By: evetsumter
Jessie's House Cleaning
My friend/employer was in the hospital and some of his friends chipped in to get him a good housecleaning. I was working in the home office and was there when the people from Jessie’s House Cleaning showed up. First, I was really impressed that the manager called to check that the cleaners had arrived. Then she showed up at the end of the day to check that the job was satisfactory. I've never seen a cleaning service do that. I also found the staff to be friendly and discreet. The place was given a deep cleaning but I was never distracted from my work. And they had all their own cleaning supplies, and they made sure to put everything back exactly as they found it. In the end everything looked the same - just clean and sparkling and neat like elves had come in and cleaned under and around everything, only better. When my friend/employer got home he was blown away telling me he'd never even have known they were there except it was all clean. We were both really impressed and will continue to use this service in the future - no problem. Jessie’s House Cleaning is simply the best cleaning service I've ever seen, and affordable too.
By: mariaw123
Jessie's House Cleaning
Super Cleaning Service & Outstanding Customer Service!I found Jessie’s House & Carpet on Google since I needed to replace my maid because she moved away to another state. I selected several BBB accredited companies and read their reviews. I liked Jessie’s because it is a local/small business and had positive reviews. After trying Jessie’s, I’m totally convinced that I don’t need to continue searching for a good cleaning service. They are very professional and organized, and even use sophisticated software to remind (text and email) me of my cleaning appointment and email me the invoice. I can setup the appointment, reschedule, and pay (Paypal) all from their website. The great thing about it is, I don’t even need to be home and they have put me on automatic billing for my weekly services. That was exactly what I was looking for, I told them I want to sign up and forget about it. I just want to come to a clean home every Thursday. I have used them for six month now. This has been my experience, hope this helps. Thanks.
By: Manster M.
David Gray Heating & Air
I had a complete sewer stoppage with water backing up into the shower so I called one of those Rooter guys. They wouldn't quote a price over the phone. The Rooter guy ran his auger in half way and when it didn't clear decided it must be the main line to the sewer had collapsed claiming that the tip was shiny from hitting sand (which Frank from David Gray later guessed that he told me). He then gave up and quoted me $4300 to replace the pipe (sign contract here) RED FLAG, RED FLAG. I started thinking that he never definitively found the problem as they claim they will with a camera so unnecessary work won't be done. So, I called David Gray (which I shied away from because they quoted an hourly rate and I was worried it could add up), Frank came out ran his auger in order to locate the sewer line and opened it up to snake it, found a blockage and cleared it then inspected it with a camera, identified the problem for less than the Rooter guy. Thanks Frank, I meant to tip you but forgot.
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By: pjohnm
Preferred Services Co
My HVAC went out on a Sunday last summer in Fleming Island. No other service would come out personally except Preferred Services. The top guy, Joe, came out quickly. He was extremely straightforward and offered a price that was about $1,500 less than the next closest bid. He explained each step of the process completely and described why each had to be done. He even offered to pay for a hotel night for my wife and I because he was unable to get the equipment needed to replace the HVAC until the next day. After installation, he gave us a ton of filters, which was a pleasant surprise. He guaranteed that we would see our electric bill fall a lot, and it definitely has. Some of our electric bills have been literally cut in half from the same month the previous year. Our latest, for February, was under $100, when it was about $200 last year. Preferred Services has been attentive with followup as well, and Joe has texted and asked how the system is working. Good, solid company.
By: Jennifer A.
Leggett Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.
I have been a customer of Leggett’s for more than forty years and have never been disappointed. So, it was easy to see why I chose them to redo my existing heating and air system. The system in my 18 year old house was never installed properly and just did not perform as it should. After an examination of the existing duct work it was easy to see what needed to be done. I was told up front that it would not be cheap to fix it right. They worked with me and we replaced most of the duct work and the inside and outside units . It took them two long days. Their techs were very professional and would not cut corners. Everything had to be just right. They even went out of their way to get me a thermostat that I wanted. I’m sure if you look around you may find it cheaper and it will cost less too. But, I don’t believe you will ever find a more professional company. So, if you want to be treated right and receive a professional job Leggett’s is the way to go.
By: Jack B.
Leggett Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.
