By: muppetpoo
Little Caesars
Ignore the other review made by someone who seems a little unbalanced. The majority of small businesses don't accept large bills to deter would be robbers. When a pizza is $5, who brings a fifty or a hundred?? Anyway, for $5, the pizza is pretty good. Although you do get what you pay for, this is a rather cheap alternative to paying $15 for something your kids may not tell a difference in. Plus, most pizzas are made in 1/3 the time to other establishments, so you've got that added benefit too.
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By: Amy K.
Little Caesars
Always been polite and considerate! I once ordered a deep dish pizza on a Friday night before the local opening football game. Had to wait a little longer than usual (expected) but they were super apologetic and even gave a coupon for a free pizza! The food is exactly what you get for the price and we love the deep deep dish pepperoni! Always a great go to for cheap pizza that tastes great and is ready fast.
By: Brenda H.
Pizza Inn
I really like their pizzas because they have good specials and they cook them very good. They are friendly and professional.
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By: Jessica R.
Casey's Carryout Pizza
AWESOME place to get PIZZA Friendly workers. ALWAYS CLEAN especially the BATHROOMS!!! They have everything you may need.
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By: Dawn B.
Papa John's Pizza
Great pizza, great employees! Best pizza in town!!

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