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By: Bert B.
Federated Management Group, Inc
I work for Federated Management Group and have for many years. FMG will and does give back FULL deposits if YOU return the home in the condition you find it in. A Tenants perception of "normal wear and tear, Holes in the walls, writing and crayon all over the walls, carpets full of kool aid and juice stains, nasty mold and mildew in showers and toilets, grass and weeds up to your knees as well as all the trash and garbage the tenant decides they don't want to deal with left in the house is NOT normal wear and tear unless you normally live like pigs. Unfortunately the number of homes left to us in this condition by Tenants is astounding. These People are the ones that scream the loudest, "unfair treatment"! When I retire it is my goal to start a website of some type that would allow all Property Management Companies to show the Tenant ledgers full of late fees and bounced checks, as well as pictures of the damages they do to Investors Properties so that both sides of the story can be told, and also to protect other Property Management companies from being put in the same position of renting to these same types of Tenants.It is astounding to me the number of people who hide under the cloak of "anonymous" when slamming a Company and their reputation and are too chicken to use their name and the address they rented in order that the company involved could look over their complaint and see if in fact a mistake was made. I can only guess it is because they in fact are the ones that do the most damage. I can't help but notice that the 5 star reviews do in fact have actual past Tenant names. All the negative and nasty complaints are "anonymous" - that's pretty funny.By the way, I am Bert with FMG, and this 5 star review is also NOT FAKE!
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By: Denver W.
Federated Management Group, Inc
Very Good Company Overall! Rented a 3 bedroom/ 2 bath house from Federated from October 2010 through October 2015. Had no issues with the company and had a very good relationship with them. We had Diane Patterson, Bert Briel, and Raenell Wilkinson as property managers through the 5 years. All three of them were very good and always willing to help us out. Ron Wilkinson showed us the house 5 years ago and was always very helpful even though he wasn’t our direct property manager. I can’t speak for the other people on here but we got our entire deposit back after 5 years. We cleaned the place very thoroughly and had the carpet cleaned. The expectation for what you need to clean is very straightforward and spelled out in the lease. We also had very good experiences with the maintenance service. The entire A/C had to be replaced a couple of years ago and Federated made sure that a mechanic got out there quickly and got it done. Highly Recommend!
By: Kat C.
Rebate Rentals.Com Realty, Inc.
Our family recently rented a townhouse from Rebate Rentals. The price was fair and worked well in our budget. We were in between selling our home and looking for a bigger home for our growing family. The place we rented worked out well for us and was affordable so we could save up more for our down payment for our house. Only once did we ask the management to fix the gas stove. Their repair man quickly came out and had it fixed right away. I have rented multiple apartments in college and know that the deposit is never fully refunded. This is to be expected with any rental property. We were very pleased with rebate rentals.
By: annettegreek
Federated Management Group, Inc
We LOVED our stay. We would definitely stay here again. The condo was spotless, very fresh, inviting, and cozy. Not to mention just steps from the beach!! We had everything we needed for a home away from home with three small children. The bikes, beach chairs, and sand toys in the garage were an added bonus. The views from the master bedroom and living room are amazing. We also enjoyed sunsets and early morning hours sitting at the outdoor table on the roof. The Staff is very friendly, attentive, and responds quickly to any questions or concerns.
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By: Donald R.
Federated Management Group, Inc
When I began purchasing properties in 1999, I knew nothing about buying or maintaining rental property; I only knew that I wanted to do it. I went to real estate meetings and learned that Florida was a "hot area" in which to buy. I spoke to various people at these meetings and it was suggested that I call Federated Management Group. I got brave one day and made that call. My life changed forever.
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By: Michael W.
Federated Management Group, Inc
Bert has excellent skills in evaluating applicants for tenancy. Prior to her taking on my properties, I had short term tenants who were consistently late in paying the rent and deserted the properties leaving damage. She has chosen excellent tenants who remain long term tenants and pay their rent on time each month. Thanks!!!!!
By: Shane F.
Kingdom Management
They ask to be contacted by email but always say they never received any email. If you call them you will ALWAYS go to voice mail. After a month of trying to contact them I still haven't been called back. I've even asked to speak with the owner but again (you guessed it) sent to voice mail and not one returned call.
By: shirleytemple757
Federated Management Group, Inc
I really appreciate your kindness and all of the assistance you have provided throughout my lease. I really do love it here and renting from Federated because of the effort put forth to keep Owners, residents and management company on the right track. It really does make a difference! Thanks Again, S B
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By: Jason G.
Federated Management Group, Inc
I heartily recommend all the folks at Federated Management Group. As an owner of a rental condo, I have always received rapid response to my requests and queries. I find that their bookkeeping is well maintained and delivered. Access to their website is convenient and always informative.
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By: Fannie G.
Federated Management Group, Inc
I have owned properties in the Jacksonville area since 1994. Federated was the first and has been the only property management I've used since then, and their service over the years has been such that I have no reason to consider having anyone else manage my properties.

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