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By: Karen W.
Mr. Danny Dupree, State Farm Insurance Agent
I have been a client of Danny Dupree insurance Agent for over 25 years not only have I received the best insurance rate every. Everyone here goes above and beyond for the best rate and truly have your best interest at heart. Dupree Insurances Agent is top knot service and top-notch individual to do business. The staff is very professional and courtesy to all client, most of all they take whatever problem that needs to be addressed immediately into thier hands. Danny Dupree the owner will go out his way to make sure that every customer's are satisfied and that every customer are treated fairly and all theirs needs are met fully before they walks out his office with a smile and knowing that their business is conducted in a professionally matter. Thank you Danny, Stephanie, Pamela, Jessie and Dana for making me feel like I'm well taken care of and a part of the Dupree family and most of all for being dedicated employees. Highly recommend Dupree Insurance Agent to anyone who's looking for insurance for their needs. Anyone that says different clearly does not even do business with them. They are very professional and they offer the best customer service skills that a insurance Agent could ever provide. I only wish that the stars could be rated more than 5 stars. DANNY DUPREE INSURANCE AGENT IS A AWESOME, EXCELLENT, PROFESSIONAL, COURTESY ORGANIZED, HELPFUL, LOVEABLE, HONEST AND FAMILY ORIENTED. DANNY DUPREE INSURANCE AGENT should be rated a 20 STARS. Keep up the good work I love you guys! Karen Williams #1client
By: Elena K.
All-State Company
Very sorry this dyson customer was upset there are two side of the story I talk to the customer on the phone he was using profane language that’s why I ended the phone call some people are vindictive I like dyson vacuum cleaner that why I am dyson service center I am warranty service center for many manufactures most vacuum store do not want to do warranty repair I am the only vacuum center that does dyson warranty repair in Jacksonville repairs and ordering parts take time I have been working in this business for 50 years I do good quality works at a fair price there was a dyson warranty service center in orange park who gave it up I ask why he told me he did not need the grief and the abuse from customer when my water cooler broke under warranty the center told me three weeks to just to look at I understand that repair takes time. I paid a man to build me a computer, I paid upfront and it took him five weeks to do it. I know repair takes time. Why did take him so long? Because he has a lot work and he is good at what he does and he takes time. The same goes for me: I take time in my repair work because I do good work at a fair price I work on thousands of thousands vacuum cleaners every year and have many happy customers. Some people are not happy or just bored to where they want to start fights. We do not fight with our customers. I forgive those whose trespass against me. We always tell our customers to have a bless day. I run a Christian business with Christian values. Michael Kelly VP of Allstate Vacuum Cleaner Company. Revised 3/1/14
By: thesqueakywheel
Big Guy Moving
We hired Big Guy Moving for 2 hours to help my husband move my daughter within the city. My one complaint is that when I originally tried to contact them to set up an appointment (since we'd purchased the two hours through a Groupon offer) it took forever for them to call me back. I called and got a recorded message twice over two weeks and finally I found an e-mail address for them and wrote them. I did get a call at that point. Later, I wanted to verify everything because the appointment was made two months in advance and I had a similar situation. This all made me a little nervous BUT:The experience was totally positive. The two movers were there promptly at 8 and in such great shape that moving furniture to a third floor apartment was not a problem at all. They were polite and friendly, efficient and accomodating. They didn't just pile things in the door but wanted to place it correctly. They were done early! Thank goodness we hired them. What could have been a real headache is just another check in the box of our "To Do" list. My daughter took their business card and are going to post it at her work. We'd recommend them to anyone just be patient when you call them initially (which I'm not!)
By: teresatorture
Wacko's Bar & Grill
This establishment is decorated nkicely. It makes me feel like I'm at a fun strip club. I have had the chance to actually work there, and with that I will give my review. The manager's are not friendly. they don't make coming to work a fun experience like it should be when you work in the entertainment industry. When I go to work I like the atmosphere to help my attitude. I want to be friendly, fun and exciting for the customers. the other girls that work there are mixed. Most have a snobbish attitude and don't make you feel welcome. I guess they feel threatened and would rather have you as an enemy instead of an ally. I have found that working together actually increases you chances at making more money. what guy wouldn't want two beautiful ladies to talk with and get a vip from? The bartenders know what they're doing, friendly and attractive. the same goes with the waitresses. All in all it's okay. If they would work on their attitudes it could be alot more fun to work there and to go to have a good time.
By: Jenny R.
Three Fx Ice Cream and Waffles
I randomly yelped ice cream and ended up here. I'm glad that I gave this place a try. This is a very small ice cream shop, there are a handful of tables. They offer lots of different flavors of ice cream. It can be overwhelming when you look at the long list. When you order: pick your flavor, then what type of milk you want it made in and then the size. They offer regular milk, almond and soy milk. Two toppings are included in the price. They mix up the flavoring with the milk, place it on a cold plate and scrape the milk continuously to create the "ice cream". They ask what the two toppings you want and then fold the toppings in the ice cream itself. This all takes about 5 minutes. I tried the mint ice cream with almond milk in a waffle cone. It was pretty good. I also ordered a waffle shaped like a fish stuffed with nutella and that was really good with the ice cream. This was a fun and different experience and I would come here again. I want to try the thai tea flavor next time.
