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By: Dan C.
Coggin Toyota At The Avenues in Jacksonville
The condenser fan motor on my 2005 Camry quit working after 240,000 miles. Kim was my service adviser and she made everything as simple an inexpensive as possible for me. Her initial estimate was a little high. I told her I had already called for a quote on the part and the labor to install it, but of course the taxes and shop fees, etc, somehow caused her estimate to exceed my own. She said there wasn't anything she could do about taxes and shop fees, but when I told her I had bought 4 cars from Coggin Toyota and had been coming to them for service for 12 years, she reconfigured the labor and managed to come in below my own initial estimate. She also gave me a loaner car, which because I need my car for work, made this fix seamless and easy for me. I appreciate the friendly service and her efforts to make this as easy and painless as possible for me. I would also like to take this opportunity to comment on the honesty and integrity of the Coggin service team in general. There have been times over the years, when I had a concern, and even times when I told them that a 3rd party had said I needed expensive repairs, and instead of taking advantage of me, they told me there was nothing wrong with my car and didn't charge me a dime. They seem to understand that keeping customers over the long term makes them more money than making a few extra bucks in the short term at the consumers expense.
By: billy82
City Mitsubishi-Fl
We shouldn't judge the whole place and wrong it bc of personal issue with somebody at this place , and we shouldn't start badmouth the whole process and advise the people not to go to there because of personal experience or bc we did not get what we wanted during our visit whether our request was legitimate or not.I will share my recent experience with this place.I purchased 05 Mitsubishi Endeavor its my first time owning Mitsubishi. after doing tune up at some place it started throwing a misfire code .I went to city mitsubishi the service advisor there his name Charlie was understanding to the problem. dropped the car off he advised me to change the coil pack , then he found out that the Intake manifold leaking too and he found out that the dashboard was tampered by the previous owner to hide the engine light from coming on. he tried to call the warranty company to fix these stuff but they wouldn't pay him to repair it. because I told him I am broke right now and I cant afford to pay for repair.these diagnostics were done in 3 visits and one of the visits he had to rent a car for me to go to work.Believe it or not he didn't charge me nothing even not for the rental car. I paid him I don't think its as bad as the reviews say, because am sure there are some customers who were happy but unfortunately we don't share just the negatives.Hope that helps.Thanks
By: joeandvictoria.carlucci
United Imports
This place is unlike any dealership I have ever been to. Very down to Earth and knowledgeable about all the cars. There is absolutely no pressure when you are looking at the cars. Such a nice experience from others I've had with numerous dealerships. Not only does the owner, Michal, not pressure you, he services all of his cars to a very high standard. My car (BMW 745) had new brakes front and back, new tires, new floor mats, new oil, and then the alternator was acting funny the day after I bought the car so he replaced it with a brand new alternator because he said "that's the right thing to do." That is unheard of when it comes to buying used cars from any dealership pretty much. Anyway, I ended going in to get my wife a car and we both left with one because I trusted this guy to know he was giving me honest advice and wasn't trying to pressure a sale. We've pretty much decided to only buy our cars from United Imports from here on out. No point in going anywhere else. Thanks again Michal!- Joe Carlucci
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By: Justin A.
Autoline Preowned
I cannot explain how happy I was with my entire experience at Autoline. Cejae White was phenomenal. I am a car salesman myself and I know what to expect and how to be treated when shopping for a vehicle. The process was extremely simple and I left with the truck I wanted. I had searched for a particular truck for at least six months before landing on it at the lowest price anywhere at Autoline. The entire team was involved in my car buying experience and I felt welcomed and at home while in the dealership. There was no pressure at all and the follow up experience was exceptional. Not only did I get a truck but I also got some new friends. This is the type of place that generates repeat buyers by being welcoming and fair. Take it from someone who sells cars, the type of experience and product you get at Autoline is rare. It really is a different type of car buying experience. I would refer them to any friends or family of mine.
By: Lisa P.
