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By: Neftali P.
Poole, Matthew S
The Law Office of Matthew Poole includes a particularly interesting group of individuals. The office staff is tenured which is rare to find in the legal realm. I came to their office as a "transplant" I had an open custody/paternity case with another attorney that was referred to me by a reputable individual. I have used the attorney for many years and by the time I realized that nothing was moving forward in my case besides my fees and expenses, I had to find another attorney. I couldn't risk finding another "Oh you should go see, Random Lawyer down the street I used him/her for years". I researched carefully and interviewed several family lawyers before deciding to give the case to the Law Office of Matthew Poole. The attorney I encountered has no parallel in this market. Matthew is proficient at looking at the bigger picture and understanding his client's ultimate goal and finding ways to break it up into a manageable timeline. It's rare you encounter someone who is HIGHLY competent and at the same time effective in communicating with his/her clients. I would hate to be on the other side of any case family or not if the opposing party is being represented by Matthew Poole, his strategy and organizational skills definitely played a huge role in my selection for his firm to take my case.
By: Tom C.
Stevens John Hunter
Amazing experience! The whole team was awesome, John and Kay are amazing to work with! I definitely recommend this law firm.
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By: Angela M.
Schwartz & Associates
They were so nice and worked with me so well through three good days and the bad days... They handled my personal injury when I was hit and injured in a car accident.
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By: Megan D.
Giddens And Giddens
Worst Experience of my career as a realtor. Take your business elsewhere. They are 2 busy eating lunch as the attorney explained it.
By: john.reeves.39948
Law Offices of John R. Reeves, PC
General Law and Personal Injury Attorney in Madison, MS
By: Tonie J.
Stephen L Beach III Attorney At Law
Attorney Beach III has been our family attorney for over 25 years. They have served 3 generations of our family's legal matters. He and his staff has advised us and handled every legal family issue we have had as if they were the only matters in their office. His office staff is friendly and knowledgeable of the laws. If you want a home town attorney, Stephen Beach 111 and his staff are the ones to contact.
By: Ms N.
McNeal John R Attorney At Law
I used this man for a divorce proceeding. He did not ensure that I received child support ordered in the temporary hearing. Despite his lack of work on my case he wanted to be sure he had his full payment before we went to court for the final hearing. I was at the time a single parent for all intensive purposes and he told me "did I eat" when I explained it was hard to come up with money without the support the judge ordered. So, it seemed he wanted me and my children to go without food to pay him. He had already been paid half of the money and canceled his representation of me because he didn't feel I came up with the money fast enough, but never attempted to issue a refund for what I had already paid. I had to beg to have him come to court for the final hearing and promise to pay within 2 months of the court date, leaving a post dated check. I only asked him because the judge said that I could not represent myself. At the final hearing, he did not object to my ex-husband's attorney attacking me on the stand and the judge had to interject and object on my behalf. He did not file the paperwork to have child support payments collected through MS DHS as he told me he would do. Complete waste of money. If you want an attorney that will represent you and work in your best interest, pick someone else.
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By: Tee S.
Beverly D Poole Attorney
Beverly needs to retire. She is unprofessional, she does not answer or return calls and she completely forgets important information needed for court. She is not aggressive at all or proactive and she will require you do most of the work while secretly billing you for every little detail. She does not prepare her clients for court and will try to cram client prep 5 minutes before you appear in court. She is not professional at all and displays her lack of competence everytime she appears beside me in court. I wish I could get my money back because I wasted thousands of dollars on this woman and I basically had to represent myself. DO NOT CHOOSE MS POOLE AS YOUR LAWYER. YOU WILL REGRET IT. I BET THE GOOD REVIEWS ARE FROM A FAMILY MEMEBER OR FRIEND OF HERS.... I KNOW JACKSON HAS A LIMITED SELECTION OF ATTORNEYS BUT MS POOLE IS NOT THE ANSWER.
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By: houmagrl
Petro Stopping Center
This truck stop employees the rudest, and most racist people I have ever encountered. I was there recently and as a truck driver, I have frequented this truck stop on many occasions. I BARELY GOT CHECKED OUT, AND WAS TALKED TO AS THOUGH I WERE WEARING A HOOD AND CARRYING A ROPE. They acted like they were doing me a favor by waiting on me, never spoke to me , and the cashier let 2 of her friends to cut in line ahead of me...and she smiled and joked and talked with them while I was given a go to hell look and treated like crap. She then walked away and left me standing there. This marked my last visit in this establishment and I have told every truck driver in my company and spread the word to everyone who would listen... bad news travels a lot faster than good news does. Truck drivers are what keep you guys in business you would do well to remember, .. that it doesn't matter what color their customers are , they should all be treated with respect and kindness.
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By: Sheila B.
McNeal John R Attorney At Law
My brother hired this man paid him thousands and is now sitting in jail for 6 months with no bond because this attorney told him he was getting a continuance and obviously never did so the judge threw my brother in jail for 6 months on a contempt of court because he followed his attorney's advice! A bar complaint is soon to follow
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