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By: fernandarocha
Kyung Eun Beauty Salon
WOW!! I cannot say enough how IMPRESSED I am by the job you do Tiffany! WELL DONE!! I am no stranger to hair straightening and had it done about 5 times in SA. Sometimes the jobs were AWFUL - with my hair being burnt - BUT the liscio treatment is not available there so this was my first time. I was looking forward to it - but clearly some reviews scared me as you know, a treatment like this can make you or break you and I have LONG hair so I would have to get a wig if it didn't work out!! I researched and when I saw the prices, I was dismayed - $500 - $800 at some of the "classy" salons - TOTALLY out of my price range. I decided to try Tiffany and went around and she did it for $300 - MUCH better price! And the results - WOW! My hair previously was not straight even after blow drying - but NOW - it is STRAIGHT, STRAIGHT, STRAIGHT. JUST like I LOVE it! :) I am SO impressed! I am shocked at the previous review 'cause while I was there, I saw 3 guys get their hair cut and they looked fab and one girl too - it was her first time and she wanted her hair layered - long hair. She FREAKED OUT when Tiffany cut it dry but Tiffany's English is not that good and when she was gone, she explained to me why she does it like that. Typically when you wet hair, it stretches and when you cut long hair and dry it, people are often dissappointed 'cause much more came off than they wanted. When you dry cut it, but you have to know how - which she does, you know EXACTLY how much has come off - and the length is TRUE LENGTH. Makes sense to me!! :D Also, two other ladies came in to do permanent makeup - from OKLAHOMA - Sheesh! :) They looked FAB - I'm almost convinced to do it again- having done it before in SA - but it didn't stay permanent and it was SSSOOO painful - SHEESH! But their eyes looked AWESOME. I was told that things have changed since I had it done 15yrs ago ;) Anyway, no, the place is not classy and yes, it is a bit shabby - BUT WHO CARES??? The price is GREAT, the result was BRILLIANT AND she has a heart of GOLD!! Gave me a $50 conditioning treatment for NO COST 'cause my hair is SO dry - my hair feels like SILK. SERIOUSLY. I LOVE IT!! My husband thinks I look GLAM and so many at work have said my hair is STUNNING and in GREAT condition. LOL! :) Funny that - it felt like sandpaper before ;) KUDOS to you Tiffany for the great job you do and TKS Sandy (who assisted with my hair) for your gold heart too! LOVE these ladies and yes, I have found my new hairdresser!! Thank you Lord for your blessings! :) May God bless your salon over and over for the wonderful job you do and your humble heart! :)
By: floretta.jones
Hair Paradise Salon & Day Spa
I am originally from San Antonio and recently moved to Dallas for my career. My hometown friend mentioned that she flies into Dallas for her weaves and suggested that I see her stylist, Henrietta at Hair Paradise Salon in Irving, TX. Henrietta is knowledgeable and kind, and takes great pride in her work. Specializing in sew-in weaves; Henrietta not only creates lasting styles but also provides hair care tips for her clients. Her shop is clean and welcoming, and she is professional and thorough when working with her clients. I have visited Henrietta twice for my hair. Just recently I asked Henrietta to leave the top portion of my hair out while trying a new style. After a few days, I realized that my decision to leave my hair out was not compatible with my lifestyle, since I run and exercise daily. After speaking with Henrietta, she told me what I needed to order and promptly worked me into her already busy schedule to meet my hair care/ style needs. During my second visit, she was patient and understanding, and she even called me the next day to see if I was satisfied with my new and improved hairstyle. Henrietta is a wonderful stylist, who listens to her clients, cares about their satisfaction, and produces high quality styles at solid prices. Floretta 8/19/2012
By: nicnoree
Humphrey's Salon
Mark White at Humphrey's saved my hair!After doing my own hair for about 5 years, I decided I wanted to go back to blonde again. I searched reviews tirelessly online for a few weeks before choosing a salon myself. It was a nice salon, and all of the other customers seemed to leave looking awesome, but the girl I was put with wasnt the best: after over $400 spent, it *still* wasnt what I wanted. My hair had 2-3 inches of regrowth everytime I left and was orange all over, an absolute disaster. At that point, my boyfriend recommended his old pal at Humphrey's. What a difference! In *one visit* Mark was able to totally transform my hair. He has years upon years of experience and is a wonderful colorist. Mark and his coworkers are all very friendly and personable, and i'm excited to be a client there. I HIGHLY recommend Humphrey's!
By: amandaw.
Lux Nails Spa & Salon
You really have to go. From the outside you think it's just a small nail spa, but when I went in I was extremely surprised. It's so spacious, upscaled, elegant, and relaxing. I was greeted by a friendly and well spoken lady that was very helpful to help me pick out a color. I was convince into doing an organic pedicure that the manicurist suggested that it was their best pedicure and that I get more massaging. My pedicure took an hour long and man did I enjoy every minute of my "more massaging". They also offered complementary wine and drinks which I asked for a glass of merlot. Come check this place out I think you will love it like I do.
By: marynight
Hollywood Nail & Spa
The service is here is amazing. I wouldn't understand why anyone wouldn't relax here. As I walk into the shop, the people would greet me and talk to me as if they know me. They would ask me all sort of things to satisfy my needs. Their manicure and pedicure is great too! When I got my foot massage it was really wonderful. I would like to say thanks to My Hoa for the great service. She was splendid with me really. Julie was quite amazing too! I would like to send more of my friends to this place every week. At times, this place would give out amazing discounts~
By: vanessamariacampos
Lush Nail Lounge
First customer! I got the aloe vera which was the pedicure of the month which was FANTASTIC. I highly recommend it for achy feet. They use all natural ingredients (like soaking your feet in cucumbers and rubbing your feet and legs with oranges!) Tony did a great job and was very sweet and made sure I was very comfortable. Linda the owner was amazing and very happy to be in Las Colinas as they have 2 other locations in New York and Las Vegas. I will definitely be coming back! I can't wait to try their facials!
By: Bebe J.
Serenity Beaute Spa
Totally satisfy with all the services that I had done at the serenity!! staff here are friendly & helpful , I come here every two wks and got deluxe pedicure , gel nail and facial done is so good and very relaxing love it!!! talk my husband in to get man&ped and now he's just tack along with me . I would recommended any one to come here. oh I forgot got my Hilite and H/C too so beautiful yes!!
By: Joan W.
Nail Lounge
I was scared that I wouldn't be able to find a good nail salon after I moved out of my hometown., but i fough this place. Thank god because good nails are super duper crucial to life. Great shaping and the tech is SO detailed! I've already gotten so many compliments on my nail game. The rest of staff is so sweet and so adorable!!! This will for sure be my new go to! See you in a few weeks!
By: df9162
Serenity Beaute Spa
I stopped by the Spa a few weeks ago to just check it out. I have used another location in the mall for years. I have to say I'm going back today to get fixed up for the Thanksgiving Holiday. The massage chairs are the best I've ever sat in!!! Today I'm getting the full works. They are more expensive than the other place I have always used but it's well worth it.
By: Alie B.
Nail Lounge
I went in with my friend to get a pedicure. I was very impressed with the service and ambiance. The furniture and equipment used in the salon seemed top notch. I am a freak when it comes to cleanliness and they passed with flying colors. They made us feel very welcome. I will definitely be back here. I would recommend this place.

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