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By: Denise E.
Mental Health Resource Center Inc - South
I work in the inpatient setting and I have read some of the comments written here and would like to respond. What people don't realize about our facility is that we are "crisis stabilization" and not long term. We're here for people who are threatening self-harm or are psychotic and need immediate intervention. We don't do deep therapy, we get people back on their meds or prescribe meds if needed. The general length of stay is 3-5 days. From here people are referred to outpatient for follow up care. Our facility is currently being renovated as the buildings were old and outdated. A much better improvement however, but with block concrete not much insulation. That should've been improved upon but they chose not to and lack of funds probably is my guess. The meals are actually not that bad and I eat meals there sometimes myself. As far as staff is concerned we do have some nurses who I believe are very calloused and rude, but there are those of us that do care about the people there. We get a lot of homeless people that use our facility for a place to stay so they basically lie to get in. Some of them are very rude and we also get paranoid schizophrenics who sometimes are out of control and are violent. So we deal with a wide range of people. It's very scary to have the police bring in a 6 ft 5 man hog tied because he was so out of control with them but they don't need jail because they are mentally sick, but they leave them with us and we are then forced to deal with them. I've had co-workers hurt and some not able to return to work due to them getting harmed. So we serve a population that people don't realize need a place like ours to come to, otherwise they'd be on the streets possibly doing harm to themselves or others. So I just wanted to put it out there so people can get an understanding of what we do. If you or someone you know has had a bad experience I'm sorry, since there were only 4 replies and all negative I have to wonder how many out there have had a positive experience with us but have not commented. I know they're out there because I deal with them every day. Thanks for reading.
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By: nataliefaucher
Christian Heritage Academy
This is the best school in Jacksonville! I taught there for 14 years, and miss it so much! Both of my children started school at CHA, and still wish we lived in Jacksonville so they could be there. The curriculum is challenging, but the teachers are so dedicated and loving, that it feels like home. God bless CHA!!!
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By: Diana P.
Potter's House Christian
I love listening to the pastor on my way home at night when I get off at 10:30 p.m. he really knows how to minister the word of God tells it like it is and everything you need to know and hear
By: fullspinner
Concorde Career Institute
Overall, this is a great school to attend. This school is fantastic! The campus is a safe place to attend. It offers a lot of resources at your disposal.
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By: Darryl D.
Trace Staffing Solution
Hard worker dependable machine operated forklift operated for ten years loading unloaded trucks safe driver
By: lkaydee97
Ameri-Force Inc
That they get you to work quick, they pay well and it's a pleasurable experience. Call Ameri-Force.

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