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  • Paul I.

    Final Attempt to Resolve: BUYER BEWARE!!!

    I don't get it, Denny?

    I was impressed by your suggestions and help in getting the TV reception I was hoping for. You followed up when I initially had no improvement with the stacker. You responded again when I realized no need for the HDA100.

    I sent the HDA100 back like new with your receipt as you instructed. You received it April 29, 2017, at 11:20am, but you never processed a refund. And now you don't respond.

    I am now seeing you have done this with others. Why? For $54 you are willing to continue tarnishing your business reputation?

    I have given you until 2:30pm CST today, July 20, 2017, to respond and/or refund $54 back to the card for the return of the HDA100. If there is no response and/or refund by that time, I will have my credit card company deal with you and begin blowing up the internet with ALL possibilities of BUYER BEWARE NEGATIVE REVIEWS about you and your business.

    $54! Really, Denny?

  • Pat M.

    Horrible customer service! Check their BBB problems. I called every day for a week trying to get some answers to what all I needed to buy and they never picked up the phone once. Checking BBB I see that EVERYONE has the same problem. I really wanted their antenna but cannot seem to get anyone to help. Their web site is a schizophrenic mess; for example their compare products page doesn't show any details on the nearly 10 kits they sell just for their HD Stacker antenna! Then, everyone who has technical problems has to submit an email (they don't answer the phone ever) and wait for a reply. Sometimes there's good reason no one shops and Mom and Pop stores any more. And according to the BBB reviews, God help you if you have to return something.

  • HD Stacker antenna does what TV Fool says can't be done.

    I purchased the HD Stacker and Winegard gable mount from Denny's and received it within two days. I assembled and installed it in only a couple hours and am thrilled with the reception. Since I'm 65 miles away from Chicago, TV Fool says I should only get one channel without miraculous efforts. Without a pre-amp, I'm getting over 50 channels and all are over 50% signal with the major channels (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX) in the mid to high 80% signal range. I even get one channel that's 20 miles in the opposite direction the antenna is facing. The assembly instructions were very clear and concise and the website has a LOT of useful information. I received great support before I purchased the antenna via email and telephone and while installing, called with a couple questions which were answered immediately and accurately. I wouldn't hesitate to buy this antenna or buy from Denny's Antenna Service in the future. Both come highly recommended by me, a new and extremely satisfied customer.

  • HD Stacker TV Antenna

    I just wanted to write and let you know how satisfied I am with the new HD Stacker Antenna that I purchased from you. I live just about 60 miles N/W of Indianapolis, IN and I am picking up the TV stations from the South side of Indianapolis. I was using a big old flat head antenna on a tower and I am now seeing 4 TV stations I had never seen before.
    I had a Winegard AP8275 signal amplifier on hand and put it on the system. I actually had to remove it because it was overwhelming my distribution system to my TV''s. With no amplifier and only using the HD Stacker antenna itself, I have crystal clear TV in all locations at my place in the country.
    I am so pleased I researched all of this out and found that Denny was correct, it is the best HD antenna out there and he deserves the bragging rights!

  • Save some big bucks with free TV

    I purchased the HD Stacker Antenna and the Winegard AP-8780 TV Antenna Amplifier. I live in the Mountains of Western North Carolina. I live back a lane where cable is not accessible and trees were an issue with the dish or direct tv. I am happy to report that I now receive a station 60 miles away and several others. Their web site is one of the best antenna sites that I have ever been on. I was able to find out everything I needed to know and then some. I sent a question in about the amp and had my answer back in just a matter of hours. My neighbor saw my new antenna and asked about it, he'll now be giving Denny's a call. If you have stumbled on to them or they have been recommended, you are in the right place. I don't believe you'll do better.

  • Cutting the Cable Bill

    It has always irked me to no end every time I paid my cable bill, $200 a month for TV and Internet. That

  • Unbelievable Antenna!!

    I ordered your HD Stacker last week and received ALL the parts (not even missing one nut, bolt, or washer!) in record time!, Thank You! (I wish all companies could do as well!) Next, I assembled and mounted the antenna, built all the cables and then was absolutely shocked when my tuner card found 47 channels! I'm pretty sure that the FCC said I would only get about 18-21. Excluding the time to trim branches, the entire job took about 5 hours. The construction and quality of the antenna is spot on! I am just astounded at not only the number of channels but the entire process! Thank You and your staff for everything, my experience with you shows just how far other companies could go in reaching this level of all around quality, and service! Awesome! I have already started telling family, friends, and coworkers about my experience and your products. You've got a loyal customer for life!

  • You have cable? You need Denny's Antenna Service

    After deciding to ""cut the cable"", I was overwhelmed by the diifferent choices for antennas and ""over the air"" equipment. Did I need a tower, rotor, big antenna, etc? I found Denny's from reading a couple of reviews I found online. I ordered the EZHD antenna and signal amplifier. All was delivered within a couple of days. I actually put the antenna in my attic, connected it to the existing cable splitter, pointed it in what seemed to be the right direction and I had the best picture on all of my TV's. The picture is much more superior than what cable provided. It actually took me longer to unpack the antenna and accessories than it did to connect everything! I am now saving about $100.00 per month thanks to Denny's Antenna Service!!!

  • Many thanks to Denny's Antenna Svc

    I've been meaning to comment for a while. It has now been one year since I officially cut the cable and went with over-the-air. I owe many thanks to Denny's and Denny's web site for the assistance provided. I've effectively saved $1,200 this year and my out-of-pocket was about $500 including a TiVo with lifetime service. I have three TVs attached to my antenna using a booster and everything works very well. Denny's help in giving me the confidence to set this up was key. It was only with reading their site and talking to your representatives that I got the confidence to set up my current configuration and I appreciate it both from a personal and financial perspective. The money I spent on purchasing equipment from Denny's was well worth it.

  • Greetings from Georgia
    Gary Elder

    Greetings from Georgia.

    Denny and Rhonda,

    I received my new antenna and pre-amp (HD stacker and Winegard AP-8780) on 16 June 2011. I installed everything the next day. I've waited this long to contact you so I could give you an honest opinion as to how my new stuff works vs. my old stuff (we've been getting ""free TV"" for 10 years) We live out in the country and IAW the ""gov"" web site, the available TV stations are in Augusta, GA. and Greenville, SC, both areas are 50-70 miles from us. Usually, when the wind blows or a storm is within 30 miles of us, our TV reception goes somewhere................other than to our TV. I've had my new stuff installed about 2 weeks now, been through 5 severe thunderstorms with strong lightning, 55 mph winds and I still had great TV reception on most channels! All I can say is, ""Damn, what a great antenna and pre-amp."" Also, I want to tell ya'll that your web site is great! I'm 65 yrs old and my son calls me a ""tec-no dinosaur"" but I had no problems getting around your web site and understanding just what I needed, and thanks to you my understanding of free TV airwaves and how everything works is up to date. One calm and clear night last week, I turned my antenna towards Atlanta (120 miles away) and picked up 3 of their channels. Of course they weren't there the next morning. Right now I have 27 channels, ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, 6 PBS stations from GA, SC and NC. I feel like I got ""Free Satellite!"" TV. My 90 year old Mother-in-law lives with us and she's happy........she can watch her ""soaps"" with NO interference while she ""naps""!

    Ya'll have a great day and thanks again!

    Gary..........Tignall, GA.

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