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  • 1.Mississippi Trade Mart

    1207 Mississippi St


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  • 2.Trademart Office

    1200 Mississippi St


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By: Clara T.
Super Doo Beauty Salon
Professional service with a goal of healthy hair growth. Precision hair cut to match my facial structure. Able to manage even my curly fine cat hair. Very pleased with the professional style.
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By: houmagrl
Petro Stopping Center
This truck stop employees the rudest, and most racist people I have ever encountered. I was there recently and as a truck driver, I have frequented this truck stop on many occasions. I BARELY GOT CHECKED OUT, AND WAS TALKED TO AS THOUGH I WERE WEARING A HOOD AND CARRYING A ROPE. They acted like they were doing me a favor by waiting on me, never spoke to me , and the cashier let 2 of her friends to cut in line ahead of me...and she smiled and joked and talked with them while I was given a go to hell look and treated like crap. She then walked away and left me standing there. This marked my last visit in this establishment and I have told every truck driver in my company and spread the word to everyone who would listen... bad news travels a lot faster than good news does. Truck drivers are what keep you guys in business you would do well to remember, .. that it doesn't matter what color their customers are , they should all be treated with respect and kindness.
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By: Desmond A.
Shear Talent
My experience with Shear Talent was great!! Marie Allen is the best stylist there is!! The location and the people there are very professional.
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By: Lindsay C.
Awesome little salon in Sola at Dogwood. Talented stylists. Extension specialist. Davines products.
By: Latoya G.
Godess Lengths virgin hair bar
this company is the best. I love their hair. I came across them through Instagram and i was a bit skeptical at first but this was the best decision i could ever make.
By: Eva H.
Godess Lengths virgin hair bar
I absolutely love the hair here. I have purchased at least about 4 times. The front clerks are very helpful and courteous, however I cannot say the same for one of the hair stylist that I set up an apt with. I had an 8 am apt and she basically cancelled on me without a notice. I waited on her nearly an hour before i decided to send a text to find out what was going on and she pretended to not have received confirmation that I was still coming and that she had went back to bed AND will not be coming anytime soon. She was extremely unprofessional about the matter and told me that I was the one who wasted her time and that someone else could've had my spot... As if I did not set up an apt, show up ON TIME, and wait all that time to get my hair done. VERY inconsiderate. I love the hair but I will have it applied elsewhere for now on.
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By: Kat M.
Russell's Hair Design
I showed Shane a picture of what I wanted, and he did the opposite. Last time I checked, multi toned streaks look nothing like an ombré. And when he was finished (and new he didn't give me what I had asked for) he scheduled an appointment for me to have it fixed on a Saturday. This salon is only open Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Also, my appointment was at 1:30. He told me I would be out of there well before 4, so I could make it on time to work. When it was around 3:45, he told me he would call my boss lady and let her know I'd be late, since he "knew her personally". When I arrived to work (thirty minutes late) my boss hadn't heard anything from anyone and didn't even know the SOB. I don't know what I did to deserve what happened to me.Be warned of this cross dressing lunatic.
By: Robert B.
Adore Salon
It's super convenient for me
By: Amanda T.
Salon 3106
I moved to Jackson last year and for about 9 months I continued to drive back home 3.5 hours away to get my hair cut and highlighted. Then I got brave and booked an appointment with Julie. She did an amazing job!!! Julie is fun to talk to and her prices are very reasonable. Not to mention she will see me after work, which is a plus. Just bring cash or check, they don't take credit cards.
By: peace1025
I went in for a small trim and left out butcherd.... Will never go here again and would advice no one else to go unless u wana pay twice because u have to go somewhere else to get it fixed.....
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