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By: qtnikki
The Arbors of Las Colinas
I've lived here for over a year. The apartments are okay, I unfortunately was placed into one that was older and it didn't have the nice hardwood floors like a friend of mine has. Things break down A LOT. The water gets cut off randomly and without notice a lot. Right now all the buildings are painted different colors and when I moved in they said they would be putting up a gate within a few months (it's been over a year and still no gate). The electricity gets cut off quite often and without warning.The staff is friendly to me BUT make sure you know that they only allow for Cashiers Checks from a bank or you can pay only but expect to pay an extra $20. ALWAYS look at your bill because they like to add new charges without telling you. They have a Water, Trash, Sewage, and Misc. fee that pops up and will coast about $50 a month with your rent. Several times I've gone to the office which is supposed to be open at 12:00 pm and no one was there....one day I waited till 12:45 pm and still no one showed up....their excuse? No one was there....sorry. You'll get an apology from them quite often!The neighbors are okay. Most of mine have been pretty quiet except for the occasional loud music from time to time. Nothing I would complain about right now. The only good thing is the location really. I pay about $690 a month for a one bedroom and it's close to where I need it to be. To be honest I would NOT move here again! I would move into the apartment complex across the street which is A LOT nicer!
By: chastity.harbeson
Sedona Park
Burn Brae Apartments are not new apts but the maintanence staff and office staff does all they can to make a comfortable place for you to come home to. The person who made a bad review was someone more than likely got behind on rent and was told to move. The Manager never files eviction to keep from hurting someomes credit for a very long time. She is very considerate and works with her residents as muchas she can. Like anywhere you live... You can not live for free. Burn Braes qualifiying criteria is very strict. But it can not keep out friends or familys that do not belong on the property. That is why each community needs to come together and if there is criminal aactivity going on the call the wonderful Irving Police Dept. They have more than enough police men to come out and take care of the so called problems. I would recommend to anyone that is looking for a resonable apartment to live in and be comfortable and safe. If you want to go live somewhere else you will pay $200 more due to the apartments putting in a new stove and refigerator. Save your $200 for grocery shopping or car payments. Bills are only getting higher. Does not seem like anyone is getting raises. Do the math people. Be smart. People get on sites like this to try to give people like the office staff and maintenance staff a bad name. This is not fair. Just because a person is mad they can not pay their rent!
By: veryvivi
1 Source Apartment Locators
BEST LOCATING SERVICE IN THE DFW AREA!! I was looking for a new place & finding any help seemed hopeless..and then 1 Source Apartment Locating came along & my agent, Linda, was beyond helpful! She took such great care of me & spent the time finding tons of great options for me based on my needs & her customer service was amazing! She was so great, I took a friend with me to tour & he ended up leasing a new place! If you want outstanding customer service with no hassle, give them a call! They even offer an incentive program to help make your move easier! When I called the company to thank Linda, I was able to speak to the owner (when do you ever call a company & the owner takes a call?!) & he was so polite & helpful. I will be sending anyone looking for a place to 1 Source Apartment Locating - they are the BEST!!
By: april.truley
J.Ellis Apartment Locators
I originally was working with Dallas Apartment Finders (Waste of time) and had a horrible experience since i was only given one option. I emailed through their website and got an immediate response from Nancy and she put together a list of 3 neighborhoods in my price range with at least 3 apartments in each one. I think there were great apts in each group but being from Houston I am unfamiliar with Dallas and since I'm needing to move by a certain time i just decided i needed a place that was less expensive and picked a place where my cousin lives and i was able to get $100 off since they have a contract with my company. I felt bad though because Nancy is great and i recommend everyone check her out. I signed a 6 month lease until i get better acquainted with Dallas/Irving and I'll definitely be willing to pay more once I'm sure I'll love the area.
By: Jason K.
1 Source Apartment Locators
Dana was amazing! This was by far the best locator service that I have ever worked with. I had a few complications with my applications due to a background mix up with my twin brother. Dana was the only locator that actually spent the time to remedy the situation and find suitable housing for me and my family. Other services didn't help and just kept telling me to use their name on my application so they can get paid. NOT Dana! She actually cared. Thank you Dana for all your great work. We are truly greatful.Jason K.
By: Jay G.
Remington Hills
At first this place was ok and i really enjoyed staying here but now they are trying to scam residents out of more money. They fined me $50 for having a mop, broom, and bucket on my patio as a patio violation. I have nothing else on my patio: no furniture, boxes, bikes, or chairs. I had the broom our there to sweep off the patio, the mop was out there to dry, and I collected debris on the patio and put it in the bucket until I took out the trash. keep in mind, it was only out there for 2-3 days.
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By: Lindsey M.
1 Source Apartment Locators
So I don't usually do this but it's been that great of an experience I have to! If anyone is looking to find a new apartment you need to use A1 apartment locators. They make everything easy. They check availability of the units so you don't waste your time on places that aren't even available. They're even paying for the first 2 hours of my movers and got me a super discounted rate past that.
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By: Jasmine R.
1 Source Apartment Locators
1 SOURCE APARTMENTS PROVIDE FANTASTIC SERVICE! If you are in need of an apartment and have specific request Dana will definitely help you narrow your search down. She was very helpful during my search as I am a new Texan! Good thing is....she also scheduled viewings for you once you have selected your options. Definitely a great help!
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By: Sara F.
1 Source Apartment Locators
Dana from 1 Source Apartment Locators was awesome in helping me to find my new place. She took my needs and wants into consideration, and emailed me a list of properties that I might be interested in. She also would send me an updated pricing list (as rates change daily.) I had a great experience with them.
By: committedtoeducation
1 Source Apartment Locators
The apartment locator assigned to me was L.N. I wouldn't say the experience was pleasant or the locator was kind. It felt more like a business transaction. The apartment locator did find me a decent place to stay with the criteria provided. Communication was professional and proper.

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