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By: Shena P.
Ivy League Academy at San Pablo
My daughter has been attending this center since the school opened. Although they have changed management, the school has maintained it's high standards of care. So in regards to the grandmother speaking so terribly about the Director and Assistant Director, it sounds like you need to spend a full day in the center to see a clear picture. Stating that a director or asst director yells at the staff all day????? How would you know this? When I call the school or stop in mid day unexpected, I am always greeted with a smile and assisted with my needs if any from either one of the director's. I personally think this is a disgruntled staff member pretending to be a parent. But either way, this is a very humble school with great staff that love children and love what they do for children. My child is very happy to go to school each morning. She is always having a great time when I pick her up. One thing she does each evening we leave is hug the director in the office before leaving the building. So to me this is a wonderful school that loves my child and she loves them. This school may not be a good fit for some people and that is understandable. But if it were that bad, then grandma should watch her grandchild! My family and friends that attend Ivy League love it.
By: Mili S.
Global Outreach Charter Academy
Global Outreach Charter Academy is the best school in Jacksonville that I would highly recommend to any parent. I am extremely pleased with their holistic approach to every child's development, starting from academics, sports, nutrition, social development. Just to mention, it is such a relief for me that Global Outreach Charter Academy provides all THREE (!!!) meals a day. I personally had an opportunity during orientation days to try the meals school will be serving this year, and must admit, food is simply amazing! Fresh fruits and vegetables every day with low fat sauces and dips to motivate children eat healthily. I mean I can rest my head knowing that my 6 Grader will be fed throughout the day, and more importantly, I know every single meal follows strict state standards. This is such an important benefit for me as a working mother with three children. Everything that Global Outreach Charter Academy does just deserves admiration! Amazing teachers, great principals, excellent curriculum, latest technology, nutritious free meals, great educational experience!!!
By: mondi.white.7
Brentwood Elementary School No 15
Its a fun place where kids can be there selves and it is the place where kids are nice and the kids are eager to learn i just love Brentwood its the place my kids love when i teach there the kids love me and the other kids and teachers and when my kids go to the boys and girls club (NFL YET) they brag and brag about school and other kids that don't go there wish they go there my daughter (Amondi White) cried when she had to go home for summer (And some of her classmates) And when the 5th graders have to leave for middle school they bust out with tears because they say there going to miss there teachers and they really thank the teachers for all they done for them and they really touch me and the other teachers heart when they really care abut school we turned this school to a F school to a C school and where going to turn it to a C school to a A school and i really believe and this school we can make a difference and we will i believe we can make this happen with a little team work we can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By: Sarina T.
Cambridge Prep School
My experience with Cambridge has been wonderful. I enrolled my daughter just for the summer before she was starting VPK at San Jose Episcopal a very expensive private school in Aug-2015. The summer for her at Cambridge was lovely. I then had her start San Jose as planned since they had such small classes and more then one teacher per room I thought academically this would be the right choice (I was very wrong). My daughter was not learning a thing and turned into this gloomy little girl I did not recognize. I pulled her out and placed her back at Cambridge for rest of her Pre-k year. She began learning very quickly with their curriculum, looked forward to the next day, and her overall happiness was back to normal. This is a very small facility, but like a small family. Great quality individual care for each child, trustworthy staff and no child is left out. I am even happier they are now providing care for newborns!! I am expecting and just got on the waiting list! Thank You!!
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By: bsmith5666
Growing Room Bartram Park
There is some rude behavior here. If the staff likes both the parent and child you'll have no rude behavior. If there's and issue with one or the other the then you'll see the rudeness. When you walk into the building and the staff says good morning to your child and not the parent that is a problem. The staff alienates curtain parents in this manner. Driving a wedge in between a child a parent is not something that should be tolerated; especially when you’re paying a very high weekly fee. This behavior will alienate a parent from their child. Some of the staff needs to find another place to work.
By: Amanda C.
Growing Room Bartram Park
We were recommended this school but sadly we did not have a good experience. Our infant was left without a bottle for 6 hours. When asked they couldnt explain but stated he was napping. When we tried to talk to the admin about issues with the teacher not welcoming our kid, just stating to put him in the crib, etc...we were blown off. We went down the road and have been happy. The school is beautiful but we just wish we had a better experience.
By: Tamika D.
Growing Room Bartram Park
I LOVE this school. the facility is BEAUTIFUL & PERFECT. Classrooms are very spacious, great acitivities and toys, kept immaculate, the artwork and murals throughout the building are cheerful and bright.The teachers are kind and engaging; they know each student by name. My (4 y.o.) is very comfortable and HAPPY to be there. They foster a great environment for learning and friendships.
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By: Marie A.
Kids Expanding The Kingdom Christian Preschool
Kids expanding the Kingdom Preschool will exceed your expectations. They have a dedicated team motivated to help every child learn and succeed. They are located in a great location off of sunbeam road. Their facility is recently remodeled with updated security and amenities. I have let all of my friends and family know of my great experiences here.
By: Joanna W.
The Goddard School
The teachers really seem to care and the administrative staff is very friendly. The building is always clean and the classrooms are stimulating and organized. My child is definitely learning things he could not learn at home. I cannot say enough good things about Goddard.
By: Ashley H.
The Goddard School
My two children have been at Goddard since 2011. Our experience has been wonderful with both children. The staff was so patient, nurturing and knowledgeable while working through challenging times in their development. As a result they are both thriving.

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