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By: D Y.
Rogero & Williams Roofing & Construction
Rogero & Williams roof representative Ken Tate stopped by my house in December 2014, while driving through my neighborhood and said that my roof looked like it had roof damage caused by hail and wind. I had only one or two shingles missing and the roof was completely functional in my mind. They recommended that I file a claim through my insurance company 1-800 claim number and have an insurance adjuster look at it. I was a little apprehensive at first about doing that because my roof was 28 years old and I had never filed a claim on my homeowners insurance before but did so anyway and my insurance company bought my new reroof for me. I was extremely happy about that and they scheduled me for my install 3 days later on the following Monday. I chose the Owens Corning Oakridge Architectural shingles in Aged Cedar from the Artisan line. On Monday morning the crew showed up by 8am and the job was done on my 2500 sq ft roof that same day. The job was supervised by Jaryd Hurst. I met the owners Derek Williams and Jeremy Rogero. Everyone from Rogero & WIlliams that I met was very down to earth and easy to talk to and run a top notch business. I am not an easily impressed person but have to admit that the job turned out immaculately. Any questions I had were answered immediately. My roof has a 5/12 pitch and from the road showed a lot of roof. It makes my home look 100% better now. The whole process from start to finish was painless and only took 5 days from the day I called my insurance company. I liked that the Company and installers paid great attention to detail and that speaks volumes, as I too have an eye for detail.The old roofing was put into a dumpster that was delivered and they went around my house a several times with magnets to pick up any nails that might have gotten away. Bushes were covered up to prevent debris from falling down in them and I had absolutely liked that great cleanup process that was made during and after the install. I would highly recommend these guys to anyone that needs a roof.
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By: Wanda F.
J & W Heating and Air
My 85 year Mom, did business with this company, nothing but problems. One employee tried to cheat her on cost (prorate issue). Their salesman told me we are not in the business to repair, we can repair it but in 6 months she'll have the same problem , we sell new units. Your Mom's unit is 10 years old. They replaced the compressor 3x, and adjusted the wiring. In April 2015 they worked on the wiring, as recent as May 8, 2015 their technician told my Mom the compressor was blown and it had to be replaced or put in a $5,000.00 new unit I have the compressor estimate! Now here's the kicker!!!! I called in another company, guess what the compressor is fine, just a bad wiring job that was causing the compressor to shut down. $250.00 later cold air is blowing and new wiring and harness. Send my Mom a refund for the balance of her maintenance agreement, which is over in October 2015 along with the cost of the repair today. $350.00. Today I filed a complaint with BBB. They have offered to refund half the cost of her prepaid maintenance agreement. But not the cost of the repair of the wiring they messed up. Let's add in once again my Mom is 85, a stroke victim and because she was so upset over all of this was at the Doctor today with elevated blood pressure. They have offered to refund $163.50 of her service plan,let's see if that happens. Please all the aggravation and the cost of today's repair plus the fact that I believe you take advantage of the elderly. Look for me to call channel 4 (Ken on your side). It's my personal opinion that they were trying to take advantage of my Mom. When I called them out on the fact that the compressor was fine I was told that I didn't give them time to repair. Their technician was there on 05/08/15 for hours and put in writing that the compressor needed to be replaced and I received a written estimate this morning for $2180.70 to replace the compressor
By: Bob K.
Big Fish Roofing & Waterproofing, LLC
Big Fish Roofing is a company I researched extensively online and found to be worth taking a look at to do business with. The owner of Big Fish Roofing (Steve Scoates) came to the house and provided an in depth review of our roof. We were not sold more than what we needed and we received much more than expected. Steve gave us a quote that was very much in line with the other roof companies in the area. We were offered upgraded shingles and roof vents at no extra cost. We were very impressed with the fact that Steve had his own crew at our house on time and the day as promised. Our bushes and swimming pool were covered with tarps. Our 48 square shingle home was stripped and re-shingled in almost 1-day. A small crew came on the second day for 3 hours to finish some venting and clean/up the work site. Having the Big Fish Crew working on our home was one of the best decisions we made in a long time. After the work was done, Steve gave us about a week to look things over and go around the home to look for anything that needed attention. There was not a bush damaged or any complaints to report from all the work that was done.Thank you Steve and all of your great crew for a job well done.
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By: Leandra F.
NorthPort Heating and Air Conditioning Service
I have only needed to use NorthPort twice in the past 3 years, due to their honest service. I had another company come out a few years ago and replace some part only to be told I needed to replace the same part again 6 months later. I can't even remember how I heard about NorthPort, but they came out, determined that part DID need to be replace (it's the part that breaks to save the entire system from breaking) and then fixed the ACTUAL problem. Luckily, I haven't needed them for 3 years...but unfortunately forgot about them because it was so long! Recently, my property manager called another company, who came out, charged $85 for the diagnosis and said it would be >$500 for the repair. My husband mentioned preventative maintenance, which made me remember Northport (I accidentally let the agreement lapse) and gave them a call. They found a plug in the line and the entire charge was $175...much better than the $600 the other company would have charged for a new motor! As for the complaint below, I can assure you that the company's response is exactly how they have treated me every time I've talked to them. Please give them your business...they really do deserve it!
