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By: Lynn R.
C & L Automotive & Towing Inc.
Good old-fashioned, honest, reliable service from FOR C&L in Jacksonville, FL has revived my faith in businesses and humanity!On a 3-day trip with my child and dog, I had encountered a major roadside ripoff an hour outside of Tallahasee in which a mechanic took 5 hours to change a belt that had broken, charged $391 for the work, and then tried to convince me that my car needed a new engine. For a used engine, he quoted “$2,000” ….pause, pause, pause….”plus labor.” Instead, my husband drove 100 miles to pick up my child and me, and we had the car towed by C&L Automotive & Truck Accessories (4990 Philips Hwy, Jacksonville, FL), which a coworker had said was reliable. C&L sent a tow truck 110 miles from Jacksonville to pick up the car, discovered, and quickly fixed the problem. Yes, some damage had been done in the short drive after I noticed the problem, but repairs cost less than half of what the roadside person suggested. C&L kept me informed all during the repairs, and also asked me to bring the car back for a final road check before leaving for the drive home.During our first conversation, the owner had said the charge on the road didn’t sound right. When I picked up the car, he mentioned it again, grabbed a book of what rates mechanics should charge, looked up the belt, and said the charge should have been “$149, or maximum $199, for an emergency roadside repair.” Positive sign that he cares enough for other companies not to scam a customer. The expertise and professionalism from everyone at C&L is much-appreciated! If they give that kind of care to a complete stranger who may never be in that area again, I can only imagine that they would show just as much – or more – professionalism to someone who lives nearby and would be a potential customer. Kudos to a great place!I would give 10 stars if they were available.
By: Hailey S.
Alvie's Transmission Service Unlimited
After my transmission went out and I received a few quotes for getting it repaired, I spoke with a friend who recommended I speak with Alvie. She said she hadn't used his services however she had heard great things. I researched Alvie's Transmission Service, online, and found that they have an A+ rating with the BBB and great customer reviews. In fact, I didn't see one negative review. So, I called Alvie who was the first person to tell me that I had another option, beyond a rebuilt or used transmission, I could get a refurbished transmission. The refurbished transmission comes with a 3 year 100K mile warranty whereas all of the other options seem to only come with a 12 month warranty. I spoke with another shop that was willing to put a refurbished transmission in my car however they were only willing to warranty the labor for 12 months although the transmission would have a 3 year 100k mile warranty. I spoke with Alvie again and he assured me that his warranty covers both the labor (R&R) and the transmission. Needless to say, I went with Avlie and haven't been disappointed. I gave the go ahead to order the transmission on a Tuesday, he had it in his shop the next day and I was able to pick up my car that Friday. Great turnaround!!! Also, he's great at communicating via text and has also texted me since I picked up my car, just to make sure everything is going okay. I'm very skeptical when it comes to car repair shops because it seems like many mechanics try to bleed you dry instead of doing what's best for you at a reasonable price. I hate to feel like someones trying to get one over on me and Alvie has done a great job of making me feel good about my decision and never making me feel like he was only out for himself. I will definitely be recommending his services to friends and family, when needed.
By: tti001
Extreme Truck Stuff
this is truly the most honest business practice i have ever run across. I had just bought a used truck and took it in to have a bit of a shimmy looked at. being a woman, i fully expected them to treat me like other businesses has in the past, as if i didn't know anything, and then try to sell me stuff i didn't need. not only did they not do that, they also pointed out that i did not need things done that i fully thought i did. the lead mechanic, dave, has got to be the most honest mechanic i have ever run across, and the owners are kind, compassionate, and care more about the customer than making a profit. and when i went there, they did not know that i used to be a truck driver, owner/operator, and know a little more than the average female. but they did not treat me a like a typical shop and try to pull the wool over my eyes to sell me stuff i didn't need. they are an increditble business in these times of so many businesses trying to rook someone just to make a buck. and of course, i would trust that mechanic dave with any equipment that i have. he really is the most awesome mechanic i have ever run across, whether semi truck or pickup truck, but to give you an idea of his expertise, the truck i just bought last week was a GMC sierra 3500 dually longbed with a duramax diesel engine and allison transmission. awesome truck, but even more awesome people to deal with when you buy a used truck!!!!!
By: Steve C.
American Transmission #2
It is hard to find a honest, trustworthy, and professional car repair business. American Transmission has changed our mind and will be our go to for all of our future car needs! My wife had taken her vehicle to a well known big tire/auto repair store and was advised that she had a head gasket leak causing a coolant leak and would cost over $1800.00 to fix. In calling around for comparison pricing, my wife called American Transmission on Atlantic Blvd and spoke with Richard. Richard advised her that it may not be a gasket leak but something else and would be willing to look at it for free to determine where the leak was coming from. After a thorough inspection of the engine area his mechanic had determined it was not a head gasket leak! It was the oil pan gasket and bleeder line o'ring, out the door for a little over $400, much better than the $1800 that wouldn't have solved our issue! All we can say, THANK YOU Richard!! American Transmission on Atlantic Blvd is our new home for all of our vehicle needs!Thanks again for the great service! Steve & Tammy Curtis
By: joeandvictoria.carlucci
United Imports
This place is unlike any dealership I have ever been to. Very down to Earth and knowledgeable about all the cars. There is absolutely no pressure when you are looking at the cars. Such a nice experience from others I've had with numerous dealerships. Not only does the owner, Michal, not pressure you, he services all of his cars to a very high standard. My car (BMW 745) had new brakes front and back, new tires, new floor mats, new oil, and then the alternator was acting funny the day after I bought the car so he replaced it with a brand new alternator because he said "that's the right thing to do." That is unheard of when it comes to buying used cars from any dealership pretty much. Anyway, I ended going in to get my wife a car and we both left with one because I trusted this guy to know he was giving me honest advice and wasn't trying to pressure a sale. We've pretty much decided to only buy our cars from United Imports from here on out. No point in going anywhere else. Thanks again Michal!- Joe Carlucci
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By: Amanda T.
