By: Eric S.
Greenwise Tree Services
The following 'thank you' was given to me in letter form, because the client does not have a computer. Enjoy! "Eric, I'm just writing to thank you for the excellent job you did in removing the dead limbs that were hanging over my home. This particular tree is very special to me, you see, I played in it myself when I was very young. To see you taking the care you did, but, still having fun climbing this truly huge oak that is part of my family, I knew then that I had chosen the right professional. You did the work safely, efficiently, and quickly. You were recommended by a family friend that you have done tree work for in the past, and I'm glad that I took his advice. I did get 2 other estimates, and you were, by far, the most reasonable.I rarely do this, however, if anyone who is looking for tree work to be done, I welcome them to call me to get a first hand account of your work. (904-444-2421)Thanks again, Robert. PS. Thanks for cleaning off the moss and for removing smaller dead branches as well at no extra charge.
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By: John E.
Ellis Family Tree Service
Now what this isn't saying about the company is how she contacted us to do her yard first we did an amazing job. Her neighbor has mental issues and didn't remember her husband asked us to come back and take the tree down. The neighbor on the other side didn't like her or anyone that came to her house and talked crap about her and her fiance. We had to come back the next day and clean up the ladies yard. Which we did. She did this same thing on Facebook in rooms that I am a part of like swip swap mancave. Told the same lies and I told her the same thing and she deleted the post and apologized. She did the same thing with the BBB and got into trouble for slandering my name. This is bogus. I have many satisfied customers and this is the only dissatisfied customer I have ever had. I apologize for this but I can't let someone ruin my business.
By: Accounting W.
TLC Total Lawn Care
Our property has gone through a few landscaping companies in the past few years and none have come close to the level of service, professionalism, and satisfaction that we have found with TLC Total Lawn Care. Jim and his team listened to the needs and wishes of how we wanted the property landscaping to look. They made professional suggestions on how to achieve the goals, and with a plan in place we have been able to turn around the look of the property for the better. From the first day TLC came out to work our property, our residents have made it a point to come by or contact the office stating their satisfaction with TLC. TLC's team always let us know when they are on property, ask if there are any areas to pay special attention to, and before they leave they ensure everything is to our satisfaction. Great job every single week!
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By: Eileen A.
Aaffordable Sonshine State Trees, Inc.
I contacted 3 companies for an estimate when we decided to have our trees trimmed. We needed extensive trimming to include big branches over the top of our house. Aaffordable Sonshine (Ron Wahl) was the only company to give me a comprehensive verbal and written estimate to include providing proof of insurance and license. Best estimate I’ve ever been given. The company even takes credit cards. Large crew showed up ON TIME and had the job done in 2.25 hours for what we thought would take all day. We have a septic tank and beautiful lawn…we were concerned they would harm one or both. They took special care and not one blade of grass was harmed in the branch removal. The cleanup was so good it was hard to tell from the ground they had been here. I highly recommend using this company for your tree trimming.
By: Ashley M.
Custom Tree Surgeons
These guys are awesome. Really. I had another guy come out and try to rip me off. Little did that guy know that I actually have a bit of a background in forestry - tried to tell me my trees were dead and needed to go or else. I knew they weren't dead. CTS came and were honest, professional and confirmed what I already knew to be true. The trees just needed to be trimmed back and have somethings removed to survive. There is a tree that has to go but not right now. The price was reasonable too. More so, they move all the stuff that would get damaged in the yard - my flamingos, gnomes, bird feeders - and put them back. And tomorrow they are gonna come pick up the waste. I would use these guys again and again!
By: elissaschuetz
TLC Total Lawn Care
TLC Trusted Lawn Care has been treating our lawn for about 2 years. Their customer service is amazing! They always knock on the door to let us know they’ll be working on our yard and then follow up with a summary and instructions on when to run the sprinklers etc. I was especially impressed when one time they came back after a week to treat one specific spot on our yard that they were concerned about. They are very proactive to ensure that our lawn always looks green and beautiful. We haven’t had any problems with our grass turning brown in spots or having patches of weeds since they’ve been treating our lawn. I highly recommend them – you won’t have to worry about your yard if you use their services.
By: fernbchhomeowner
Robert's Tree Service Inc
I just used this tree service to remove a large tree. Every year I have my oak trees trimmed by a company in Fernandina Beach (where I live), and decided to get bids for this rather large job (which needed a crane to be safe). Roberts gave me a fair bid even though his crew had to drive from Jacksonville. More importantly, the quality of work was absolutely excellent. Also, the job was exactly as it was bid to me. The workers were exceptionally skilled, and there was no damage to the property or flower bed that the tree was sitting in. Overall, very honest and fair company - which is hard to find these days.
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By: Mindy B.
Greenwise Tree Services
Fantastic company! You won't go wrong calling these guys for your tree removal needs. The owner (Eric) was extremely fair in pricing and was the most responsive and professional of any company I contacted. You may find a lower price (although I doubt it) but there is much to be said for trusting the skill of the person putting their life on the line in your yard. Eric is timely in getting back to you and realistic with what it will take to accomplish the task. I was so impressed With the process I even took pictures to document the artfulness of it. Just call and talk to him. You'll be sold.
By: rob_hy
Shaw Tree Service
All around great !- The quote was competitive and fair. Payment was given after the work was completed.- Their insurance checked out (I validated both workman's comprehensive and liability with the insurance companies). - The workmen showed up on time and were extremely professional (and careful)- The job was done quickly (with a crane), safely, and above my expectations. - They took out 5 very large trees in about half a day (water oak, cedar, magnolia, and two hickories)I am very glad I chose Shaws Tree Service and have recommended them to everyone in my neighborhood.
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By: Sm J.
Warming Tree Service
Excellent company! Crew is professional and friendly; willing to go a step beyond for customer satisfaction. We have used Warming on several occasions; removing an oak between two homes using a crane, taking two maples down in the backyard with neighbors directly behind, and trimming as needed. Superb job each time. Rick is knowledge on trees,We were going to take a tree down and after he looked at it, suggested we not remove it but trim it out. Its now a beautiful tree! He would have made more money by taking it down. Honest, reliable, and professional!
Tips & Advices
Trees take years to grow and can add value to a property, and a lightning strike can destroy a tree in a instant. Many arborists offer lightning protection systems that can protect trees from being damaged by lightning strikes. These systems use copper cables to ensure that in a lightning strike, the lightning is harmlessly diverted to the soil.
Certain conditions can cause soil to become hard and compacted, and this can make it difficult for grass and trees to access the nutrition they need to thrive. With soil aeration, the soil is perforated with tiny holes, loosening the compaction and making it easier for roots to connect with the air, water, and vital nutrients they require.
Arborists can tell which species of trees are most likely to thrive in your location based on soil conditions and local climate. Also, trees need to be planted at the proper depth to thrive, and an arborist will provide guidance in this area.
Tree trimming can be quite dangerous for the person doing it, and the U.S Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries lists it as one of the most hazardous professions in the nation. Falling branches can cause injury, and electrocution can occur if tree pruning takes place in close proximity to power lines. For these reasons, tree pruning is best handled by a skilled professional.
Tree pruning can have a huge aesthetic impact, and, if artfully done, it can greatly improve a tree's appearance. Tree pruning can also boost the health of your landscape. By thinning a tree's canopy with pruning, the tree and the landscape beneath it will be able to access more air and sunlight, resulting in improved vitality.

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