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By: bob_13_13
Fry's Electronics
As a former 4-year employee of Fry's I would like to say that, as long as you find yourself talking to someone that doesn't make commission (Audio-Video, Computers, and certain parts of components) the employees are typically over qualified for their positions and do go out of their way to help people find what they need. Unfortunately the company has a problem ordering enough of in demand products and instead overstocks terrible items that are high in margin and low low low in demand. Certain sales heavy departments (Computers, for example) will deny customers services if it doesn't add to their commission. Some times employees will simply just miss someone in distress (that happens anywhere) but it is these more commission dependent salesmen that will plainly refuse to help There are products that have missing parts or defects that are marked down and still being sold for parts, though when this is the case they are clearly marked with a large orange sticker.Outside of these things and the employees being forced to dress like used car salesmen it is a fairly average department store.@Crash Override Though your scenario sounds unfortunate I do feel you're probably down playing your reaction or exaggerating what happened. I can't speak for their return policies regarding Components merchandise but had you been calm in responding I seriously doubt you'd of been escorted out. Fry's doesn't have anyone labelled as "Security". If you saw someone in a black shirt that had to escort you out then it was most likely a police office.Also you'd of been the first they actually physically grabbed to escort out of the store (considering they can't even physically stop anyone they know is stealing without evidence of them before during (both on and off camera) AND after the act.)I have NO love for the company as an associate but I figured I'd correct some of these errors in the other review.
By: Barbara A.
The Dump
I made a 3k purchase on Dec 20th 2014. When the items were delivered some had to be assembled. The delivery people damaged 2 of the pieces during assembly. After going through the run around with the customer service number, sending emails with pictures and a repair person coming out I was told it would be Jan 30 before the damaged pieces could be repaired or replaced. In the mean time i would have to deal with my living room looking like a whirlwind hit it! Needless to say I was livid and this just was not acceptable. I drove back out to the Dump store to talk to someone face to face. That someone was the store Case Goods manager Mr. Jeffrey Richardson. I must say that I was not happy but I was pleasantly surprised by Mr Richardson's professionalism and demeanor. Once he understood what the problem was he very quickly and professionally worked to resolve it by swapping out my damaged pieces and getting me a date for the swap in as little as 3 days. Thank you Mr Jeffrey Richardson and if I continue to be a customer of the Dump it's because of you. You demonstrated the best level of customer service that I have encountered in quite some time.
By: Dena N.
The Dump
sales person was excellent! price was perfect, and the delivery was spot on! two great delivery guys delivered my furniture up 2 flights of stairs and put it in place. very nice and courteous people. and best of all I love my new dresser! VERY PLEASED.
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By: Matt E.
Just received my TRX Rip Trainer new as described with fast shipping and as a bonus, my order even included the heavy cord which I was going to purchase separately. Thanks!
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By: John D.
The Dump
wonderful, kind courteous staff. Laine is the best sales person ever, she takes the time needed to make sure we got what we wanted.thanks.
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By: Ethel S.
The Dump
From the sales to delivery!! The service was excellent, very personal and professional! Thank you so much.
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By: Azeem L.
Fast shipping! Amazing guys!

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