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By: happyandgreatful
Ivy League Academy at Oak Leaf
My experience with Ivy League Academy has been since day 4 of the first day the center opened. I am sad to say that my child has now advanced to the 6th grade and can no longer attend the center. Leaving was a difficult thing for my child and my husband and I. The new director and assistant director have made such amazing improvements within the center and the teachers are the best of the best. The curriculum this center uses is absolutely great. My child has excelled in elementary school thanks to Ivy League and the dedication they give to the children. My opinion counts at this school and is always taken into consideration. I read the comment left by a very discruntled parent on this page and truly found it shocking. Most individuals that take the time to write only negative comments are usually those that lead a negative life and look for all the negative things in life. This center and the staff have never demonstrated anything but professionalism and compassion during the 4 years I have attended. I was aware of the annual fees and all other policies when I enrolled because I actually read my parent handguide and the documents sent home with my child. I guess if you don't take the time to read then yes you may have a shock one day when given an annual fee of $100. As for the comment about playing all day, well if you take the time to understand the curriculum used and the best practices for early childhood development, you would soon see that children learn best through play and interaction with their peers. It is the above negative parent that is uneducated in the process of learning in the early childhood world. I think it's all about communication and working together as a team to solve issues or concerns. That has always been my motto at my job with my own staff. I have used that same approachI when I am concerned or confused at Ivy League. I always get great information from the director and always feel better aware when I leave. One thing I do know is my child was in excellent hands while I was away and I feel that I couldn't have chosen a better place to care and educate my son the past four years. Thank you Ivy League in Oakleaf for a job well done. I will reccommend this child care center to everyone. You must go tour and see for yourself.
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By: Mrs. R.
Kimbari Learning Academy Inc
The reason I put SuzieQ in this daycare, is because the last daycare she was in kept sending her home with diaper rashes we would get cleared up over the weekend, just to have them come back again. Within 3 days at Kimbari, the rash was gone, AND NEVER CAME BAACK. They have not always been convenient. They are very strict, and they believe in policy. They believe in consequences. I think most people have become used to a less rigorous world, and look at our world now. But think about it... The strict policies are for everything, which means that their high standards regarding the teachers they hire and the behavior of the staff towards your children are equally strict. I would much rather have a daycare where they don't pretend one thing in front of me, kissing my behind, and then behave poorly, lazily, or are mean to my child. Rules are rules, and I for one am happy that my child learns that... along with me sometimes. :)The care my daughter, now 23 months old, has received at Kimbari is second to none. That is the goal of a good daycare. She has been potty trained for the last two months. In that time she has had only 3 accidents. She wakes up dry every morning. I believe it is in large part due to their policy on going to the bathroom. They aren't lazy, they don't just get by. They give themselves 100% and expect us to respect them in turn. Could they be a little more warm and fuzzy? Sure, but only with the parents. My daughter loves going to school, and never cries. When I drop her off, she often runs into the arms of her teachers. Suzie Q knows 100's of words and is very advanced. I'd like to take credit, but being honest... they spend more time with her than I do. :(Every day I ask her how was school, and she always says "good mommy". And my follow up question is what did you do? And she rambles on for about two minutes. I catch about half of what she is trying to convey, but my point is she happily recounts her activities, and it is clear to see that she was very happy. For that reason and more, we love Kimbari.
By: Molly S.
The Learning Experience
This center is phenomenal. My twin boys started attending school there at the end of August. Our family has been in the midst of painful transitions in the short time they've been there. They had a new baby brother, and then he passed away at 8 weeks. Needless to say, the transition has been tough. Never ONCE have I thought in a million years that they weren't having a great time at school and engaging and interacting in a fun way. Never once have I thought their anxiety was anything other than the awful changes in our household. Every teacher and administrator in there knows of the special challenges my family has been facing and goes ABOVE AND BEYOND to help my sons transition each day. They're doing so well there, and I can tell how much they're learning when they come home each day. I am so, so grateful for all the ladies at TLE Old St Augustine. I don't know how we'd be getting through this tough time without their love and support for my children and our family.Aside from the gut-wrenching part of my review, I toured several day care facilities that had received good word-of-mouth among my extensive Mommy network and I just got the good vibes when I set foot in this one. I knew if I got good vibes, my boys would too. It's clean, the staff is excellent (I *believe* I was told that all teachers there have at least an associate's degree, and many have their bachelor's), there is ample outdoor play as well as arts and crafts and "free play" in the classroom, as well as more advanced technology training on computers and with their proprietary curriculum. It's expensive, but it's not *that* much more expensive than any day care, and your children are actually learning. You get what you pay for. I wanted a learning center, not a daycare. With the app, you can check in with your kids on your phone, see what they're doing, what they ate for lunch, how long they napped, etc. I love the pictures that the staff sends of them having fun.
