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By: Kristin P.
Vansandt Real Estate
I love Real Estate Reviews. Cause the MAJORITY of reviews are going to be from "Victims." Those who wouldn't pay their rent cause they'd spent their money on luxuries (I have come across this while working at grocery stores as well), only to get mad at the Real Estate Company for serving them a 3 day notice. I hope you realize, they have bills too. Crayz, I know.I work at a real estate company as only an office assistant so tenants generally don't get angry with me which I'm thankful, tenants can be vengeful and absolutely hateful people, cause they think the real estate companies are evil rich people sitting on a throne of wealth laughing at property work orders like it's some kind of joke. I agree on one thing. I have spoken with this gentlemen and he can be hard to talk to or even communicate with but he has very high work ethics and as long as someone doesn't complain about there issue 8 times a day and has some patience, he does get to it. He's also always willing to lend a helping hand to those who really need it. And I don't like pointing fingers, but no... he's not racist. I get annoyed cause he goes out of his way NOT to be racist to the point of ridiculousness.
By: Bill F.
Elrod & Elrod
Mr Elrod helped me through a very difficult time in my life when I was getting a divorce. He found out about assets my lying cheating spouse had tried to hide and I ended up getting more than my share as a result. He also got me alimony to help get me back on my feet. I am very happy with his services and strongly recommend him.
By: Bill F.
Elrod & Elrod
The Elrod firm saved my home, got rid of my second mortgage and all of my other debt. It has been a tremendous relief and I thank the Elrods for all of their help and good work.
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By: sunny a.
Sunny Acres Mobile Home Park
Please note our exact location is across from ASAP Towing on 103rd on the west side of Jacksonville. Look for the large solid white fence. Thanks!
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By: Alisha P.
Planning Perfection
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By: Lisa M.
Love the quality of machines, beautiful views while exercising. Pool is great, along with steam and showers.
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By: Donna lu W.
Salaam Club
We are not closed! We just disconnected the land line!
By: doug.stuckey.9
Twin Hills Civic Association
wonderful place to be a member . great fun good people
Tips & Advices
Outside of separation and asset questions, divorce attorneys can also help with things like custody claims and anticipation of potential legal issues with the divorce. Divorces can become drawn-out affairs, and even when settled, can factor into other family decisions.
Yes, proceedings having to do with custody claims are among the main legal themes divorce attorneys deal with. Attorneys can help settle visitation schedules, as well as litigate on your behalf if these conditions are not met on the other side of the divorce.
Be prepared to bring documentation such as previous tax filings, bank statements, proof of marital and work status, prenuptial agreements (if applicable), and any paperwork related to assets and property.
Searching online for reputed and local divorce attorneys is one of the easiest and most common ways to find representation. Other actions include soliciting referrals or searching for candidates through attorney organizations, like the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers.
Questions to ask include those related to: fee structures; anticipated amount of personal participation; the attorney's experience and specialties as they pertain to your case; the expected timeline; and what follow-up actions will be needed. If complications ensue with the divorce, some clients prefer to work with the same attorney, making follow-ups all the more important.

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