By: Donna C.
Sonny's BBQ
Today myself an my sister went to eat lunch , we had more than a few mishaps , an changed our order a few times. All thru this our server was very patient an courteous an professional thru it all. An i just wanted all to know not all restaurants hire unprofessional people . She was very polite an also suggested other items to us , an came back to check to see if we needed anything else . An at the end of the lunch we were given a discount for the mishap.. . thank you so very much Miss Tammy for the great service. An by my surprise my sister said the restroom was also clean, All in all an comfortable place to eat , Go to sonny's BBQ 10840 Harts rd. 32218 right across from $1 tree. , an ask for Miss Tammy , an tell her ms. Donna who switched out the egg rolls twice an settle on fries sent you lol ,The chicken & ribs were tender an juicy delish.. happy eating .(:-)) enjoy
By: eha123
Royal Moving And Storage
I cannot say enough nice things about this company. First of all, they agreed to move me out during an emergency flood (a move that I was not packed or prepared for). There was at least 3-4 inches of standing water. The movers not only treaded through the water for as long as it took to get my stuff out, but also helped me pack boxes. Nothing was damaged or missing and they did an excellent job. For as awful as the conditions were to work in, the price was reasonable and fair. The customer service has been outstanding. Everytime I called with a question or concern, they were polite and helpful. When there was a charge on my bill I didn't remember being quoted, they removed it with no questions asked. I would HIGHLY recommend Royal Moving and Storage to anyone- they are wonderful.
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By: Anna L.
The Pig
I've had their BBQ two years ago and it was good. Recently took my husband there and we were both disappointed. The beef had no flavor, as if it had been steamed with no spices. The pork was mildly smoky, but again not much distinct flavor that one expects from good BBQ. My silverware was grossly dirty with what looked like gravy, and the tea was just like sugar water. The baked beans taste like they're from a can with vinegar added. I'm sorry to say that we'd rather stick with places like Mojo, 4Rivers, or even Monroe's. THOSE places at least have more flavor than just the sauce. Their mac&cheese and coleslaw was good, which is why they got a second star.
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By: allisontavez
Big Guy Moving
Dave I want to thank you guys for bailing me out. I hired a mover to show up at 8am. But then they called me through out the day backing up the time until its 5pm at night and my stuff had to be out that day. Well I called Dave to explain to him the situation after talking to 5 other companies that could only do it the next day and he said he would call around to get a crew together. So 45min later the moving truck shows up with Dave and 2 other men. I tell you these guys are hard workers, they came in and got to work right away and did not stop till all my furniture was set up in my new home. You guys really saved me thank you.
By: frequentspagoer
Insurance World West
Great Insurance deals. They always find me the best prices. The owner is always cheerful and nice, but the girls that serve you never smile and seem dreary. Sometimes, come off as rude. They also, take their time answering the phone or put you on hold for an extensive time. I own my own business and would not let my front end serve in this manner, or I'd be out of business. I know some customers can be difficult and sometimes frustrated. But "you attract what you reflect". my thought, ...It's like stamps at the post office, must have, so will tolerate. I've been a customer for more than 10 years.
Tips & Advices
Yes, it’s best to empty drawers, wardrobes and chests before a move. Items always get knocked around a bit, and doors can fly open even if they’ve been taped. In fact, more often than not, movers will want to remove the drawers from a dresser--or disassemble the wardrobe to be more space-efficient.
Yes, it is customary to tip movers, but the amount varies widely. For full-service moves, a 5 percent tip is suggested, although, for extra service, some people go up to 10 percent . For small local movers, you can give each mover $10 for a few-hour job, or $20-$40 for jobs that take longer.
A bill of lading is the legal contract for the move. It provides a detailed receipt, in addition to a contract between the client and the mover. It authorizes the mover to transport the goods from one specific point to another, and it outlines the exact scope of services, with cost breakdown for those services. It also provides an itemized list of the inventory, and carrier liability protection for each declared item. Finally, it specifies the payment arrangement. Make sure to go over your itemized list extremely carefully before finalizing the paperwork--and get a copy of the full document. A good mover will go over everything on the bill of lading with the customer.
There are several items that moving companies will not move – those items will be listed on a document as “non-allowables.” These items typically fall in three categories: perishables, sentimental/personal items, and hazardous material. Perishables are food and plants. Sentimental/personal value is up to the client to decide, but usually includes jewelry, medical and dental records, personal paperwork, valuables and collectibles. Hazardous material is the tricky category, since it includes a lot of everyday items found in the garage, garden or kitchen. For example, cleaning liquids and pesticides both are considered non-allowable by many companies. Some go so far as to disallow nail polish and batteries.
A binding estimate means that the moving company cannot charge more than the stated amount, though they can lower the final bill if the scope of the job was smaller than expected. A non-binding moving estimate is more likely to wind up costing more than expected, since the movers can increase their rates for unforeseen variables like stairs, “long carry” and materials.

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