By: Bethany J.
Bosmans Family Academy of Learning
It takes a village to raise a child. I understands it more than a parent looking for quality daycare. From my experience with the Bosman's Family Academy the caregivers to the administrators are wonderful and a excellent center to have your kids at. Everyone that is involved in this daycare's operation helps shape my child's experience. It's no surprise that finding a good daycare was my prime concern; for my family, it's a safe, affordable option that allows my kids to socialize and learn in a loving environment structured around their needs. I love this daycare and if any parent read their contract they will know you are not bound by contract, all they are really asking is if you decide to leave the daycare you put in a 2weeks notice just like if you was living a aparment or house where you pay rent you have to give a 30 days notice as well. I see the bad reviews only come from parents who dont care about their children safety or not reading their contract accurately. I feel you get what you pay for, so if you are willing to pay for a cheap daycare you are going to get cheap services and that is when you will run into problems and have concerns about your childs safety and health; your children getting sick, not getting the care that they need, not getting the learning experience that provides them to excel in regular school, and specially with all this abuse going on in all these D graded daycares who dont care about your child. To me regardless the Bosman's Family Academy are one of the best and clean daycares in Arlington and safe as well. The money I pay I have no problem with because when I drop my children off I know my children are in good hands and not to mention they have passed every DCF inspection over 90% but that is just me being a concered parent.
By: Cherie R.
The Learning Experience
TLE (San Jose Blvd. Jacksonville, FL) HAPPY MOTHER OF 2If you have not had the pleasure to even take a tour at The Learning Experience on San Jose Blvd, you can’t even begin to know what your child (children) are missing! This children’s daycare offers an amazing faculty and phenomenal curriculum. Both of my children love “going to school” here. We have attended since the first day its doors opened and plan to be a part of TLE Family until kindergarten! My son learned not only to recognize but to spell his name confidently in less than 3 months (prior to VPK), and my daughter (2 yrs. younger) has surpassed her brother’s entrance level skills/knowledge. They both came home teaching me Mandarin Chinese words and yoga immediately after enrollment! As a nurse, I understand the importance of age-appropriate developmental activities, use of play, and early social interactions create healthy, happy children. These teachers not only appreciate this understanding but monitor and encourage each child’s development level. My children’s confidence, understanding, and abilities now assure me that they will be ready for the transition into the school education experience. As if that’s not enough, the same values and beliefs taught at home are encouraged at TLE including good manners, expressing feelings appropriately, and philanthropy….just to name a few. This is the best decision and investment for my children’s future school beginnings!
