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By: cindymindyclark
Elite Salon & Day Spa
I really loved it here. The staff was extremely friendly. I enjoyed the quietness and the decorations. It was definitley thought out. The waiting area was nice with self serve complimentary, cold beverages and a single service coffee machine It was a little difficult to figure out but the cute little receptionist hurried over when she saw me struggle with it. I really liked the variety of coffee flavors and creamers. The biscottis were delicious and the cream cheese danishes we even better. The decor is a European style and was quit clean and simple. The music was nice ans relaxing, as well in both the waiting area and spa rooms. I have been to both locations now. I did like the Avondale a little better, it was more homey, more designed like a house, while the One in baymeadows was in a shopping center. It's the one next to Scan Design in a beautiful stucco type center. The one with the Big Ben type clock! It was cute. I liked the spacious rooms, and I like how hot the shower got. It was a little tricky to figure out, it was a more current type of hardware that you find in upscale hotels ( turning to the full left then back to adjust to your desired warmth.) I really like the pedicurist she was very nice and the owner waited on us hand and foot. Bringing us fresh robes and towels and nice waffle slippers were placed outside the shower area. The towel was served warm straight from the dryer. The reception area had large comfy leather couches and the decor was simple with a touch of orient. and the staff was so helpful in explaining after care instructions for stretching , after my massage and taking care of my hair color. I almost forgot.. they had a sale on their retail products so I stocked up. (that was a t the Avondale store) I enjoyed my lunch also, it was served with a mimosa and she also brought me bottled water. I love chocolate , so I cant leave that out it was Lindort ??sp and Ferro Rocher, truffles..yum! It was just over all good and you just dont find this and reasonable prices. We definitley will be back.
By: jaghag
Parisian Nail and Massage Spa
One thing I can't stand folks just plain Up and LYING! This one chick says the pedicures are torn? Where the heck did you go?? Liar! They are not..they are big comfy...and the place is absolutely's got FRENCH antiques, you'all...crush Velvet TUB chairs..Oh are used to those OFFICE chairs...I see...GOD forbid some class come to Arlington..I've seen people think the place is so's affordable and sooo goodness. All the rooms on the spa side named for cities in France..HELLO??? The lady interior decorates...come on..a child put it together..just a hater...a loser..POTENTIAL's clear!! This mess is clearly coming from folks that were let go..plain and simple...stop this jealousy and lying..Fabrication and slander is a sueable offense I do believe...and they have clearly lied and it's a shame..Okay..we get a salon that proves that Americans can do nails..and what do we do..WE BASH the place..Okay..okay..let's get the Illegals to do our nails..Support the ones who aren't legally licensed..cause they aren't..and you know it..If they can't speak English..they didn't pass the test, idiots! And them while they laugh at you...and get all the government programs too...poor little person doing nails while they pull up in a Lexus...dumbos..and get food stamps too. It's TRUE..go ahead..
By: angelofmercy
Parisian Nail and Massage Spa
I know the owner of this spa and it's unfortunate that customers don't know, but the staff there..they are independent contractors. It is a lovely place and one of the few places I know that has an American Staff. It's unfortunate that we can't embrace our diversity yet we judge them. Because we want the stereotypical staff and if they talk about us in a different language we don't know about it. And if they don't sanitize we don't talk about it. We feel sorry for them because they aren't American. Yet, we are so critical of our critical. Smoking is those around, I agree. The gal you described actually does very good nails. And clients adore her. She has such a huge following and really a good heart... She's from New York the tech you described and if you aren't used to New Yorkers, that's how they are. But to bash a place and it is very nice..the staff are like booth renters. Clients can pick and choose who they go to. The other girls shouldnt suffer because of your comment, you think? Let's all be nice and don't realize how your reviews hurt folks tremendously whom you don't know..she cried about hurt her deeply...and it wasn't necessary was it??
By: Elizabeth S.
