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By: Ms S.
Incredible Marketing
My site had been left 'unattended' and grew stale (no signifigant increase in leads to my Business) for 1.5 years after being started by a pay as you go template based website creator company, that left all the seo work to me (or them if I paid some ridiculous fee) Knowing a little about seo but not how to utilize 'it', I decided to reach out for help noticing that whatever the company I was working with had already done was not helping at all. No one was finding me in searches and my website wasn't being seen by Google (I found out later it was due to many needed updates and implementations on the back end, to meet Google's always changing standards)My key words weren't getting my business noticed because they were not targeting my clients correctly (poorly chosen because I let the company I had been working with chose them and never thought to second guess anything they did because they were the 'Experts') and MY Suggested choices were too long or not recognized by geo local due to not including the city my business is based in (another thing Incredible Marketing explained to me)I am so glad I made the call and reached out to Incredible Marketing.Now people can find me online and my website is being revamped as we speak to better represent my vision. Its so nice to have a company LISTEN to what I WANT.I would highly recommend this company to anyone!
By: chriscruz
Think7HD, Marketing And Advertising
I'm really impressed and satisfied with Think7HD, i have a small biz in Orange County, i went to talk to one of the reps at this company, from the first moment there were so nice, respectful and super professional, they really know what's going on in today's market, they designed a website for me and created a successful marketing campaign, they did some online and offline advertising, all the process took few weeks and now i have great results... they were very honest and out front in everything with me, explained every step of the process and gave me valuables advice on how to manage my biz... but whats better is that they worked around my budget, normally all what they did for my biz would it cost triple of what they charged me, now i have more customers and loyal clients. i will strongly recommend think7hd for any type of business, they are so small business oriented!!!! Thank you Think7HD.
By: malton
Practice Builders
"Practice Builders Helped My Practice Quadruple Its Revenue In Less Than 3 years"Before I hired Practice Builders to overhaul my marketing plan, my practice wasn't keeping up with my market growth. That all changed almost overnight...In less than a year after launching my customized marketing campaign, I began to see a MASSIVE increase in the number of new patient referrals, resulting in record revenues for the time period.Now, 3 years later, my revenues have quadrupled, I've paid all my debt, and I'm ready to begin helping other practices do the same. I can honestly say the investment I made to partner with the talented team at Practice Builders was one of the most intelligent decisions I have ever made in my business and would do it again in a heartbeat.
By: Norberto R.
Just want to commend the Lucrazon Customer Service rep Matthew Amato for the stellar service provided to me today. I had been passed around to various people during my attempts to get my complex questions answered yesterday, so I was reaching the point of being utterly frustrated. But Matthew patiently listened to my questions and discerned the correct answers within minutes, saving me much time and exasperation. If not for his listening skills and calm demeanor, I might have lost my patience and just hung up, but it was nice to have someone with the patience and competence to resolve my issues. Thanks again.
By: James M.
I recently became a Brand Partner of Lucrazon Global the customer service I received from Jenifer Zepeda was impeccable. I had a minor issue with my website and she communicated with me diligently until the problem was solved. I also had similar experiences with Juan Estrella and Michael Myre during my sign up process they both exceeded my expectations. I hope the great customer service continues during my new business adventure with Lucrazon Global. Jim Miscioscia Wholesale Business Services Lynnfield, MA
By: Blanca H.
I just want to congratulate Mr. Michael Myre, for his great Customer Service at Lucrzon. Everybody at Lucrazon has awesome/excelent Customer Service, but..... Mr. Myre always goes the Extra-Mile in his special attention to the customers. I really appreciate his service!!! Congratulation to Mr. Myre in his new "Promotion" at Lucrazon, he well deserves it!!! Sincerely, Thanks to everybody at Lucrazzon! Sincerely, Blanca Hedayat San Diego, Ca
By: Aurora L.
I am thankful to be a part of a company that is very generous and looks after their members. Duplication in this business is a must to be able to make it in this industry which is only achievable by training all the members. The event is very useful, fun and have loads of information that is very useful for everyone in attendance. Again, thank you Lucrazon for the opportunity given to me as a Brand Partner.
By: Brandon T.
Zenwood Solutions
New company but they know their stuff. I needed tax representation and heard that my case was dead in the water, but decided to try them anyways. After Michael took a look at my books and last years taxes, he was able to redo my last years taxes and re-organize my books. I am now on a low payment plan to pay-off my debt to the Irs while still running my business and keeping my assets.
By: chamby21
Think7HD, Marketing And Advertising
i used think7hd services foe marketing my small restaurant, i fot a great service and at a affordable price,they put up my website, created just the way I've been having more customers cuz now people can find me on the internet.they also did some traditional advertising and it was so... worthy. i will totally recommend you using their services. Good selling!
By: happylyf
StoneTree Manor
When I visited I was expecting something more like a condo - but they are homes. Not sure why they are called detached townhomes. They are really nice, and I love the residence 1 floorplan. They said they are expecting to have some ready to move in in a few months. This is definitely high on my list of must visit agains. This new home shopping is tough!

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