G T Auto Repair
I've taken my car here before and never had a problem. Anything that needed fixed, was fixed and the job was done to my satisfaction.To my understanding, this is a local family owned repair shop. In response to the previous review... if you personally had a bad experience but, keep taking your cars to the same place where the bad experience occurred then that's your problem. Also, being in the business of repairs I understand that repairs take time, especially when there are other repairs ahead of you. Also when it comes to the mechanics of anything there can be other parts that need repaired on top of what it originally came in for. It's man made, take care of it or it'll break. As far as pricing.... I, myself, don't enjoy the high prices of big business repair shops so I am willing to wait a bit longer to have my vehicle fixed right, for a price more suitable to my liking. I've had nothing but good experiences at G.T. Auto and when I have problems with my car this is where I take it.
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By: jdstraw
Alvie's Transmission Service Unlimited
I very highly recommend Alvie’s Transmission Services for the great job on my PT Cruiser. I needed my clutch replaced & after being replaced it feels like it just rolled off the assembly line. Mr Alvie is a very kind & patient man. He is an honest man doing honest work to perfection. Alvie’s Transmission Services owner is a very capable man with a business that he is very proud of. He is one of the most honest mechanics I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with in many years, and his prices were VERY fair. This was a very rewarding experience having my car repaired by this business & I very highly recommend this mechanic to anyone who wants fair prices, honesty, the work done professionally and as perfect as can be.I thank God for leading me to this honest business. I’ve been ripped off more times than I can even remember, but this time I was dealt with by an honest man who completed the work to my total satisfaction & made my clutch like brand new again.Ms Anderson
By: jimschmoger
Mean Green Detailing, LLC.
Thats what Im talking about!!I just had my SUV detailed by Meen Green Detailing and Im so happy they took care of me.The last couple days, I partied with friends celebrating my birthday and as I thought to myself, "When was the last time I thought about doing something for myself?" Well, that day was today.The crew arrived early at my home and since I have a busy schedule, Robin made sure that his team could fit into my schedule, they did.When they arrived, the team was professional, going over the SUV and letting me know what needed to be done. As they finished, my SUV looked even better then when I had purchased it years and years ago. Like most people, I shopped around. Mean Green gave me the best price and best job in my opinion. If I were to be critical, I couldnt say they missed a spot. Living here in Jacksonville, I always look for people and businesses that know what they are doing. I can add Mean Green to the list!!Thanks guys!!
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By: Justin A.
Autoline Preowned
I cannot explain how happy I was with my entire experience at Autoline. Cejae White was phenomenal. I am a car salesman myself and I know what to expect and how to be treated when shopping for a vehicle. The process was extremely simple and I left with the truck I wanted. I had searched for a particular truck for at least six months before landing on it at the lowest price anywhere at Autoline. The entire team was involved in my car buying experience and I felt welcomed and at home while in the dealership. There was no pressure at all and the follow up experience was exceptional. Not only did I get a truck but I also got some new friends. This is the type of place that generates repeat buyers by being welcoming and fair. Take it from someone who sells cars, the type of experience and product you get at Autoline is rare. It really is a different type of car buying experience. I would refer them to any friends or family of mine.
By: Lisa P.
I heard a few bad and a few good things about CarMax but I can tell you after car shopping at other dealerships I had the best experience. I came in, sat with a great guy, we talked everything thru, he entered my info & was able to tell me right away what I was approved for. There isn't a back & forth, no haggling, he never left to "get a managers approval". There were no secrets, everything was right there on the table. Right on the showroom floor I saw my car, a bright red 2013 Chev Impala. Perfectly clean, low miles & minor things wrong. I was so comfortable with everything I didn't realize until I was leaving that I didn't even test drive it!! That's just how they made me feel when I was dealing with them, I felt like I could trust them. After the HORRIBLE experience I had at other dealerships I will always come back here in the future. Please keep up the great work & thank you so much!! I'm loving my new baby!
Tips & Advices
It's possible to stop a car alarm without the remote. One approach is to disconnect the car's battery, which needs to be disconnected long enough to allow the vehicle's computer to reset. The time required for this to occur varies from vehicle to vehicle, but a safe bet is to leave the battery disconnected for an hour.
Adding a car alarm will not impact a automobile warranty, provided the alarm is installed in a way that doesn't cause damage to the vehicle. Vehicle damage can sometimes occur if you install the alarm yourself. To preserve a warranty, it's a good idea to have a car alarm installed professionally.
It can be quite difficult to self-install a car alarm if you lack extensive experience in electronic circuitry. Installing a car alarm involves soldering, drilling, wire cutting, and the use of a multimeter. If you are unfamiliar with any of these tasks, it's best to have your car alarm installed by a trained professional.
A car immobilizer is a security device that prevents the car's engine from running without the presence of your key or key fob. Advanced car immobilizers will send an alert if an attempt was made to start a car without your key. Car immobilizers are automatic, and they do not require activation.
A shock sensor is a sensor used by a car alarm to detect hits and impacts to a vehicle. Vehicle theft often involves an impact such as the smashing of a car window. A shock sensor picks up on this impact and sends an alert to a car alarm's computer.

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