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By: Susan R.
Endodontic Associates Of Irving
I was referred to Dr. Emmanouil Sigalas by my wonderful dentist Dr. Nix. The issue I had was unusual in the fact that a dentist in Shreveport La. had done several crowns that have not held up & dental insurance wouldn't cover again so soon. That issue to be dealt with but if not for Dr. Nix getting me in right away to Dr. Emmanouil Sigalas, the infection that had come from the defective crowns, I would not even have a chance for a new crown! The reality is I may have had to be hospitalized from the severity of this infection in my jaw that can be spread and cause brain abscess, inflammation in the heart or other major complications! (This was not told to me by these doctors, but I know from research.) So yes, very serious and Dr. Emmanouil Sigalas took me right away, even though he had a full schedule. I have had root canals before but this was much more than any of those! Dr. Emmanouil Sigalas nor my dentist could promise me this would be fixed to even crown again, but he went to work right away and he constantly ask if I was okay, told me what he was doing, what to expect as he was doing it & was 100% honest, no sugar coating the process or problem. Even with that, he was so kind and positive, assuring me along the way while continuing to ascertain I was doing alright! He never promised me to be pain free after this because this was a very severe and serious procedure. He did everything possible to keep me pain free until the antibiotics could start working. He even took a call I made personally, reassured me on my situation and as I apologized for bothering him, he never even let me feel I was bothering him! What a class act! End result is he was able to save tooth to be crowned correctly plus located an unusual 5 canals. While that caused him additional work, he didn't charge any extra! Dr. Emmanouil Sigalas handled all of this with professional, courteous, caring, and his exceptional expertise! Dr. Emmanouil Sigalas to me is "The Rock Star of Endodontists"!
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By: jeremiah.roe
Gentle Dentistry of Las Colinas
Dr. Natasha Crespo was awesome. I went there today as a new patient and am very happy with the quality of service that was provided. I'm not normally the type to write reviews either so that says something. I'm the kind of person that HATES going to the dentist because I've always had to deal with pain once they started drilling, then wait while they try to numb me again. That wasn't the case with Dr. Crespo, she listened to me explain that it normally takes a bit more to get me numb so that I don't feel anything. She did exactly as I requested, and applied enough so that that I didn't feel a thing for the first time. As a bonus, I also got to watch TV with headphones the whole time they were working too. I really appreciate the help, and the fact that they listened. I will recommend this place.
By: Kirsi N.
Rabile Family Dentistry
I live in North Europe but time to time visiting Irving because of my business. During last June I had an emergency situation with my tooth. I choose Dr Rabile Family because of reviews. I should say, dentist was worth of all positive reviews. Office personnel was professional, waiting time was short, scary anaesthetize was done professionally, medicine were given correctly at once and treatment was super class even if situation was very difficult as it needed root canal. Also after math with my insurance company was well done. My own doctor said root canal result was first class, she said she couldn’t do it better herself. As an international client I recommend this dentist strongly.
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By: Asser M.
Rabile Family Dentistry
Very bad customer service experience. The office staff (Jasmine) is quite clueless and confused by words that have more than two syllables. What really disappointed us though is that we asked Dr. Rabile to perform only preventative care as part of a bi-annual checkup, but she performed other procedures that are not considered preventative by the insurance company and we ended up with a bill for several hundreds of dollars. Their response - "oh we expected" the insurance company to cover those procedures, but since they didn't - you have to pay us. No waiver, no discount, give us your money.
By: angelo61
Radiance Dentistry
I do not normally post reviews, but I have been a patient of Radiance Dentistry for several years and wanted to provide my input. Dr. Iskandar has always taken care of my dental issues, and I have had crowns, fillings, etc. over the years and have never had anything but praise for his work.Please feel assured that if you use this dentist that you will be treated kindly and receive a quality of service that is second to no one. I appreciate the work that he has done for me and just wanted to take a minute to give him and his staff the thanks that they deserve.
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By: Fidel D.
Jefferson Dental Clinics
Everything was great exept one thing which was i was overcharged $51 ( i came in for a appointment i had for a Tooth Extraction on 7-16-16 ) after i already had been given a certain price for my procedure a couple of weeks before hand. So glad they have Lily as their staff she is nice , easy to talk to an really helpful someone as herself is really good to have because i talked to her on my way out she resolved the problem ,an returned my $51 an gave me a $50 Discount for a future dental procedure
By: early1123
Smiles Of Las Colinas
I have had a lot of horrible dental experiences during my life. I once had a dentist pull one of my teeth with out being numb. Dr. Zamora and her staff made sure that I was comfortable and relaxed prior to even taking x-rays. I was really surprised how many payment plans and options I was given. I felt like dr. zamora really went out of her way to discuss and explain my treatment plan. I am very thankful to have found dr. zamora and her wonderful staff.
By: Rmz R.
Radiance Dentistry
The best dentist i ever worked with!! This Doctor is true Artist when it comes to fixing my teeth and making them look even better than before, without exageration Doctor iskandar is the number one dentist in Dallas TX. and his prices is reasonalble and fair. not to mention i visited many dentists and seen some with there outdated machines and chairs , this Doctor is using the latest models in his practice .
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By: Ami G.
Daily Smiles Dental
Great staff, they were so good with my children. The waiting area is fun for the kids and the place is very clean! They were not open during business hours when I first tried to come by after my child's 9m check up. They called me back without me even leaving a message and I was able to get in the next day. I would definitely recomend them!
By: zebra1057
Smiles Of Las Colinas
I am from Boston and was in Dallas and had a tooth ache. I went to this dental office and they were very courteous. Looks very professional to me. Very clean. State of the equipment. Very happy with my experience. Will recommend this dentist to families and friends.
Tips & Advices
During a root canal therapy session, an endodontist removes inflamed or infected dental pulp, cleans the inside of the tooth, then fills the area with a rubber-like substance.
Patients who have not been sedated are usually fine to drive after a root canal procedure. Still, they should check with their endodontist just to be safe. Patients that have been sedated should have a friend or family member pick them up.
Endodontic therapy is the treatment of inflamed or infected soft tissue inside the tooth known as the pulp.
No, patients do not need a referral to see an endodontist.
Root canal costs vary depending on the number of roots the tooth has. A procedure on the front row, where teeth usually have only one root, costs around $700 per tooth. A procedure on the molars, which can have up to three roots, costs around $900.

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