Elite Salon & Day Spa
The spa is very clean and new. I think the girl that gave Anne Marie, has adorable hair. She has the cleanest newest clothes. Yes, she was chewing gum, for fresh breath since, she had just had lunch. The sheets are always clean and changed immediately after each client. Sometime there may be an oil residue, but we cant just throw new sheets out because of this.The matching pillow case is used on the face cradle for comfort. Never a complaint with this therapist, just compliments. We strive so and work so hard to please our clients. I saw Annes face when , her therapist walked around the went from smiling to "dropped". Her therapist was African American and female..... not really sure what she was expecting or preferred. We do ask on our policy page to specify if you want male or female gender. We welcome comments and communication, like dimming a light, male preference, but remain an equal opportunity employer. Funny how the 50% off clients, (Anne had a coupon) are the only ones to complain. Cheap, overly critical and complaining. Go figure, I throw my hand up, can't satisfy everyone!
By: terrie.merritt
Seventh Wonder Day Spa
This is a small intimate spa with employees that really care about the clients.If there is a problem Ashley or Carol will fix it.The SPA staff are professional and courteous.The services outstanding.Massages are excellent. The mani/pedi superb.The facials sublime.There are several services that are not your run of the mill spa services. There is the Indian head and scalp massage that is ,I just can't think of another word but wonderful.Then there is another service called a detoxifying foot bath. This is by far my favorite.It starts out with you putting your foot in a tub that has been filled with warm water and lined with a plastic bag liner to protect you from anything that may be infectious. Then you have a band put around your wrist to ground you because there is an electric array put in the water .The water turns brackish and looks really bad.I have a lot of pain in my feet and this is a very effective way to relieve the pain. So if you haven't tried Seventh Wonders services give them a try. I don't believe you will be dissapointed.
By: Dietra W.
Elite Salon & Day Spa
The staff was inspiring and entertaining. I received a gift, took a friend and went here to enjoy a relaxing day and in turn added a few more items. I drive by here all the time and this was my first visit. it is nice to know there are still, personable neighborly establishments that still cater to really, paying attention and focusing on my needs and interests. We had been offered by the hostess, immediately upon our arrival, to get comfortable, with a beverage and a quick tour, in addition to an explanation of our day. ( I was surprising my friend, so she had no idea.) We then were offered separate rooms or joint. It was a weekday, so we were pretty much able to choose which room we wanted, as there were many rooms. we were very pleased and relaxed and made comfortable the entire time. Just simply a delightful day.
By: shonica
Parisian Nail and Massage Spa
Friendly staff is about all I can say that is positive about this place. Compared to where I usually go, this place sucks big time. I only went there because I got a Groupon discount. The tech was no where near thorough enough. Like I said, it was an ok quick mani and but not worth nearly what they normally charge. I feel like I went to the local college and got a discount mani and pedi cuz the chic was still learning BUT she wasn't!!! Said she had been working there for two years! Anyway, I wouldn't recommend going here. Go to Nails So Happy on Beach Blvd at Hodges. They are THE BEST!
By: Kathy Y.
Elite Salon & Day Spa
I saw this Salon while out walking and went online to read the reviews and decided to try the Salon out for myself. I was so excited to sit down with Beth and go over my expectations on how I wanted my hair to look. I am getting married and needed a professional to work with me. I was very pleased with my hair and the professionalism of the stylist "it is perfect". I will definitely be returning for a facial and manicure/pedicure. If you are tired of the typical strip mall hair cuts I highly recommend the Elite Salon and Day Spa. Very rewarding!
By: Kelsey K.
Comfort Zone Spa
Comfort Zone Spa is always the greatest experience ever at any airport in the entire world! Flying is one of my least favorite things to do but the stress and anxiety I usually feel after leaving security always melts away once I step foot in Comfort Zone and I am greeted with smiles from their friendly staff. The level of professionalism and expertise from the staff at Comfort Zone surpasses that of the most high class day spas. Now that I have discovered Comfort Zone Spa, I can not wait until my next trip so I may visit again!
By: Jeanne S.
Elite Salon & Day Spa
Great day at the SpaI visited last week to use a gift card I received last week and found this establishment to be quite lovely. I especially enjoyed the massage and facial. And the lunch was superb. I came her for my birthday; definitly one of the best presents I've received. It was simply a great way to relax and enjoy my day. I will definitly be back, as the young woman up at the front desk gave me a $ 20 off card for my next day at the spa. I would highly recommend this establishment.

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