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By: Pamela B.
The Palms Apartments
The Palms are super nice apartments safe place to live has overnight security the maintenance man works very hard. good managervery understanding, the owners are outstanding simply outstanding!
By: Jeff L.
Courtyards Of Roses
Do not even think about living here. It might be easier to tell you what they do right then what they do wrong. They don't care about you as a person or a tenant. You are a dollar sign. My truck was towed even though I have a parking sticker and they did nothing for me. Roaches everywhere. Old smelly apartments. Never maintained well. Crappy new appliances that break constantly. they also just paint over any imperfections. they never truly "fix" anything. Front office is a joke
By: Donald P.
Moore Enterprise
Moore Enterprises is one of the worst trailer park owner in Ohio.Will not address any problems and will evict you if you complain.
By: Lala S.
The Arbors of Las Colinas
I didn't get see my apartment until it was time for me to move into it. Didn't know it was going to be an old unit (so some of the appliances didn't work). Had to deal with bugs for 1st few months. There were more issues wrong with the place but i didnt worry too much about it because i was excited of being there (that was a mistake). From the time I was visiting to the time I moved in, the front office people attitude started to change. I start having problems with leaks and had wiring problem in the kitchen. The light in the living room was hanging by the wires (was told that couldn't be fixed). I notice that I was paying too much for this unit and the unit next to me were new. I found out they were going into my place when I wasn't there (like I was being watched). Didn't feel like home to me. Had to sit my mattress against the patio because I was getting things done inside. They wrote me up for that and our next door neighbor did the EXACT same thing. I feel like they was looking for a reason to get rid of me. There is more to the story but to some it all up, I'm very disappointed in them and in myself for choosing them. If i can go back I would because it wasn't worth what I thought it would be.
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By: Karen G.
Arbor Vista Apts
Management is poor! Manager doesnt even speak english and is very unprofesional. Speaking with her is like speaking with a person with no education. Shes never in the office. Tenants constantly have to call code enforcement to place a maintanace request cause manager NEVER answers the phone. You will only catch her in the office from the 1st of the month til the 4th if you're lucky. Maintanace request will only get done when the city of irving gets involve. Other than that neighbors are very friendly and its a quiet place to live in. The only problem here that needs to be changed is the whole management. This place would get a 5 star review if there was a well trained manager here cause the current one doesnt even know how to fill out a receipt. Much less how to spell
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By: Muz L.
The Station at MacArthur Apartments
For those of you who are interested in renting a unit here I just wanted to share my experiences and a few facts.At the time of this review they have approximately 27 units available immediately, and 16 more within the next 90 days, many much sooner than later. This alone should convey a message.While living here each time I visited the Leasing center I felt the employees were rude and condescending for the simplest of matters. I recall 3 instances where I walked in and saw them all sitting at a desk talking casually after making eye contact with me. Only after I approached them was I acknowledged verbally with an irritated sigh.Now, full disclosure, this is a part of their contract so I definitely suggest reading through everything before signing a lease with them. IF you decide to break the lease they will charge you for the remaining term until it is re-rented, in addition to 90% of one months rent as a fee for breaking the lease. You must also give a 60-day notice before vacating (which is more than I've experienced in the Irving area). Here's the best part. If someone says they're going to rent out a unit then they pull it off the market and CONTINUE to charge you rent until someone moves in. If the potential tenant does not move in (with my experience with the staff I wouldn't be surprised) then you continue to be charged. Which means there are periods where you will be liable for rent while it is unavailable to the market AND they will collect a deposit from someone else (how convenient, they receive regular rent PLUS someone else's deposit for cancelling) and the cycle continues.I would like to go on record and mention the previous owners of this complex employed much friendlier staff and would own up to genuine misunderstandings. The current staff and owner will likely chalk it up to negligence and brush you off.
By: Laura D.
Moore Enterprise
I've lived in one of Mr. Moore's parks for 8 yrs. My rent has always been paid on time. My concerns are never addressed. Mgmt. comes onto our lots w/o prior notification which I feel is violating my rights and privacy. They took the water meters off the trailers and now go under our trailers without our permission or our attendance as they do their readings. We are paying for amenities that have been unavailable for our use for about 4 yrs. now. The water is disgusting, as is the sewage sysyem. And teenage thugs run the streets all night. He's an unethical landlord and needs to be prosecuted for some of his business practices which surely must be illegal. (If not, they should be!) I own my trailer, I just rent the lot. I am so stressed out living here that the last few months it's made me physically ill. I'm trying to get things together to move out and yet can't just up and move. I am disabled and the stress I deal with here is not helping me get any better!
By: Shanae S.
Villa Del Sol
Im warning you, do not move in these apartments unless your willing to do everything yourself. The current manager, Ruben doesnt half ass answer the phone. Even if you leave a message he does not return phone calls. I am currently trying to locate the owners of these apartments to report his behavior with me once I drove to the office since I didnt get an answer all morning on Dec 5th 2016. The sign had closed till 8:30 & when I knocked on the door he answered saying: cant you see closed till 2:30? I said: no that says 8:30. He says well im on lunch till 2:30. I stood there telling him what I needed but he insisted I address my problem at 2:30 after his lunch is up. This has to do with assistance on my rent for the first time in the year and a half ive been there. The people trying to assist me cant reach him and he wont call them. I am highly upset and I WANT TO KNOW WHO THE OWNER IS OF THESE APARTMENTS! Also they are ROACH INFESTED!!!!
By: Dawn J.
Moore Enterprise
Manager makes up new rules and regulations as she goes along. Would like an e-mail for the owners so that I can get a hold of them to complain. I have even seen the manager break into a trailer and take things that were in the trailer that she had no right in taking. This is just wrong. They need a manager that actually cares about the tenets and will take care of the park.
By: John M.
Vistas At Hackberry Creek
I have lived here for over a year and I feel very well take care of by management. The ladies at the office are awesome,always very attentive and ready to help. Keep up the great work! JPM ��������

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