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By: tedrhoads
Snyder Heating & Air
My home had a horrible maze of inefficient, poorly constructed ductwork that had the downstairs cold and the upstairs red hot. My install with Paul and his expert experienced crew was the best install I have ever seen and I have had 3 different homes and seen it all when it comes to Air Conditioning install crews.This Snyder install team was the best, and fixed all my duct problems even though it took them extra time and effort and installed a new system that works GREAT. You want cool - I got cool now, thanks to Paul's conscientious dedication to quality and Snyder Air Conditioning. And how about the warranty?? How about 10 Years parts and labor !!Yes - you read that right - TEN Years !! TEN !!!These crews do not have an easy job, hot attics, humid weather and cramped conditions but they are ALL very nice and when they left I really missed them. They all get along with each other, they are very respectful of your home, are extremely friendly, very responsible and do real quality work - come on, what more could you ever want ??Hire Snyder and be done with air conditioning problems. Be Cool !
By: nurdrms999
Excel Roofing Contractors, Inc.
We experienced a lot of problems while trying to repair our roof. Three different roofers tried to repair it and were unsuccessful, it was a relief to find Scott and Excel. Scott and his crew were able to locate the source of the leak in our roof that no one else could. The job was done right the first time, and the crew did an excellent job of cleaning up after themselves. Previously we had several punctured tires due to stray roofing nails that only added to the cost of the repair. The customer service is first rate as well. If Scott is not available to answer your call, (and he usually is) the office can take care of any questions or get in contact with him and have him call you back. Thank you Scott and Ellen for the job you do and how you care about not only the quality of your work, but the people you work for.
By: bornandraisedfla
Farah's Pita Stop Cafe
This is by far the best Mediterranean food i have had in Jacksonville. I have just been introduced to this culture of food about 6 years ago but i must say that Mrs. Ida has the best Falafel i have ever had. My favorite it the Chicken Shawarma that i get as the plate and then at times i ask them to place it into the pita for me. I always get it served with Mrs. Ida's pasta salad, with her own special dressing, it is to die for. My wife's favorite is the Greek salad again because of the dressing. We go atleast once a week or if the kids are with us 2-3 times. They do have the best customer service and they make everyone feel like family. Lastly the always have fresh Cherry-lime-aid..I suggest to everyone to go and try out this place.
By: Veronica W.
Excel Roofing Contractors, Inc.
My experience with Excel roofing was fantastic! I can honestly say they were honest, knowledgeable, and fair. I looked all over Jacksonville for a roofer that I could trust. My experience with Excel roofing was certainly better than I expected. I had a few concerns throughout the process that was corrected right away! As a matter of fact, I personally received a call from the owner himself regarding my concerns. The owner assured me he would both stand behind his service and also ensure I was 100% satisfied when the job was completed and he did just that….. I truly appreciate the OUTSTANDING customer service, craftsmanship and integrity this company has. I highly recommend Excel roofing.Veronica
By: jaxbeachjudy
Snyder Heating & Air
We had a local air conditioning company here (beaches) after our air died 2 weeks ago and they said we needed a whole new unit so $5500-$6500 depending on the quality we wanted, we decided to get a second opinion and that same day a flyer came in the mail so we called and they came out first thing the next morning. He guaranteed that we did not need a whole new unit and in fact it was just a weld job and freon recharge so under $700, needless to say we were happy with that. Then later that week our upstairs neighbors air went out and they called Snyder on our recommendation and asked for Chris too, their repair was a small part with the total repair of $200. Appreciated the honesty.
By: jax_lady2002
BRC High Tech Roof Division
This is a very reputable business and I had a great experience with Jerry Rowe. I first called them some years ago when I had a leak. Three other roofers said the repair was going to be a few hundred and since my roof was so old I might as well go ahead and get a new roof. Jerry was the only one who said it just needed a repair ($50, which he could do right then) and my roof would last a couple more years, which he was right. He did another small repair a year later. When the time came for a new roof I hired him and it looks great. You just have to be sure they get all the old roofing nails out of the yard, which I know is hard for any roofer to do.
Tips & Advices
The most common types of roofing material are:
  • Asphalt shingles
  • Metal roofing
  • Slate shingles
  • Concrete roofing
Metal roofing material and algae-resistant asphalt shingles are the appropriate roofing material for rainy climates.
Houses located in  areas which are prone to wildfires, should avoid the use of flammable roofing materials such as wood shingles.
Not only should you ask to get in contact with past clients, it is also recommended that  homeowners visit projects currently underway to see how the contractor or company actually performs during a job. You can also go online and check out other customer reviews.
Reputable roofers do offer a warranty against poor workmanship. Additionally, the material used often carries a warranty from the manufacturer against defects (assuming proper installation). It is the homeowner’s responsibility to check on the availability of all such warranties before any work is performed.

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