By: smoothann
Ivy League Academy at Oak Leaf
Look elsewhere....We went with this Daycare after moving to Oakleaf and finding all other centers full around us. I and my child have been unhappy for the most part. #1 My child's room is usually chaos. Not one time have I popped in and witnessed any learning activities. It's always playing with toys or outside or looking through books. That may be ok with you, but our previous daycare before we moved had a structured educational plan and my child was always coming home with something they learned and bragging about it. Hasn't happened once here.#2 My child's behavior has gone way down hill since starting here a few months ago. We never had any issues with aggression until now. We see biting, throwing things, yelling, etc. I feel like it's because they have to stick up for themselves in the chaos.#3 over the summer we were told to provide swim clothing, towel and sunscreen for "Water play day" once a week. I think that lasted 3-4 times and they cancelled it. My kid was devastated and didn't understand. #4 We registered a few months ago, yet last week were charged another $100 "annual enrollment fee". Really? Why? I've spoken to the office staff, it's correct according to their practices and I have to pay it or leave.So, since I am not thrilled with them anyway, my child is going to switch centers again =(
By: hayesjlh
Kids Expanding The Kingdom Christian Preschool
I absolutely love this school. My son is 2 yrs old, and I moved him here when he turned 1. The prior daycare he was at was basically just that, "a daycare". I felt that at 1 he needed to be in a place that was going to provide him the tools and education he needed to prepare him for school. His previous place was basically babysitting. Not much education was provided. So, in my search for a new place I decided to pull all 5 star schools in Jacksonville. I refer to Kids expanding the kingdom as a school because it is so much more than just watching my child. I went on several interviews at different places. But I was draw to this place. I felt the love, and saw the education children were being provided. He has learned so much being here, including counting, letters, Spanish, colors, and much more. The most important part to me was that this is a faith based preschool. He is learning morals, and God's way. He is read the bible, prays, and everything is based on Christian values. I fell in love with every single teach here, and would never change to another location. I cannot express how great this place is. I brag to my friends and family, and they have been extremely impressed at how much my son knows. If I could rate them a 100, I would.
By: Calise C.
Rattles to Tassels Learning Center
My son has been enrolled in Rattles to Tassels for 6 months now & I can tell he loves it. He has learned so much in so little time & I can truly see the difference in how he acts. His growth just from being around other children his age & older is shocking. He is talking more, & is more active with the people around him. They are helping me potty train which has been even easier since he gets to go day & night. The staff are great! The facility is very welcoming & from the very first time I walked in I was amazed. I felt that my child would be in a safe & secure environment & nothing has changed. It is very clean & organized. I love that I can call at any point & find out how my child is doing that day. Everyday I pick my son up I receive a daily report of his day so I don't have to ask 50 questions about what he ate, when was the last time he was changed, etc. I have built a connection with the owner & I appreciate her for all the time & effort everyone puts into making my child have a great hands on learning experience. I am one of those over protective parents but I have no worries with where my child spends his time w/o me at Rattles to Tassels. I am blessed to have found a facility that cares about my child almost as much as I do!
By: unfdebbie
Intercoastal Kids
My daughter attended Intercoastal Kids for VPK we live far away from the school and obviously were worried about the commute, but a good friend recommended the school to us and she is all about education, it’s amazing to me how much my daughter learn that year. My daughter was a part of that low VPK scoring class, she is also one of the nine children that they took on with a learning disability, and if it wasn't for them my child would have never got the help she needed. I also know that they have never gotten a low score other than that year, the owners have a son with a learning disability and I feel that’s why she went out of her way to keep my daughter. I am so happy that they helped my family and now because of the state rules and that one year test score they will no longer accept kids with learning issues. I was very upset to see that anyone would write these reviews on Intercoastal Kids. I feel like it's a disgruntle employee or the school around the corner. Mrs. Jasmine we love you, you did the right thing for our family and all of the other eight kids Thank you, and I will continue to spread the good word about Intercoastal Kids thanks for sacrificing a year of your VPK TEST SCORE for my little girl.
By: Cherie R.
The Learning Experience
Our Family Loves Being a Part of TLE The Learning Experience (TLE) is a fabulous family oriented environment that supports and challenges each child’s development appropriately. We have two attending and both “love school” which is always a plus. Most impressive is the unique and varied curriculum that includes the LEAP (interactive) program, computer access in the classroom, Mandarin Chinese, sign language, and even yoga as well as coordinated weekly teaching plans. The entire staff works together efficiently and effectively as a team with us (parents) to enhance, enrich, and encourage our children’s development process. Both of our children enjoy learning through play using basics such as circle time, arts and crafts, playground, music, exercise time to “Make Believe Boulevard” time. TLE pays attention to intellectual, social, and physical aspects our children’s growth. Mrs. Sheryl (Center Director), Ms. Meg (Business Manager), Mrs. Kruti (Prepper’s Teacher), and Ms. Tina (Prepper’s Teacher) are like having an extended family in a single location just for our children. It can honestly be said TLE has exceeded our expectations and our little ones will be comfortable transitioning to kindergarten when it is time.

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