mary G.
Baymeadows Healthcare
After reading the reviews below I can only come to the conclusion that the people that rated this office poorly was probably because they didn't get the controlled medications that they wanted. I have seen patients throw tantrums in the front office for not getting pain medicine prescribed to them. They are very strict about prescribing controlled medications as any doctors office should be. They do prescribe controlled medications however they do require a monthly drug test which I think is completely fair. So I believe the people that gave the office a bad review was because they were upset that they didn't get what they wanted and more than likely failed the drug test. I've had nothing but an amazing experience at this doctors office. I have been going there 6 years. Every single staff member, physician, nurse, etc. are nothing but extremely nice and professional with exceptional knowledge of practicing medicine. I highly recommend them.
By: Maria S.
Discovery Ultrasound
My little one did not cooperate for our first visit. Mom and Dad tried a few techniques in an attempt to get him to move. During the entire process Diane was so patient and even tried to offer suggestions, and gave me candy and cold juice to wake him up. In the end our little boy was just determined to only show his manhood. :) Diane willingly offered a hassle free opportunity to return and try again. It was such a relief. Our little man showed himself very well the second time, it was so great to see him in HDLive! It is stunning to see such detail! His eyes were blinking and his little tongue was sticking out sometimes! Diane never made us feel rushed through the process and made every effort possible to have our family share this sweet moment. I would highly recommend this facility - you will NOT be disappointed.
By: denver.way.7
Emed Primary Urgent Care and Walk-In Clinic
when I was looking for a primary care Dr i stumbled upon Dr Pulido, I have never been more pleased with his professionalism and his mannerism, he is very personal and caring which is so rare to find, even when you don't have an appt and walk in with a concern, or a paper to sign or a question he takes a moment to talk with you about it, no one else does that too, he is outstanding, to all who reads this, if you go in to see you will want to have him as your Dr too for your self or for your family, it's a blessing and wonderful surprise to see a Dr who cares about his patients so much, seeing is believing, you will fall in love with him and his wonderful staff, I did and I know you will too
By: Robert R.
Avecina Medical DR
Hello, I would like to start and say the Doctor and his staff are very professional and have your care and medican both in good care. I needed to lose 30 lbs by the first of the year. I have been on the weight program for two months now and have dropped 20 lbs. I still have ten more to go. The two women front office are both professional and help the Doctor out in many ways. They are very polite and while one helps the doctor the other keeps his books in order and calls you for your shot or medicine. This is the first time I have been to a clinic like this and I am very impressed with their organization.They like to see people reach their goal. My hat is off to them.Robert R.
By: Darlene F.
Total Air Care
I was VERY pleased with this company. I was never placed on hold and was scheduled the same day I placed the call. The technician was on time and was very polite and informative. My compressor was bad and I was told by my home warranty that it could be up to a week for them to receive my part. I was called three days later and put back on the schedule and a different technician came out and installed the part. He was very friendly as well. I give this company a 10! Thank God my home warranty sent Total Air Care out. The last company that serviced my unit was down right terrible!!
By: Jim F.
Immediate Medical Care
My husband slipped and fell at the golf course hurting his lower back. We had heard good things about Immediate Medical Care, so even though it was a little far from home we went there. Service was very prompt and the staff was very friendly and the physician was quite attentive to my husband’s discomfort. We were in and out in a reasonable time. Appropriate meds prescribed. I would highly recommend this facility. In addition to the quality care received, it was nice that our co-pay was much less than if we had visited an Emergency Room. I would definitely go back if needed.
user avatar
By: Desiree W.
Ronald Kirsner MD
Dr. Kirsner is extremely compassionate and easy to talk to. I was nervous to open up about my anxiety problems and he made it so easy. He has given me the tools to overcome by anxieties and to find myself again in the process. I am beyond grateful that I found him and for all the help and resources he has given me to do so. The staff in the office are just as friendly and non-judgemental which makes it that much easier to go in. I don't feel like people are looking down on me for my mental illness. Thank you Dr. Kirsner and staff!
By: Jared L.
Immediate Medical Care
I have been a patient at Immediate Medical care for over 3 years. I am very pleased with the medical care I receive. I am a self-pay patient and I think it is really great that the office has a very clear and precise list of prices posted in the waiting room. The prices are very reasonable to other Urgent Care Facilities. The doctors are excellent, the staff is great and the office is very clean, organized and professional. I will continue to be a patient for years to come and recommend this place highly.
By: stephanie8486
Mayo Clinic
I have never experienced a better hospital then the Mayo Clinic. I have been to many hospitals for different procedures such as pregnancy, knee surgery, Aplastic Anemia, etc. I felt well taken care of from the services of the nurses, techs, and doctors to their food. They were so kind and caring toward me. Everyone who took care of me seemed to go above and beyond. They would even scold me for leaving my room. It was for my best but, I am grateful for them. My nurses and techs were always sweet to me.
By: wandawillhite
First Coast MD
My friend kept telling me about how she loast all her weight going here, after three months of trying to lose weight I got to where I was getting depressed I finally took the plung and went. Tuesday was my second week weigh in and I have lost 7 lbs. This has excited me so because every one here is very supportive and are true to what they tell you. There is no pressure to join, they tell you what your options are and you make the finally decision I am so glad that I made mine to do this.
Tips & Advices
Dialysis prolongs life by stepping in to handle the vital tasks managed by the kidneys. If they are functioning properly, the kidneys work to moderate your blood pressure and regulate the levels of salt and potassium in your blood. Dialysis artificially cleans the blood so that the body is able to function normally.
Dialysis comes with many side effects. Some patients on dialysis experience low blood pressure that causes abdominal cramps, shortness of breath, muscle cramps, vomiting, and nausea. Dialysis can cause sleep problems, itching, depression, amyloidosis, anemia, and inflammation of the membrane that surrounds your heart. Also, the site where the fistula is inserted can become blocked or infected.
If you are currently receiving dialysis treatments, it is recommended to  increase intake of high-protein foods, such as meat, fish, poultry, and eggs. Dialysis patients are advised to reduce their intake of foods that are high in salt, potassium, and phosphorus. Replace high-potassium fruits, such as oranges, kiwis, honeydews, and nectarines, with low-phosphorus choices like apples, berries, and plums.
There are two primary types of dialysis treatments. Hemodialysis is the most commonly used type of dialysis, and it involves inserting a fistula or a catheter into a vein for the purpose of filtering your blood. With peritoneal dialysis, a catheter is surgically implanted into the stomach region to achieve the same result. Dialysis can be performed at a treatment center or at home. It may be performed during the daytime, or nocturnally while you are asleep.
The cost of dialysis treatments might be partially covered by medical insurance, and coverage will depend on the limits of your policy. If dialysis is covered, prescriptions given by your doctor to support treatment will also be covered. Medicare is health insurance provided by the federal government, and it typically covers 80 percent of dialysis costs.

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