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By: Michael M.
Graffiti Burger Bar
My wife and I were very excited this place was finally open. We decided to spend college game day there. We sat at the bar and after we ordered our food the bartender apparently had some “friends “ stop in because we had no service from there on.. She spent the next 20 minutes with her back to us giggling.. Was a good thing I nursed my beer through the meal but my wife never was offered a refill for her soda.. The food wasn’t anything special and needless to say we enjoyed the games from home instead.. I could maybe understand if this was a new staff in this new restaurant but this lady who completely ignored us made it perfectly clear she worked at this facilities beaches location so she was experienced, We won’t be giving this train wreck another try at any of their locations.
By: Samantha D.
Panda Express
This is a very great decision in anyone's day - if you're a fan of good Chinese food! The employees at this location are all great, the proportions you get is great, the value for your money is great, and most of all.. The food is delicious!
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By: Shirley C.
Taco Bell
Rice was hard and my kids complained because it was hurting their teeth, so the manager said"just touched the and is not hard" great !! No apologies what so ever, bad really bad service. ������������
By: Mark A.
23 reviews1.0 star rating 5/19/2017We take turns in the office making food runs. it was my turn today, and they chose McDonald's . just my luck. I went throw the drive thru have only 30min lunch, placed 3 orders .prayed for the orders and asked them to be placed in one bag. Drove to the second window received my order and pulled away. Got half way back and was checking orders and stealing fries, and they left out one order. it sounds unbelievable to say this happens every time, but yet there is" always" something wrong .i turned around went back inside stood in line asked for the manager, spoke with Tammy I told her I was missing an order she and the person working the window said they wonder whose food that was .then Tammy asked what she could do for me.i stood for a few seconds then said I would like my food that I paid for .my family and I very seldom go to McDonald's my wife says never pull away without checking your order . I think it's rude to the other people in line behind you, but she is always right.McDonalds should make it a policy for the customers to checked the orders before they leave. Just think of the hundreds and hundreds of happy costumers. this experience just adds to the overall experience of a screwed up organization McDonald's is.When was the last time you wanted a great hamburger and great service and you thought "McDonalds"
By: Mark A.
waited over 12 min in line with only two cars in front of me ,and did not get a receipt with order. got home called manager believe she said somon she offered no apogees and was a bit rude . did not care if i left bad reviews or contacted corporate. if you look at the reviews it seems this wendys has gone down hill in the past 12-14 months
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By: Blynn R.
Not always my first choice of sandwiches, but my family likes them and the do have an awesome chopped salad I can't get any where else. Real clean store, nice staff ready to customize the order for you. Great stop after a long, hot day. I'll be going back.
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By: Gmill1280 ..
This is the best mc d's I've ever been to. The employee's are so polite and courteous. I frequent this mc d's all most every morning on the way to work. On the weekends I bypass the mc d's near my house which is in gateway because the service there is terrible. This mc d's should be the blueprint on how successful restaurants are run.
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By: Kristine B.
I've been eating at this McDonald's on a frequent basis for a long time most of the time am satisfied.But lately I have been more than just satisfied with the food.I have been experiencing excellent customer service with one employee in particular. Erin, a front cashier and I have seen her in drive thru as well, goes above and beyond her job and makes me feel not just like another customer but like family.Erin is fast, accurate, and always remembers to remind me of the newest promotions when taking my orders. She makes time to conversate with me without holding up the process of me getting my food in a timely manner and moving onto the next customer. I have also noticed that she refers to not just me but every customer as her guest which adds a personal feeling while dining in or taking out.Erin is a fairly new team member but one of the best that I have seen thus far and a great assate to this store. Because of her I will not only keep returning but I look forward to seeing her smiling face when I come in!! Also she reminded me in drive thru that if I take the survey on the receipt I can get a number and bring it in to use as coupon towards a bogo sandwich. Never been made aware of that before.She sure made my day!!
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By: Leah C.
Not only did they slam the window in my face but this was my food! I have not had a single good experience with them and this was their last chance.
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By: John B.
This Wendy's id's not good at following directions on an order, I asked for a #1 combo no pickles and no ketchup. Not a hard order, right? I get a cheese and lettuce sandwich. After driving 5 miles away from their location. I've had several burgers in the past from them and there is a new crew everytime I go there. This will be the last time for me.
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