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By: Scott E.
Bill's Pawn Shop
Good customer service. Everyone is always pleasant to deal with when I've been there. I've been there several times. They also have a Federal firearms license and I have had several guns transferred to them without a problem. Wheeler has always been top notch when it comes to communicating with another federal firearms licensee, forwarding their license for a transfer, and handling and processing the whole deal. Top notch in my opinion.
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By: Jim M.
Bill's Pawn Shop
I like the guys at Bills Pawn. They are down to earth and very helpful. A great pawn shop and I stop in at least once a month to see what bargains I can find. It seems I always find something new I have to have and they are ready to deal. My favorite Pawn Shop and Wheeler is always helpful.
By: Danny T.
Convenient Pawn
Great owner to work with. Very fair and a large selection. I have used these guys and friendly staff. The owner and his helper that does furniture were the best.DT
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By: Lisa W.
Bill's Pawn Shop
I have done about 4 transactions at Bill's can't beat the customer service. Never left dissatisfied. Very trustworthy. Thank y'all.
By: Joe M.
Bill's Pawn Shop
I have had at least 20 transactions with Bill's and I've always been pleased. These are honest folks.

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