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By: Carolyn L.
Publix Super Markets
On February 16, 2014 around 6:30pm my husband went to Publix to purchase a Rotisserie Lemon Pepper Chicken for dinner. When he got home I opened it up and to my surprise, the chicken was severally overcooked. I was so surprised and disappointed that he had traveled at least 5 miles round trip to purchase the chicken for our dinner and for lunch the following day. I even questioned that the chicken came from Publix. So I called Publix and spoke with the manager James Mallory. I explained my disappointment to him, and to my surprise, he offered to have another Rotisserie chicken delivered to our home by the Customer Service Manager. This is definitely going above and beyond to make sure the customer is satisfied!. If my husband had told me the chicken came from Walmart, I would have believed it, and there is no way Walmart or Winn Dixie would have done this!. It is always a pleasure shopping at Publix!!!.
By: Scharlene F.
Apple Store
I brought a $100 battery for cruise 7/20/16. It was purchased for new iPhone that has 1/2 day charge. The battery was nonfunctional, which was discovered on cruise. I had leg injury around that cruise/trip which immobilized me for 2 months. So could not return item.On 10/14/16 I attempted to get $$$ back. The representative and manager said the purchase was beyond 14 days purchase: Thus I could not be reimbursed.I have had iPhones for several years. I have had charging issues with each one. I would not recommend an iPhone. I would not recommend purchases at the Town Center in Jacksonville.Comparing businesses...REI returned $$$ same day for digital purchase for that time of traveling for me WITHOUT ANY HESITATION. We need to find a more customer-oriented outlet for our lives that are controlled by digital age.
By: karlandavis
Tech Knowledge
The first and most important reason why I give this a 5 star rating is because of the Excellent Customer Service that is provided. Add to that the knowledge and professionalism that he provided and you just cannot get any better service! He took the time to answer all of my questions and fully explain things in terms that would be simple for me to understand. Never once acting as if he was in a hurry or bothered by me. I really appreciated that! I can say now that I actually understand my television and how it works with voltage and watts. Would recommend Tech Knowledge over Marvin's or any other electronic repair company any day!! And most importantly I will be recommending this company, better yet Anatoly himself, to ALL of my friends and family.
By: maggie27889
Apple Store
I had the pleasure of going to this location twice in the week and half I was visiting FL. I was so impressed w/the willingness of associates to help customers as they walk in the door! First time was to help set up of my iPad ~ I had listed all my questions and left ample space to write response. The second time was for a transaction and was so surprised I was in and out of the store with a completed transaction within six minutes or less! Talked w/assistant mgr, made a decision and finished the transaction.The staff cares about each user and their ability to use their products! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this location for service or purchasing any of their products!
By: lindaw.
Metro Pcs
IDK what the other person is talking about. I've shopped here for a long time and yes I get the voicemail when they're busy but I leave a .... voicemail lol because it's a voicemail machine. Point is I got my phone flashed over from a sprint phone I bought from my friend and it works good so far for 3 months. I pay 300-400 for the lg they have now. I mean I couldve gotten one for 150 but not as good of quality as the one I got from my friend
By: erinlk
Publix Super Markets
We order take-out and delivery from this restaurant weekly. Their sushi is reliably superb, and they usually include free extras such as crab rangoon, oranges, or a sushi piece in the deliveries. But the best part is that their fresh salmon is scrumptious.
By: tory.nugent
Winn Dixie
My mom has been using this pharmacy. They are so sweet and understanding with her. They know her when she walks in. Thats something to me, because they stay so busy, ofcourse. fast, sweet people. Thanks for all your wonderful service.
By: lisajeudy62
Publix Super Markets
Publix is a great place to shop and work, its employees are always neat,they are very helpful,a little bit higher,but the buy one get one free is great,its just has great services,i know work there for 6 1/2yrs.
By: Christie C.
Publix Super Markets
Store is really neat and clean, but the last couple of times we bought fried chicken from the deli it was extremely dry and did not taste fresh at all. I ended up throwing chicken away which is a waste of money.
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By: Donna M.
The best Pharmacy rates!! Living on Social Security Income and numerous prescription for my Mom is difficult. This Pharmacy is the best in efficiency, customer service, quality, availability, and cost!

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