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By: Erika W.
Drive Easy
I give no stars. Purchased a vehicle earlier this year started having issues 2 months after purchased and now need a new transmission.
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By: Sarah H.
Jackson Motor Company
Jackson motor company will say anything to sell a car. I purchased a car about a year ago and was told by Michael that it was in great shape. I was sceptical because I know nothing about cars and was shopping alone. I trusted him and purchased the car. No more than a week and I had to take it to a shop and was told it had several problems. I informed jmc of this and they told me they would not fix it..after some time they changed their mind and took the vehicle back to "fix" it but it was returned with the same problems. It has been over a full year now and I haven't had a moment of peace with this vehicle. It breaks down everywhere I go. I have missed several days of work because I don't have a vehicle or a ride. I live in memphis now and have no family here other than my husband and every time I leave my house I have to worry about my car breaking down. After my vehicle was returned unfixed I called and told Tina and she said "let me call and tell Jim and I will call you right back.. so next day comes and I call again a different guy answers the phone and I asked for Tina.. he asked for my name when I told him he says.."she's on the phone with someone" I waited 2 hours and called again and he said "she's with customer" I then got my car jumped off so I could drive it an hour and a half to their dealership and when I got in town I called AGAIN and Tina answers and I said "I have my vehicle in town can I please drop it off bc it Still isn't fixed and I can't turn off the car without it dying" and she says "oh I need to talk to the owner" which is what she was suppose to be doing for the past few days!! She then said she would talk to him and call me RIGHT BACK. I said please hurry I will wait in town. My mom sat with me in my car that I couldn't turn off and we waited and waited and guess what NEVER GOT A CALL. I've never seen people so rude in all my like, to take advantage of a 20 year old girl. Y'all have some nerve. I'm now stuck with a car that has given me hell for a year and y'all have not only not resolved the problem but have been very rude. Very bad business people. You would think the owner (Jim Grant) would want to run a better business but they are definitely out for themselves. If your looking to buy a car I would definitely not recommend jackson motor company unless you need a constant project to work on.
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By: Dorothea S.
Second Chance Auto Sales
Looking for a good used car at a reasonable price, go to 2nd Chance. The sales people are nice and so helpful. They do all they can to put you in the car you looking for. Go Check them out and ride in style and not be in a financial crunch.
By: Anthony S.
Second Chance Auto Sales
great place to purchase a car. Sales person was wonderful and the owner was very nice to us.check them out.
By: Ashli C.
This was the absolute worst experience I've ever had buying a car. the customer service was the worst also! From the first day I purchased my car I had trouble. I purchased one car and had to bring it back after the second day when it ran hot on me all day long! I traded that one for and in infinity 2000 I 30 only to end up on side of the interstate as I write this review. Two weeks haven't even gone by yet and I'm already stranded on side of the interstate in my new car!! Giving this place my money was the worst mistake I could have made purchasing a car!!!
By: Shamica T.
I hate this place. The customer service is TERRIBLE!!!! This company should be shut DOWN
By: Jacci N.
Jackson Auto Center
Be very careful if you purchase a vehicle from Jackson Auto Center...at least take a good mechanic with you if considering a vehicle purchase. My husband purchased a vehicle from them on July 16th...the check engine light was on and they said it was an O2 sensor. They said they replaced it along with doing some other minor "fixes" requested by my husband. I took the vehicle to be tested for emissions on July 21st and it did not pass. It failed gas pressure cap inspection (which is minor), but also showed a manufacturer trouble code. I took it to our local Toyota dealership and after having to replace another 02 sensor (I know there are 2 but seems a little suspicious to me), a new gas cap, and here is my favorite part...having to replace a new bulb for the check engine light that had been removed (remember it was on when my husband purchased the vehicle?), I got to pay a repair bill of $743.99. Also, they charge a $189.00 Customer Service Fee on the Bill of Sale that is pure profit to them...so please, be careful if purchasing a vehicle from Jackson Auto Center!
By: kennnthfullington
This company should be shut down..I will be taking my automobile somewhere else and trading it in so I won't have to deal with these bullies ... Seriously don't go here!!!!!!
By: andaanicole
I can describe this dealership in two words .. "BAD BUSINESS" !!!! SHOP AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! I'm hiring a lawyer to deal with these people because they continuously try Getting over on me and won't right their wrongs .. Selling crappy cars !
By: ct121312
Car City
One of the worst if not the worst car dealer in Jackson.. Liars and cheaters all only wanting money and care about nothing other than what they make. I would never ever recommend this car lot to any one. Awful service and employees. If you do go there, you better read every letter on every page before you sign anything because some how some way they will try to cheat you.

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