What's the right thing to say when someone exceeds your expectations? Excellent, awesome, terrific? Well, I have to hand it to Leggett (again). So let's just say extraordinary! They have serviced my home AC and a rental house complete replacement. So, when I called yesterday I expected great service. And they delivered. I know that schedules get busy, but when I called at 3:15 p.m, they said... "the technician is on an appointment, but I will ask him to see you next". Within an hour the technician arrived. Promptly, he diagnosed a failed relay (age, lightning?) and replaced it. The charges were very reasonable and the house is cool, dry and comfortable. Needless to say, the family-team was very happy and pleasantly surprised with the same-day-comfort. Thank you Leggett!
By: Jack S.
Leggett Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.
I have lived in an historic home in Riverside/Avondale for 33 years, and have a dozen rental houses, ALL of which have needed heating and air conditioning services over that time. THANK GOODNESS I have finally discovered Leggett Heating & Air for heating/air-conditioning needs! Wow! They called to tell me exactly when they were coming, the service men were MORE than courteous, the service was promptly performed and they did not leave one shred of evidence that they had been here. I'll tell you, in three decades I have dealt with dozens of different companies hired to work on these homes, and have yet to discover a more professional and reasonable company than this. You cannot go wrong hiring Leggett Heating & A.C.
By: mistybr
Jessie's House Cleaning
Best Cleaning Service in Jacksonville Period! We have been very privileged to have John and Jessie helped us when we moved to Jacksonville back in 2012. And basically, I coordinated with them over the email and phone and they helped us do that pre-home cleaning and carpet cleaning and then on the way when we were leaving out to Utah they came and took care of us in a very efficient, professional manner. Loved their crew, always very kind and we were very pleased with their service. So, if there is anything that you need from them, they'll take care of you. You can watch my husband's video testimonial at their website. Our experience with them has been nothing but wonderful. Thanks.
By: rob_hy
McGowan's Heating & Air Conditioning
I called about 10 to 15 vendors in my area to fix my heat pump when the unit died overnight. I went with Waychoff's because of their many positive reviews. Jason from Waychoff's showed up on on time, and quickly assessed the problem with what I would call good troubleshooting skills. Even though my unit is 15 years old he did not try to sell me on a new unit when mine could be fixed cheaply. I definitely felt like he was honest and wouldn't take advantage in an industry which seems to be going the route of the used car salesmen. I will definitely recommend them to others and use them again when the unit dies for good. Thanks for the great work and 5 star service.
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By: Korey H.
Complete Air Systems
We have been using Complete Air Systems, Inc for nearly 10 years now and have always found their services to be excellent. Don Richards is normally the service tech that performs the annual ac/heat checkup on both our homes. He is always on time, efficient and knowledgeable. He and the rest of the crew have always shown great customer service, been very knowledgeable and displayed incredible professionalism. Our friends and family also use their services and have been very impressed with their timeliness, trustworthiness and honesty. We are so grateful to work with a company we know and trust. Thanks Complete Air SystemsTeam! We appreciate you!
Tips & Advices
You can keep your air conditioner running efficiently with some preventative care measures. Shut off the power to your AC before cleaning it or performing any of these tasks:  clean your filter at least twice a year; remove leaves and twigs from cages; clean the fins with a garden hose or special spray, then use a butter knife to straighten any that are crooked; keep your yard clean so the fins won't get blocked; cover the unit up for winter; and make sure it's level or you run the risk of damaging the inner workings of the unit.
To clean your air conditioner drain, first shut off the power to your unit at both the thermostat and the breaker. Then remove the drain pan. If the pan is full of water, soak up the liquid with a few towels or rags or use a wet vacuum. You can use a solution of water and distilled vinegar, or substitute peroxide for the vinegar, to clean out the drain pipe. Let the pipe sit for a while in the solution and then put all the parts back in place. Once you start using your air conditioner on a regular basis, check it periodically to ensure condensation isn't building up.
If you happen to live in a hot and humid area of the country, drainage problems can occur with your unit since moisture can trap itself inside the system. Routine maintenance can cut down on drainage issues by cleaning out any mold or algae from blocking the drain. If you notice moldy smells whenever you turn the thermostat down, check on your system.
If you notice your system is acting inconsistently, the sensor is most likely out of place. Turn off the unit and reach behind its control panel while carefully bending the sensor back into place near the evaporative coil.
Find out where the noises are coming from. A banging or clanking sound could be due to a loose part. If you hear a hissing sound, it's most likely because of a refrigerant leak and you should contact an HVAC technician as soon as possible.

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