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By: Jenny R.
I've eaten here so many times. This restaurant is where I go when I want to be satisfied with dinner and dessert. I always start out with a full meat and cheese plate. I choose 5 cheeses and meats from their daily selection. The only meat that is always on the menu is the chorizo and it's tasty! Their cheese and meat plates always come with truffle honey, mini dill pickles, dried fruit (variety), house made fig jam, course ground mustard, crustinis and pickled pearl onions. It's a delicious starter. Another appetizer I love is their Gambas al Ajilla (shrimp, garlic and chili). The shrimps are large in a garlic chili sauce. The sauce is rich and savory, we always ask for more bread to dip in the excess sauce. I've had a lot on their menu: HOUSE-MADE FETTUCCINI V - tomato cream sauce, fresh basilHOUSE-MADE RAVIOLI V herbed ricotta ravioli, eggplant caponata, smoked eggplant puree, ricotta salata, pine nuts-I added scallopsORECCHIETTE-I had it when they had a thai basil sauceSALMON - braised lentils, bacon, pearl onions, parsnip pureeGrilled Hanger steak with truffle friesMonk fish over chorizo kaleHouse Made sweet potato pasta with duck confit and mandarin orangesThey had a pizza one time with lamb sausage and feta cheeseI've enjoyed everything I've ever had here. The Taverna prepares their scallops to perfection. I would highly recommend trying them if you're a scallop lover. I always get their sorbets and/or gelatos for dessert. You can pick three and choose them to your liking. They are all house made. My favorite is their mint chocolate chip. The fresh mint is invigorating, it's fresh and simple on the palate. I've never had mint ice cream with the TRUE flavor of the herb so prominent. I would highly recommend the Taverna!
By: heathercarr86
CiCi's Pizza
Your greeted with a friendly smile as soon as you walk in the door. The first person who greeted me was Aimee and she took care of my order/request quite promptly, so that she forgot to enter my coupon for my son's free meal. I came back to correct her after I noticed and she, without hesitating, apologized and without any further confrontations corrected her mistake and refunded me the money. Any other place you usually go through a hassle and headache of proving the mistake to get your money back, but here she corrected it within less than one minute! I was impressed. Not to mention, the Cook/Pizza Maker, Steve, is so friendly and very detailed oriented when it comes to making a specific pizza that you request, all the way down to the sauce (ie zesty or traditional?). He made me feel like this decision was important to him as well as myself. Its a comfortable atmosphere, but can get busy during peak hours. When a pizza comes out hot from the oven, they call it out loud, "Cheese Pizza!" to so that you know right then and there its fresh and ready.Over all, I would definitely recommend this CiCi's Pizza over all the rest. They will make you feel like your at home (surrounded by family and friends who care). Their customer friendly staff makes you feel like they care! Because they do! Thanks for the great time! I will be there again soon! Heather C.
By: kpisan68
Renna's Pizza
A friendly family owned establishment with a good understanding of how to make pizza. The "Party of 4"+1 ordered two pizza's, a pepperoni and the "special". After phoning in our order and driving to pick it up, we walked into this establishment and greeted without hesitation. While waiting for our order we observed two lunches coming out of the kitchen and was quite impressed with the quantity being served, as were the customers. Our pizza's were made and the order complete in the 20 minutes we were told. Both pizza's were delivered hot. Everyone liked the appearance of both pizza's and after several minutes of eating, there were many positive comments of the crust. Although the amount of toppings were what you would normally see on a 16" pizza, there were above average marks for the quality of the sausage. The health violations a year ago was 11, most currently 12 total violations as of January 2008 with only 7 of those being critical. Both pizza's were fairly priced for the quantity and quality served. Our average analysis was a 7
By: Lily Y.
Pizza Hut
I submitted an order over the phone as opposed to online and had the pleasure of dealing with Victoria. She was extremely efficient and very personable making her easy to talk to. We had to go through a session of computer glitches but I did not mind a bit as she was that friendly and intent on getting my order correct and on it's way, a very comforting feeling to have while placing a phone order for delivery.Due to a mix up in delivery vs. pickup I then spoke with Jackie, whom I believe was a manager. Wow, same result, extremely professional and super friendly, accommodating but more importantly customer satisfaction focused. The food delivery was quick and food was great, pizza off the chain. I am so fortunate to have a class act Pizza Hut in my neighborhood.
By: Sandy W.
Pizza Hut
Worse customer ever. Ordered wings, brownies, and a personal pan pizza. Dud not receive the pizza, so called and they would get delivered. After receiving, pizza was NOT fresh. It was from my original order so had been sitting there all that time. Called them back and was told it was fresh.....really?! was offered credit or another pizza. Told them wanted a fresh pizza and was told it would be 35-45 mins. This place is reticulum. So after $44 plus dollars I told them that I was not going to another driver another tip three times is a bit much.
By: Angie H.
Renna's Pizza
I grew up in Jacksonville and have always loved Renna's. when I travel back I always stop in and get a pizza. This time the girl in the front register was extremely rude when I picked my Togo order up. She dropped my change in my as to say screw you you are supposed to tip me. ALS pizza is just across the street so I would ask more of my staff if I were the owner. The appearance of the restaurant was clean and nice but the staff looked quite dirty. I hope they can make changes and try to keep loyal customers.
By: Regis L.
Rosina's Pizza & Bistro
If you like New York style pizza or authentic italian food this is the place TO GO. I recently visited Rosinas Bistro also know as Rosinas Pizza on the southside and was blown away. The pizza was DELICIOUS!! It was hot and all the ingredients were FRESH. I have also tried their Italian cuisine and it is top notch. I love their lasagna. I would reccomend this place to anyone who loves New York brick oven pizza or authentic italian. This place is a hidden gem and a slice of heaven!!
By: lindseycall50
Hungry Howie's Pizza
Been getting veggie pizzas at Howies for a long time. Most were delicious. Last one had no taste at all. Tasted like sauce had been watered down and like it had no seasoning what so ever on it. Ate one piece and rest went in garbage. Will maybe give them one more chance to go back to previous taste. Manager said they could add more sauce but who would want to drive back to Hungry Howies to have cold sauce put on hot pizza?????
By: monica.mihelich
Papa John's Pizza-- Argyle-Orange Park--
I ordered a pizza using the Android app, but I meant to order 2 pizzas so I called instead to revise the order. Although only 6 minutes had passed, they told me that the pizza had just left. Long story short, it had not so I got upset because all I wanted to do was get both pizzas for one delivery fee. Anyway, they credited my order and I kept the pizza, and for my trouble I'll get 2 free pizzas on my next order.
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By: magicwaterman
Shiraz Pizza
Their pizza is delicious!!! Just like the pizza I had growing up in Manhattan. We really enjoy their calzones as well! Everything is freshly prepared; they bake their own bread. This restaurant is immaculate and you'll always feel really comfortably cool inside with their excellent AC. You'll love their reasonable prices and great specials which they honor even without a coupon. I highly recommend them.

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