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By: Kristine B.
I've been eating at this McDonald's on a frequent basis for a long time most of the time am satisfied.But lately I have been more than just satisfied with the food.I have been experiencing excellent customer service with one employee in particular. Erin, a front cashier and I have seen her in drive thru as well, goes above and beyond her job and makes me feel not just like another customer but like family.Erin is fast, accurate, and always remembers to remind me of the newest promotions when taking my orders. She makes time to conversate with me without holding up the process of me getting my food in a timely manner and moving onto the next customer. I have also noticed that she refers to not just me but every customer as her guest which adds a personal feeling while dining in or taking out.Erin is a fairly new team member but one of the best that I have seen thus far and a great assate to this store. Because of her I will not only keep returning but I look forward to seeing her smiling face when I come in!! Also she reminded me in drive thru that if I take the survey on the receipt I can get a number and bring it in to use as coupon towards a bogo sandwich. Never been made aware of that before.She sure made my day!!
By: Lisa P.
Get it together!! The only reason I'm giving this location 2 stars is for the food. They have the worse service in the area, in the least they are tied for the horrible service you can get at the McD across the street from this location. If you ever wonder why the lines for all the other drive thrus in this area are packed but this one stays empty it's because of the service. Even at breakfast! One time the drive thru person asked me 3 times to repeat my whole order, not because she couldn't hear me it was because she was too busy laughing with her coworkers! I could actually hear them laughing!! Finally the third time she asked I said never mind & drove off. Also, I can't recommend the coffee because I actually saw them using coffee filters to prop open the dirty exit door they use when they are running food out to cars that are parked waiting for their drive thru food. How you can have the nerve to ask someone to park to wait for their food when you are the least busy drive thru boggles my mind. Let's work on our customer service skills & start being a little more professional like you CARE & maybe business will pick up!
By: Margaret C.
Linda's Wooden Spoon
My son was visiting from out of town and always likes to go to different restaurants. I had heard through the "grapevine" about this new restaurant and we came from west side of Jacksonville just to eat there. A couple of times in past I had been to same location when it was a seafood restaurant and decorated with fish etc. Was surprised how nice it looked with fresh paint and decorations. Linda was there and welcomed us. I had traditional breakfast and my son had scotch eggs with grits etc. His eggs were a surprize to him. Hard boiled eggs inside saurage shaped like an egg. Surprize when you cut into it. He said it was delicious. Wonderful biscuits. I loved my breakfast and he loved his too. Generous portions and prices very reasonable. I will be back to enjoy again.
By: Porsha W.
The Weekend Cafe
After hearing good things about this restaurant from a relative, I decided to give it a try. First let me say that this restaurant opens only on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays (hence the name The Weekend Cafe) I went in last Sunday, and I ordered a $10 plate which included; rice and gravy, macaroni and cheese, collard greens, potato salad, corn bread, and your choice of meat (they have oxtails, smothered/fried porkchops, baked/fried chicken,ribs, and chitterlings, but I opted for smothered porkchops) Everything was delicious, and the pork chops were very tender. To top all of that off, I ordered a slice of red velvet cake (it costs $2), and it was by far, the best I've tasted. Needless to say, I'll be back.
By: jon.wildboy.b
Golden Egg Roll
Ever since I moved to this side if town in 2009, I've had just about all three meals of my day from this place. The menu is HUGE and everything is delicious making it nearly impossible to decide what to order. I love the pork fried rice. My favorite is the shrimp fried rice with hot wings. They have drive-thru, take-out, dine-in and delivery. You can even call in and place your order ahead of time and your food will always be ready within 10 minutes or less! I can't get enough of the great food and the people who work there are very friendly and nice. They are awesome! Overall I give this place a 10 out of 10 rating! Go check it out, you won't be disappointed.
By: wilddots
Wok & Roll
My husband and i have tried other places but were craving wok n roll because the other places did not compare from the food to the service. We love to get their chicken and garlic sauce with fresh veggies(baby corn,carrots, celery, mushrooms, etc), Gen Tso's chicken with broccoli and tea. Their fried rice has a good color and texture we think than the other places and they have yummy healthy bean sprouts, which i love. ^^ i dont know if they a no msg but it does say on menu in back that they will honor your request for diet cooking.
By: wilddots
China Lee
Their fried rice or pupu platter did not taste good to me. their chicken with broccoli and white rice i had was good. Service was ok. Lady was in hurry to hung up on us before we could order chopsticks to go with food so we called back and they still didnt give us them. They give you foam to go bowls instead of plastic ones. They have a no msg label on their menus which is good. nice prices for lunch specials. Inside they have nice booths to sit in to eat and tv. Good delivery. Also covient for us since its close by.
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By: Kathy B.
Fisherman's Dock
Love this store and their staff. Very personal service. I had no idea you had a website, but glad to find it. I've been a loyal customer for over 5 years. Many of your staff know I love Sea Bass most of all, but purchase a good variety of fresh seafood from you!! I work for a local Credit Union and refer members to your store when I know they enjoy great seafood a well as friends and neighbors!!
By: brittany.stappenbeck
Wok N Roll
I don't exactly believe the other review of this place is valid, and I'm glad I ignored it and gave them a chance! They're delivery service was quick and they're staff was very friendly and helpful. The food.... AWESOME!! You can tell they take pride in their food and don't use the generic frozen stuff that a lot of places try to pass off. Will definitely be coming back again and again!
By: Trinity S.
Chefs For A Night
I have had the pleasure of utlizing Chefs for a night services on several occasions. Chef Pratt & his staff was very professional , punctually & efficient. As a young professional I have utlized a few caters around town; however, Chefs for a Night is by far the best. So if you are looking for top notch amazing food & service, Chefs For a night is it!

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