I heard a few bad and a few good things about CarMax but I can tell you after car shopping at other dealerships I had the best experience. I came in, sat with a great guy, we talked everything thru, he entered my info & was able to tell me right away what I was approved for. There isn't a back & forth, no haggling, he never left to "get a managers approval". There were no secrets, everything was right there on the table. Right on the showroom floor I saw my car, a bright red 2013 Chev Impala. Perfectly clean, low miles & minor things wrong. I was so comfortable with everything I didn't realize until I was leaving that I didn't even test drive it!! That's just how they made me feel when I was dealing with them, I felt like I could trust them. After the HORRIBLE experience I had at other dealerships I will always come back here in the future. Please keep up the great work & thank you so much!! I'm loving my new baby!
By: Horten D.
March Motors
I have purchased many vehicles in my lifetime ranging in price from 300. dollars cash with barely any brakes. to brand new full on luxury sedans. and though I can say that I still distrust used car salesmen in general. The staff and management of March Motors on Atlantic Ave. Jacksonville Florida have earned my loyalty in any future vehicle purchases I may make. Furthermore I would like to THANK the Ladies in the payment department. as we have had more than a few laughs over the last six months with me locking the one and only key to my car in my car three times in as many months. I believe the manager of March Motors treated me fairly and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend MARCH MOTORS to anyone with questionable credit that is looking to purchase a "New to You " vehicle. To the staff at MARCH MOTOR Your KINDNESS HAS NOT GONE UNAPPRECIATED. And I PROMISE TO PAY IT FORWARD!:-D
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By: 1stcoastauto
1ST Coast Auto Sales Inc
The review regarding multiple contracts was from a customer who did not understand the way finance charges are calculated. we set the customer up to pay two installments towards the downpayment. When he had paid the second installment we reissued a new contract showing all of his money being applied as a downpayment instead of installments. this lowered his total finance charges by a couple of hundred dollars, but increased the imputed APR by a couple of tenths of a percent. When the customer complained we tried to explain it to him, but he could not understand. We offered to allow him to pay from the original contract, but he refused to because it cost more. We tried to help him to understand and even spoke to his father, who understood we had helped him, but could not get him to let go of the issue. As the saying goes, "No good deed goes unpunished."
By: alinnn443
Keith Pierson Toyota
Alex did an excellent job! He went up and above any expectations that I had. His sense of professioanlism and work ethic were demonstrated with extreme clarity and he clearly makes his customers the main focus. Alex's business acumen and product knowledge made my decision to purchase easy. Alex showed collaboration, team work, and was invovled with all aspects of the dealership to ensure my experience went well. I walked in to Keith Pierson Toyota at 10:30 AM and my dream truck was not on the lot, but through perseverance, Alex was able to locate, pick up, and deliver my truck to me by 7:30 PM, detailed and ready to go. I will recommend Alex and Keith Pierson Toyota to all of my family and friends when it comes to their search for a new vehicle.
By: Nic Y.
Duval Acura
This dealership surprised us and exceeded our expectations.They went the extra mile to ensure that we were completely satisfied. The general sales manager and the salesperson handled both of our transactions professionally and seamlessly. They even had the paperwork completed in advance for our second purchase and had us out the door in under 30 minutes. I could not have been more impressed by the general sales manager. Every organization succeeds or fails based upon its management choices...Duval Acura couldn't have picked a better general sales manager. I'm confident that we will purchase another vehicle from them in the future. Thank you again for all of your help!
By: capemberton
Subaru of Jacksonville
The service department here is amazing. I bought my car from these guys in 2005, and haven't lived in Jax all that much since. I was back for the summer, and they were really helpful, even when they didn't have to be. I am sitting in the waiting area now, because I came in to beg for an appointment to get my A/C worked on before I moved out of town the day after tomorrow. They squeezed me in right now, AND helped me get the work done that I was heading home to do right then. WiFi in the waiting room, and they let me print and fax things that were on a deadline. Freed up all of tomorrow for packing and prepping to move. Steve and Kevin are the best :)

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